Behind The Gear: The 686 Waterproof Hoody

The waterproof hoodie
was in direct response to the everyday outfit that kids are wearing. We recognize that the hoodie
is definitely a staple. As a brand based on
purpose and functionality, we really thought there
could be a better way to create a hoodie that you
could ride all conditions. So enter the waterproof hoodie. It’s a 5K softshell hoodie. The hoodie design is exactly like your everyday hoodie, so you
can feel comfortable in it, you can feel confident
that you really look like you’re wearing just pants
and a hoodie on the hill, but you’re going to stay dry, which is the most important thing. You don’t want to be out there
riding powder in cotton. We reinforced it with just a
couple of little tech things. We put zippers on the pockets,
added another zipper pocket for your phone, your mobile device, and anything else you want from there. The rest of it really is a true hoodie. So for us it’s super important. Kids don’t wear cotton,
wear a waterproof hoodie. (electronic music)

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