Bag, wallet, keys and phone – Bag Swap

Hi. My name’s Sam Simmons. And I’m on a mission to make sure Victorians never forget
to bring a shopping bag again. Remember, before you leave your home, bag, wallet, keys and phone. Bag, wallet,
keys and phone! ♪ Bag, wallet, keys and phone… ♪ Could I take your plastic bag
and give you this one for life? -Sure.
-Yes. I’ll give you this bag
if I can have your plastic bag. Check what’s going on in there. ♪ Bag, wallet, keys and phone ♪ Bag, wallet,
keys and phone… ♪ You remembered to bring your bag! Bloody bag, wallet, keys, phone. -Legend! Thanks, dude. Cheers.
-Thanks, mate. Alright, Victoria,
well, it’s now up to you. Don’t forget your shopping bags
before you leave home, and if you need some help,
just remember – bags, wallet, keys and phone. Very intimate.

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