Backbench Student Full Movie with Englsih Subtitles | Mahat Raghavendra,Pia Bajpai, Archana Kavi

I’m sorry, Karthik. Please, Karthik. I have already apologized.
Haven’t I? Look at this coffee mug.
Isn’t it beautiful? Yes. What will happen if I drop this? It will break into pieces.
– Exactly. We could still put it together.
But would it ever be the same again? That’s the fate of our relationship, Priyanka. Hey Vasu, I’m sorry I fell asleep. Is it 10 o’clock already?
I will be there in 15 mins. *Sanskrit Shloka* Good morning, Jackson.
– Hey Priyanka! What’s up? What’s the matter, Jackson?
You’re being a lot more religious these days. All your friends are here and I hope
they eat and pay me a lot. That’s what I’m praying for. You’re learning the Telugu language
so well. Keep it up. Hey guys!
– Hello! You’re late!
– I’m sorry, I woke up late. Let’s go over the plan.
Shall we? What plan?
– We’re planning a trip this summer. A trip? Where to?
– Let’s go visit Niagara Falls. Wow! But, I can’t make it.
– Why not? Common, Priyanka! This is not fair. I’m really sorry, I’m going to India. India? It’s a waste of money
going to India. Hey guys! Are you guys bugging
Priyanka again? Atleast you convince her, Vasu.
She says she won’t join us to the trip. Why this India plan
all of a sudden? Not everyone is like you.
– Ram, don’t turn this into another argument. Haven’t you guys
solved your problems? There’s no end to it. And now,
she’s planning to move to Texas. God, I’ll miss her. But she’s not
in a position to listen to me. Think about it, Vasu.
– You guys would never understand. Hey, Vasu?
– What is all this, idiot? Hey, Vasu.
Common girl! What’s this, Vasu?
Don’t be so bothered over trifles. I’m not feeling bad.
I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just a matter of 2 years. You’re right! But just think about it.
You’ll be there and Ram would be here alone. You wouldn’t understand now, Vasu.
You’ll definitely miss him. You did leave Karthik
and came here to the US, didn’t you? That’s the point. I’m meeting
him after 1 year and I’m excited. But at the same time,
I’m very scared. What about your master’s then? If you want to be happy,
you need to sacrifice a few things. I’m telling you from experience.
You first need to think about Ram. Okay, I’ll think about it. Anyway, when is your flight? It’s on friday. How could you do this?
Did you, for once, think about your future? You speak
like she escaped a prison term? She must have missed us. So, she’s back.
Am I right, girl? Not really! Then why did you come back? I came back for Karthik. You just can’t discontinue
your master’s like that. But dad, I want to be with Karthik. Don’t talk rubbish. Dad, please.
I missed being with him for one year. Can’t you just wait for another year? Dad, it’s not the matter of time. I went to the US for you guys
and I was never happy there. If you are okay with this,
I’ll continue my studies here. You think you went to the US for our sake.
But, I sent you there for your own future. A master’s degree from a university in the US
is very precious. My feelings have some value.
Don’t they, dad? It’s alright, let her study here.
– Cut the crap. Stop it dad. You think you know better
about me better than myself. I know what I’m doing. Stop interefering!
– Hey, come here. Is everything up to you?
– Then, tell her what to do. Shall I go and talk to Karthik? Love you, dad! I know you.
That’s why I came back to India. I’ll go and talk to Karthik alone. Go on. Hello, Karthik? *Popular Telugu Song form late 60s..* What timing, wow! But a little older expression. Now, this is good. I’m sorry.
– Hey, are you a fresher? Yes, sir.
– Which branch? Computer Science.
– Don’t you know how to ride a bike? I do know. But, as it’s my first day
here at college.. Why are you reacting
as if you’re crazy? Go, go in. Hey, come meet me in the evening
after the class. Come meet me after the class. Hey girl, come here. Yes, sir. Tell me. Yes sir? Tell me, sir? What sir?
Go stand in the line. You are a junior? Aren’t you? Then, why did you act
as if you were a senior? Hey brother, you come here. Thanks brother, my legs are hurting. Just go back and stand. Boast about yourself.
