Beautifully Landscaped Colonial in Secluded Development – 8 Winter Haven, West Sand Lake, NY

Hey this is Steve Keyes here with Keller
Williams Capital District. We are here for another Walkthrough of the Week. This
week we are here in West Sand Lake. This is Averill Park School District. This
is 8 Winter Haven Road in West Sand Lake. This is a four bedroom, two and a
half bathroom home. It is a little over 2460 square feet. Got a lot of nice features in here. They’ve got a stone fireplace, hardwood
floors, it’s got some tile floors in the water areas, a lot of space, big bedrooms
this will be a good walkthrough. So if you or anyone you know are thinking about
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You can go to the end of the video to get to my contact information or you can
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go ahead and we will get started with the walkthrough. So we’re here today in West
Sand Lake. This is 8 Winter Haven Road in West Sand Lake.
This is Averill Park School District. This is a four bedroom, two and a half bath home
sitting on a little over 2,400 square feet. It’s just under an acre lot.
Does have a two-car garage. The sidewalk, you can see the driveway over there, you
can see the asphalt, the sidewalk wraps around. So this is a side entry garage so
you’re not looking at the doors from the road. Some people find that more
appealing. But there is a two-car garage. We’ll peek at it from the inside. So
heading into the home here we enter into this general walkway area, with the stairs.
A lot of options of which way to go. We are going to head to the left first. So
on the left here we’ve got the very large dining room, yeah dining room, a very
large living room. You can see the large stone fireplace right there. Opens up into the kitchen. So we have the kitchen area here. Tile floor in
the kitchen. Lots of cabinet space. Cabinets go all the way to the ceiling
which is nice because it gives you the extra space, also one less spot to clean.
Cause really all that spot does up there is collect dust. Unless you get knickknacks to
put up there, that’s really the only time it’s ever useful. So you got the
side-by-side refrigerator there, an electric oven, built-in microwave, very
wide sink and the dishwasher. Alright so, yeah we’ll do this. So off to this side here,
off the kitchen, we have the dining room. Hardwood floors in the dining room, got a
chandelier also. Dining room space there. I think I made the wrong
choice. I’m gonna double back on myself twice now. Alright so also off the
kitchen here we have the half bath, vanity and toilet. You can see that door
right there in the mirror, just to avoid myself from walking in, that’s a
very large closet. Closet space in there. In front of me here is the door to the
garage. So two-car garage, it’s a single bay door though right there. Alright
now turning myself around, off here you have the laundry area.
Not really a laundry room, you just have a closet with the laundry hookups in it. That is
also off the kitchen. Now I’m gonna head back through the dining room so that I
can get upstairs. So you got a wood staircase here with a
carpeted runner heading up here. Hardwood in the hallway and then bedrooms are
carpeted. So here’s the first bedroom, first of the secondary bedrooms. Bedrooms
all have very large closets. Decent sized bedrooms, this bedroom could be 15 by 15
feet I’d say, so a pretty good size for a secondary bedroom. We have another
bedroom here. Carpet is in very good condition. Another large closet in both
those rooms. Off to the right here we have the shared bathroom. So double
vanity in the shared bathroom which is nice. You don’t always see that in
the shared bathroom, you see it very often in a master bathroom,
not always in a shared bath though. And then the shower/tub combo in here also. Across from the bathroom we have the
third of the secondary bedrooms. This room is a little bit smaller. Smaller closet
also. And then at the end of the hallway we have the master suite. So very large
bedroom here. Guess what I forgot to do. Turn off my ringer. And then the master bath. So we have a
jacuzzi style hot tub, a very large walk-in shower in the corner, and then the large double vanity. So two vanities there and this one is very wide. Lots of mirror space that I’m trying not to catch myself in but it didn’t happen.
And tile in this bathroom. And then also off the master bedroom is the master
closet. So lots of shelving on that side and then hanging on the other side. Alright and that is the whole
walkthrough. Alright so that is the walkthrough. So that was four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a little bit over 2460 square feet. The lot it’s sitting on is just under an acre. So the home was built in
2003 so it’s only about… close to like 15 years, 16, 15, 16 years old. Not very old
it’s been kept in very well condition. It’s only had one owner. You can see
everything has been very well maintained but everything is still original. So I
would put this at a B-level home, because I have to in order to stay honest with it.
There are things about the house that could be updated to what would be… to
what new construction would be now-a-days. So when I’m talking about things that are
updated like, what is a new construction home that is constructed today
what are the features that that’s going to have. It’s gonna have less carpet with
the exception of the bedrooms, you still see a lot of carpeted bedrooms, but there
would be no carpet on the first floor. And then it would have granite
countertops, stainless steel appliances, stuff like that. It would probably have a
lot of tile in the bathrooms, things of that nature. Now because this
house doesn’t have those things I have to call it a B-level home but this house
is in fantastic condition, like it really is. Some of that carpet upstairs looks
new. Like it looks brand new. I don’t know if it’s ever been… I don’t know if those
rooms have ever been used, so the carpet is in very good condition. Even the
carpet on the first floor is in very good condition. I don’t see any Kool-Aid
stains or anything like that, like carpet is in very good condition. The whole
house is in very, very good condition. So this is a great house even though it’s
still technically a B-level home. It does have a full sized basement underneath
which does have the potential of being finished. It’s got very high ceilings in
it. Doesn’t have the French drains around the outside which I always like to see,
but those could be done afterwards if you really wanted to, or there are other
construction methods to kind of get around doing that. One thing that I
didn’t point out which I kind of really wanted to is that this house has some
pretty nice garden landscaping in the back. So I’m pointing out the window now,
the camera is automatically tracking my face so it’s a little bit difficult
for you to see, and it’s cold out. It’s October so everything’s starting to die,
but you can just see behind me it’s got a very nice garden, very nice landscaping
here. I really wanted to get it in the video but I’m not gonna reshoot the
whole video because I missed the garden. So yeah, I just wanted to throw those
things out. So check the Property Information Page to get the up-to-date
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please tune in again next week for next week’s Walkthrough of the Week. Bye Bye for now.

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