Beats Pill+ Portable Speaker

Beats is back with a new speaker this holiday
season, the Pill +. I’m a big fan of the company’s headphones, even though my coworkers
sometimes tease me for wearing them. Until now, that’s where Beats has excelled. But the pill + is by far the most sophisticated
speaker that the company has released. It’s the first speaker come out since the company
was acquired by Apple. Right down to the packaging, you can see the Apple influence on this product’s
design. The pill + doesn’t look all that different from its predecessors. It sports
just three small buttons and a port, and it comes in just black and white. But the real advantage of the pill + is that
it let’s me share the strong sound quality I’ve come to expect from my headphones with
all my friends. I spent more than a week with the pill +, testing a variety of different
tracks on the speaker, from hip hop to Christmas songs. The quality of Apple Music tracks is
noticeably better than Spotify on the speaker, but both services were better than most portable
speakers I’ve used. My only complaint with the pill + is its size.
It’s portable, but a bit bigger than the previous pill model. Weighing in at 1.5 pounds,
it’s not something I would want to be carrying around all day. The battery life is solid,
and the speaker can run for 12 hours. You operate the pill + using the beats app,
available for both iOS and Android. A nice feature of the app is that if your friends
download it too, they can stream music from their devices to the pill + too. The pill + retails for $229. If you love Beats
headphones and are in the market for a new speaker, include this in your letter to Santa.

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13 thoughts on “Beats Pill+ Portable Speaker

  1. This felt like a commercial and not really a critical review around sound quality, usability, build quality, technical specs, and no comparisons to similarly priced models like the UE Boom 2, Bose Soundlink Mini, etc.

  2. The beats headphones are good. Don't get me rong I am a beats fan myself. However I have to say the beats pill sound crap poor sound quality rubbish bass. Apple mess it up.

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