– What is that, sir? Idiot, just tell me about yourself. That is very simple, sir. I’m Sabbari Dalnaidu. My dad is Joginaidu
and my grandad is Appalanaidu. Now he’s not here.
I mean he’s no more. My family has 2 ‘belt shops’
in Vijayanagaram. By ‘Belt Shops,’ I meant liquor shops.
The ones from where we get alchohol. Our famiy has a rich heritage.
– Stop it, idiot! Stop the non-sense.
Can’t believe we asked for it. You move aside. Just go away. Hey girl, you come here. Sir, aren’t these guys
ahead of me in the queue? Is this a ticket counter
to follow a queue? Why are you wearing a white dress?
Do you think you are an actress? Is this to attract guys? N-No, ma’am! Are you in love with someday? No, sir! Why? Haven’t you found
the right guy yet? What’s that hairstyle, you fool? Why the hell are you staring at her
like that? Do you like her?
Is it love at first sight? No, ma’am! I don’t know
who this girl is. Is it true? Now, you should
get to know her. Within 10 mins, bring me all the details
of this girl. Okay? Okay, sir! Ma’am, please give me your details. You think you’re smart, don’t you? Get me her details without
getting them straight from her. Where did she park her bike? AP 31 T 777. I-I’m getting late for the class.
– So, are we. You think we’re jobless?
– Please, sir! You are back already?
– Details.. You couldn’t find out. Could you?
– I’m here with complete details. Then, what are you waiting for.
Tell us. She’s 18 years, 4 months and 3 days old. She’s born in Nellore and brought up in Vizag.
She now lives in Seethammadhara. She studied in Chaitanya. Her dad’s name
is Ashok and her mom’s name is Pavani. And, she is Priyanka. How could you gather all this
information so quickly? You impressed me. I’ll gift your wife a kiss
on your wedding. Is it okay? It’s your sister that you’d be kissing.
Why would I have a problem? I’ll kick your bloody ass..
– Principal is coming this way. Leave. Let’s go. Let’s go.
We’ll get back at him later. Hey, wait! I can’t run anymore. Hey.. How did you get
all my details? I noted down your bike number
and got your name from the RTO website. Then, I searched for you online on Orkut
and got your complete details. You’re very smart, bro. I thought you
worked for some secret service. Is that a joke?
– Is it not funny? These guys look like seniors.
– I hope they are not. Freshers? Hey guys, I’m Karthik.
– This is Priyanka. I’m Sabbari DalNaidu s/o JogiNaidu
from Vijayanagaram. Tell us your sun sign too. Why don’t you introduce yourself? I’m honey.
– I’m Shanthi. I’m Seenu. Where are you from? I’m from Hyderabad. Why not study
at a college in Hyderabad? There are a lot. But, I always dreamt
of studying at Vizag. If you get another dream of going back?
Will you go back? You are funny, aren’t you. I like this guy.
I love his slang. I like you too.
But you’re hitting me a lot. Stop fighting, you guys. Let’s get out
of here before they come back to rag us. Then, what about our classes? You can attend them from tomorrow. We are ready! This fatty is as cute as a panda. Idiot, Okay, tell me what’s your
EAMCET rank? One can buy a carton of beers with that rank.
It’s around 10,000. What is your rank? One can buy
a fridge with my rank. That means, I can store
my beers in your fridge. What? Is that supposed to be a joke? Can’t you talk without hitting me? Tell me, what is your rank? One can buy a jeans and a t-shirt
with my rank. It’s 4000. Would you have bought your inners
if you had gotten a lesser rank? I don’t use cheaper brands like you do. You don’t use them at all. Do you? Please stop it, I beg you. How much is yours? One can make
around 20 calls with my rank. International calls you mean? Local calls! It’s 47. Wow! You’re a topper Shanthi. What’s yours? With my rank, one can buy 20 roses.
It’s 250! A garden! And yours? My rank.. What are you thinking?Will you buy
a piece of land with it or something? Idiot.
– Just kill me. My rank is as big
as my dad’s account number. It’s a lot. That means, you are the least
ranker among all of us. Yes. I agree.
By God’s grace, I’m a back bench student. You made us skip classes on the first day.
