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Hello there, I’m Kayla and I wanna welcome
you personally to Lore and Behold. To Catch a Jedi is the nineteenth episode
of season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This episode is the second installment of
a three-episode story arch bringing the season to it’s shocking conclusion. In this episode we find a desperate Ahsoka
Tano striking a bargain with a nefarious Asajj Ventress in the depths of Coruscant in an
effort to set the record straight. Band of Outcasts, a Tales of War deck puts
their fate in your hands. Developing this deck was definitely a process. Originally, the deck was built to amplify
each character’s abilities. It focused on melee damage, resource production,
and downgrades. It wasn’t until I rewatched the episode that
I realized my deck did not capture the spirit of the mission. Ahsoka and Ventress did not set out to kill
their opponents. They were evading capture while gathering
evidence to clear Ahsoka’s name so she in turn could petition the Senate to pardon Ventress. Ventress said so herself, she has turned a
new leaf and didn’t kill a single one of their would-be captors. Creating an aggressively offensive deck was
off mark so I rebuilt the deck as a mill deck. While my options were expanded by including
both hero and villain cards in the draw deck, I was limited to force users which restricted
my ability to use cards like buyout. In my research I discovered Three Rules to
Mill By. Fantasy Flight released this article a little
over a year ago to address the controversial archetype of mill. I recommend reading the whole article but
to summarize, it goes into detail how mill exploits a necessary mechanic of the game. Making the decision to pursue mill was not
easily made but ultimately the best fit for the theme of this deck. The new and improved Band of Outcast deck
utilizes shields healing damage, and focusing dice as the key mechanics. There are only seven sides showing discard
so focusing is a central the maximize its usage. Then there are the cards which allow you to
discard the top card of a deck. This requires settling in for the long haul,
You can find the full deck list available at the link below, That’s all I have for you
today next time I’ll be covering the foil of this deck including Tarkin and Barriss,
however there’s room for improvement so definitely leave a comment below and let me know what
you think I should do with this deck as they conspired to bring Ahsoka Tano down for the

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