BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM- 10 proven tricks and tips

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100 thoughts on “BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM- 10 proven tricks and tips

  1. Ha thank you! Im actually going to an escape room party group in 2 days for thr first time . im nervous and excited.

  2. I and 5 other friends have never done an escape room before. Two of us watched this video before going in to an intermediate level. We came out victorious in 39 minutes, 4 minutes shy of the record. Had we not let the one person who hadn't solved anything do the last one we would have scorched the record. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I went to my first escape room today (jigsaw the 1st movie) and I was the one who was unable to move with the shane on my leg so we panicked and lost 30 minutes to solve the clocks code so yeah. When we were so close to the exit door we literally had 2 more lock and we panicked again because we had one minute and….yeah….. I died with my sis,uncle and cousin ……it was fun I really enjoyed it it was my first time and I think I did good (the woman who acted like jigsaw was so creepy that I wanted to go back home at first )😂😂😅

  4. Turn on closed caption "CC" before 5:43. Is he saying project managers have to be male? LOL Note: it may just be my CC's interpretation.

  5. I was in a escape room the door was loose so i though i was suppost to open it and me have -100 iq couldnt open so i kicked it open…

  6. I remember last time I did and escape room they shoved a group for five people we didnt know with us… not exactly the best experience

  7. Try my escape room:
    It's harder than normal escape rooms because you have unlimited time, but it's still very realistic.

  8. I went to an escape room once where there was a lock with nothing on it. No place where a key would go, no direction pad, no buttons, NOTHING. instead we had to find a magnet and put the magnet in a weird place on the lock to open it. We were all caught off guard

  9. The first escape room I’ve ever been into for a birthday party was actually messed up and the key to keeping The first escape room I’ve ever been into for a birthday party was actually messed up and there was a plug that was unplugged but we didn’t think about plugging it back in because before this they told us not to unplug anything so we thought that it was just part of the escape room what it did is keep a cabinet locked that had the key in it to winning so we just got to the cabin and use the key and we won extremely fast and the people running it was super confused but so are we so everyone was confused and it was absolutely crazy

  10. dont know if the escape rooms are much harder where you come from, but we do 35-40 for a hard room
    our technique is to split our team up – 2 teams with 2 people and when we find something we yell what it is

  11. Just made my friends watch the video, did an escape room and won! 3:22 left on the clock. Thanks for the tips!!

  12. Recently, we went to a new quest room and it was simply incomparable. We were very amazed at how much the organizers managed to bring everything closer to the topic and even find suitable sound effects. So I advise you to go through Bank Heist

  13. I would cause enough permanent damage to the room that they would just come and let me out. That's why I don't go. my goal would be to close the room for three months.

  14. I have part time job at Escape Room, I was terrified of what I would find in this video but was very pleasantly surprised 🙂 No bullshit, or ruining rooms but exactly the points to enjoy the game to it´s fullest 🙂 Thank you

  15. At my hometown I’m friends with one of the moderators. Sometimes he’ll get mad 🙂

    “Don’t Touch That Daisy”

    “Stop that”

  16. I remember once there was a code we needed and it gave us another code that needed to be (duh) decoded. It said "Half of 1 is 1. Half of 10 is 5. Half of 12 is 7," It turned out that we had to cut roman numerals in half, which they had in another part of the room. (XI is VI if you just take the top half.)

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