We better be careful with you. Come on, let’s go.
– Shall we leave? Let’s leave. Dude, let’s fill this tin with beer
and go sit in the class. Shut up and come with us. Dude, come along or else she’ll kill us.
– Okay, let’s go. Okay class, let’s talk about
classes and interfaces. Packages are containers for classes. Packages help in avoiding naming conflicts.
For example.. * Example * Shall we bunk the next class
and watch a movie? I’m in if Honey is in. Their love story
has begun already. Let us not link it
with the girls. What are you doing
without concentrating on the lecture? Why do you care? I care, because I’m the lecturer.
– Oh shit! Sorry, sir. What is all this non-sense
in the class? If I react to this,
then you will make it a big issue. Your parents work really hard
to send you to college. And you guys sit here and plan to bunk
classes and watch movies. If you aren’t interested,
then why did you join engineering? Priyanka, you tell me? To pursue my masters in the US, sir.
– Why? It’s my dad’s dream, sir.
– Good!. You tell me? Within our caste, we demand dowry
if the groom is an engineer. So you’re study for money?
Just, sit down. My dad is a contractor, sir.
So, I want to help with the business. You tell me?
– It is kinda lame to study something else. Lame? So, you are studying
engineering not to look lame. I’m studying for boyfriend. Oh, great! Sit down. You?
– I’m doing it because everyone else is. You?
– Everybody got to do something, right? Oh, fantastic! Sit down. You? I understand, you’re
completely blank. Excuse me, sir? You tell me, Karthik? I’m not pursuing engineering
to go to the US and to work my ass off
at some gas stations and to complete my MS
and then settle there. Then why did you join engineering?
– I don’t know, sir. None of you have passion. All you guys are pursuing engineering
for petty reasons. None of you are passionate. What did you study, sir?
– Engineering Did you study engineering becasue you were
passionate about becoming a lecturer? Sorry sir, my intention was not to hurt you.
But, this is a fact. In our state, we have 720 engineering
colleges and 3 and a half lakh seats. There are hundreds of colleges
lakhs of students in all other states And this is without considering
institutes like IITs and NITs. All of them slog day and night
to do some petty jobs. If that is the case, then how can one
be passionate about engineering, sir. We really love you, sir. “Engineering is an emotion..” “It’s a dream
that ends with a silly job.” “Engineering is an emotion..” “It’s a beautiful dream
that ends with a silly job.” “The first year of bachelor’s
is all new and exciting..” “In the second you’re introduced
to girls and love.” “The third year is full of heartbreaks
and disappointments.” “And, you’ll have a lot of pressure
to do well in the final year.” “And then you’ll have
Campus Placements..” “GRE coachings..” “MTech preparations..” “Or the big MBA plans.” “You may choose any major
and get good grades.” “You would all end up doing
nothing but a software job.” “You have to sit in front
of a laptop all your life.” “And you would literally
be a slave to your manager.” “Engineering is an emotion..” “It’s a beautiful dream
that ends with a silly job.” Who’s that guy? He’s the one who sold everything
to study engineering. Oh god! That’s terrible. “You can get an admission even if you
score a literal ‘0’ in the EAMCET.” “If you’re rich, you can just walk in
and buy an admission.” “You can relax, the entire time..” “And finally cheat
and pass the exams.” “What a shit!” “Yo, yo, dude.” “These are the few
urban words that you’d pick up.” * Gibberish * “And these are a few theories
that you’ll learn.” “Engineering is a big time pass..” “And a lot of people studying
can’t spell ‘engineering’.” “Engineering is an emotion..” “It’s a beautiful dream
that ends with a silly job.” “And then, you fall in love.” “You meet up early
in the morning..” “And you keep waiting for each other
without any irritation.” “You become a like fully charged
mobile phone..” “Ready to last really long
at full capacity.” “SMS..” “Facebook..” “And Skype are ways
to chat everyday.” “You’ll have Valentine’s day,
Friendship’s Day..” “For all the lovely meet ups.” “All of us have a lot of dreams..” “And we can achieve everything
with a good heart.” “I’ll be there for you.
