Backdoor two fer, Macy’s MageCart, Magic: The Gathering your data, and more.

Hi, I’m Paul Torgersen. It’s Tuesday,
November 19th, 2019, and this is a look at the information security news from overnight. From
A new multi-platform backdoor called ACBackdoor has been found that infects both Windows and
Linux systems. Both use the same command and control servers. The Windows version is being
pushed through malvertising with the help of the Fallout Exploit Kit while at this time
it is not known how the Linux payload is dropped. From
Macy’s fessed up to a data breach because of a MageCart attack. Hackers were able to
scrape payment card information for their “checkout” and “wallet” pages between
October 7 and October 15. The company didn’t say how many customers were compromised, but
if you made a purchase between those dates, you are almost certainly one of them. But
hey, you’re going to get a year of free identity theft protection, so there’s that. From
The Disney+ streaming service launched last week, and was promptly targeted by hackers
looking to compromise users’ accounts. The 4,000 accounts found for sale online were
gathered probably via a spray and pray campaign, or that good old stand by, password reuse.
Seems that Disney+ does not, at least yet, use two factor authentication. From
Encrypted email provider ProtonMail has been blocked in the country of Belarus after a
wave of bomb threats were sent. This mirrors a similar block in Russia this past March,
also because of bomb threats. The Belarus ban was put in place on Friday and is still
in affect. And last today from
Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic: The Gathering, has confirmed they left a database
backup file in an unsecured AWS storage bucket. Over 450,000 user accounts were exposed, as
well as almost 500 internal emails. The information dates from 2012 until about mid 2018. All
users are encouraged to reset their passwords. That’s all for me today. Have a great rest
of your day and until tomorrow, which may be a little late as I travel home from Paris,
be safe out there.

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