You be there for me.” “And we can be happy
together every moment.” “Love is the only message..” “That we can give each other..” “Are you interested? If yes, I can’t
wait to hear it from you.” Karthik.. I missed you Karthik. Are you pissed off at me? When did you come? I came here in morning.
I called you as soon as I landed here. You’ve changed a lot Karthik. Look at you? What’s with this attire?
And why are you wearning a tie? Is this really you?
I cannot believe this. I had a meeting
with a client today. Meeting?
– Yes, now I’m working. Are you working
at your dad’s office? Why? Do you think I can’t get a job at
some other place? That’s not what I meant, Karthik. You look so moody? I felt the same, when I spoke to you over
the phone. I’m okay, Priyanka. So.. How’s America?
– Nothing great! Full of our people, our food and our movies.
It’s just like here. But, the one thing
I missed there was you. Hey.. The song’s from Pawan Kalyan’s
Gabbar Singh. How many times
did you watch that movie? It was a big hit in the US.
I saw it on the first day. That day, I missed you a lot. Is it?
– Are you kidding, idiot! I came back. Didn’t I?
Are you still mad at me? I’m not mad at you. You changed a lot, Karthik. You used talk a lot, and now,
you aren’t talking at all. I really missed you a lot. Watching cricket matches at your place.. Those special dishes
made by your mom.. Those were the golden moments. How’s your mom, by the way? She’s good! She’s very happy. Oh shit, you entered the room
and it’s a wicket. Sehwag is out on the 2nd ball
of the match. Are these snacks necessary now? I made Pakodas for you guys.
But it’s okay, I’ll leave. Sehwag played a rash shot and got out.
Your mom had nothing to do with that. Your mom must have felt bad. Don’t know about that, but Karthik would
feel bad if India loses this match. Now, he’s got a very good reason
to flunk in the upcoming exams. Shut the hell up and stop joking around.
– Sorry. Stop fooling around with him.
Or else, I’ll kick you. Dali, you’ve got a bodyguard
in this girl. Enjoy! If I stay put here any longer,
may God bless you. You idiot!
– You smelly freak. What’s happening? Sachin’s smashing boundaries. Oh shit, I’m missing his batting.
Come on, man! Oh, that’s a great shot. Phew! That’s a lot of pressure
off my shoulders. Shit man, Sachin’s out. He was playing well while you were inside.
The moment you came out, he got out. You have to stay inside
untill the match’s over. I’ll kill you if you come out.
Get inside, now. You fool!
Screw your sentiments. I’ll die if I stay inside for that long. Hey Karthik, open the door,
you idiot. What a shot! That’s a lovely shot.
– Oh God, yes. Dude, I’m hungry.
Please let me out. You have to stay inside for a little longer.
We are winning the match. You idiot, this match is killing me here. Yes, we won!
– Yeah, we won! What’s happening here?
– Dad, you missed a great match. You know, we won the match.
– I saw it, son. Let’s celebrate
this World Cup victory. Are you feeling bad that he locked you up
inside the bathroom? Obviously, I’m feeling bad. I’m very sorry.
– It’s okay, it wasn’t you, right? I felt very bad. Is it? You have a pretty smile. Look at him. So, is it love at first sight? Yes, Rajesh likes me a lot. He want’s a little time
to settle down financially. In the mean time, I joined engineering
to pass the time. What? You’re studying engineering
to pass the time? If you’re doing this good
without having any interest.. I can only image what wonders you’d
if you put your heart and soul into it. Okay, stop kidding. Now, you tell me.
Are you in love with someone? No, I’m not. I don’t think I ever will. I feel like I’m flying
in the sky. Don’t jump. You’ll trip over. Why do you care? Get down, you fool. Tell me that you like me. Did I ever tell you
that I don’t like you. Do you like me or not? Priyanka, you’re high.
First, get down. Do you like me or not? Obviously, I like you a lot. How well do you like me? I like you a lot. Don’t just say that for the sake of it.
– Then, what? I want some kind of proof. What do you mean by proof? How do I prove
that I like you? I don’t know. What do you like in me? Okay, wait.. Okay.. okay! I like your eyes a lot. These eyes? I like your nose a lot. And then.. Dali, let’s go.
– Let me watch them kiss. Let’s go.
– No, let me watch. Give them some space, idiot.
Let’s go. Why don’t we give
ourselves some space? Don’t act smart.
I’ll kill you. Come, let’s go. Let’s go.
– Wait, let me get these beers. Now, that’s a budding love story. Oh Shit! Karthik, Karthik wake up! What’s your problem?
Why the hell are you shouting? What the hell
are you doing here? Are you crazy?
This is my room. Karthik what happened last night? Nothing happened last night.
Don’t irritate me. No, something must have happened.
Tell me. You woke me up
from a deep sleep. Damn it! Karthik, what happened last night? Forget it, Priyanka! Something is wrong Karthik. You do it only once
in a blue moon, right? My parents will be mad
if they get to know this. How would they know
that you had a beer? It’s not about the beer, you fool. What about then? What happened after we boozed?
– You got high. After that?
– You fell asleep. What happened after I fell asleep? What exactly is your doubt? I mean, last night.. Yeah, what about last night? Did you and I.. Don’t beat around the bush.
Just ask me directly? Karthik, did we do it last night?
– What? Please Karthik, tell me the truth. I can’t guarantee you that. But, as far as I remember, we did nothing. But, there’s always a chance. Karthik, what are you talking? I don’t remember.
But you know, I’m a very good boy. I know that.
Just tell me in a yes or in a no. Like I said,
I remember nothing. Then, why is my back hurting? You fell down after you
got high. Then my mom came to you
and helped you until you fell asleep. Oh, Is that it?
I thought we did it. Oh wonderful! Wait, I’ll let my mom
know this. Mom? Wait, wait. Please, don’t tell her. What happened?
– She has some questions about last night. What happened, dear?
– Nothing! It’s nothing. How was your sleep last night? Yeah, thanks a lot aunty.
– You’re welcome. You should know
what she was talking about. Shut up, shut up. Just stop it, you guys. Shut up, shut up Karthik! I’ll Kill you if you tell this to your mom. I’ll kill you. You were so scared that day,
and now you are laughing about it. I can never forget that day. I really thought we did it that night. You never believe me,
that’s the problem. I’m not coming with you, dad.
Leave me, let me go. You failed Intermediate. How could you?
– I’m not interested. Let me go. Why are you yelling at him? He flunked his exams and hasn’t come home
from the past three days. Take it easy, sir.
You don’t need to hit him for this. What are you talking, sir?
I spent lakhs on his studies. It’s my father’s dream
to make him an engineer. If it is your father’s dream, then tell
him to do it, or else you do it. Why do you rub
your dreams on him? If you think you can buy knowledge,
then every rich person would be a genius. First, find out his interests. Don’t force him to pursue something
that he doesn’t like. Don’t torture your kid to study
only to satisfy your ego. What will he do without education? I agree that education is important. But, that doesn’t mean he cannot achieve
anything in life if he fails in his exams. Look at me, I flunked in 16 papers.
But now, I’m working and earning well. Everybody is talented, sir. Don’t worry, he’ll study.
He’ll do well. Won’t you? Yes sir, but I don’t
want to study engineering. Then, what? I want to get into politics. Okay. But, first complete engineering
then get into politics. Is that okay?
– Okay, sir! Take care of your son.
Deal him with love, not with hate. Come son, let’s go. Why do let everyone know
that you flunked in 16 papers? I didn’t fake it. Did I? I agree with that but.. I had my own reasons
for failing. And, you were one of the reasons. What? Me? Yes, it was you. What, me?
– Yes, it was you. Where did that come from? We were together for 4 years.. You went home and studied well.
But, I fell asleep thinking about you. I couldn’t help it. You fell asleep and didn’t study.
How is this my fault? Are you still a kid
that we keep on telling you to study? How could you fail OOPS, dude? Sarvesh cheated me.
What am I supposed to do? I planned on taking
cheat sheets to the exam. He promised me
that he’d prepare them for me. But, he ditched me
at the last moment. So shameless. That’s right.
He’s so shameless. I was talking about you, idiot. Even if you hurl abuses at me,
I feel like you are praising me. How could you fail
in Image Processing? My sentiment’s didn’t work out, fat girl. You’ve 16 reasons for 16 subjects.
Everybody but you will pass out of college. I’m sure your parents
would feel so bad about this. Do you think I’ll go
tell them that I failed? Crazy, dude! Just tell them
that you topped the university. Your dad’s not a fool
to believe everything you say. He is the Chairman
of Prasad Group of companies. Dude, call our head office in Ameerpet.. Ask them to get me a certificate saying
I topped the board. with 95% aggregate.
– Sure, buddy. Do you really want to cheat?
Don’t you have any shame? Backbenchers like me don’t hide emotions.
We let out all our feelings. Anyway, controlling your emotions is not as
easy as passing these exams. How can you
still be with this idiot? He’s not at all worried
that he failed. Forget about me.
Look there, she is crying. She’s the University topper.
Let’s find out what’s the issue with her. Hey Shanthi, what’s wrong with you? Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine. I know what happened.
Rajesh is avoiding her for 2 days now. I told you he’s a cheat, didn’t I? Please, Honey.
– Don’t you trust me. He flirts with 2 others girls
around the hostel. Did you see him doing that? Do you want proofs? I’ll record his shit
and bring it to you next time. I just wanted to help her out. Karthik, try to hack his facebook account.
Atleast then, she’ll know about him. That’s of no use.
It’s just a waste of time. It’s not required.
I know everything about Rajesh. His account is filled with only my pictures. Not really. He maintains one account
for every girl around here. Leave it, guys.
She’s already a little disturbed. What’s this nonsense on the last day
of college? Let’s go out and celebrate. I’m not in the mood, Karthik. I flunked 16 subjects,
and still not worried at all. You’re worried because
he didn’t call you for a day? Let’s all go out and celebrate. “Let’s create chaos
wherever we go..” “Let’s conquer the entire sky,
just like lightening and thunder.” “The future is all chaos..” “Let’s show some spirit
and dance our way to success.” “Courage is our biggest strength..” “Let’s achieve everything
that we dreamt of.” “Let’s create chaos
wherever we go..” “Let’s conquer the entire sky,
just like lightening and thunder.” “Let’s take small but thunderous
footsteps towards the future..” “And make the world
bow down to us with respect.” “It’s a road without
any obstacles, this world.” “It’s a path that is
never ending, this world.” “It’s a land
full of opportunity, this world.” “Only today is a friend.” “Nobody knows the future.” “And the past is a big joke.” “This is the truth of life.” “Let’s create chaos
wherever we go..” “Let’s conquer the entire sky,
just like lightening and thunder.” “All hail us,
the Kings in command..” “Everybody around,
will respect us.” “We are the rulers
of our own fate.” “No matter what,
we more around like emporers.” “All hail us,
the Kings in command..” “Everybody around,
will respect us.” “No one can compete with us
but ourselves.” “So, let’s go out there and
win over the world.” “We make our own laws.
We enforce our ownlaws.” “This world is our kingdom.” “So, let’s not worry
about the future..” “Let’s not have
the fear of failure.” “Let’s create chaos
wherever we go..” “Let’s conquer the entire sky,
just like lightening and thunder.” “The future is all chaos..” “Let’s show some spirit
and dance our way to success.” “Courage is our biggest strength..” “Let’s achieve everything
that we dreamt of.” “Let’s create chaos wherever we go..” “Let’s conquer the entire sky,
just like lightening and thunder.” Hey, Come out.
– Give me a beer, Dali. I just can’t keep serving you beer. Just one more bottle, Dali. I need to get kegs for you,
not bottles. Go, sleep. Dude, we are done with education.
Life actually starts now. From KG to high school, we’ve been tied down
by our parents and teachers with rules. After that, we had to deal
with the pressure of competing in exams. During bachelors, we’d to deal with girls,
subjects and supplemntary exams. After we’re done with all these,
we need to find a job. We need to slog our heads off
to impress our bosses. I feel like we were trained for 16 years
to lead our lives as slaves from now on. So, somehow we need find
happiness in this disastrous life. Good point. Am I right, Priyanka? What are you thinking, Priyanka? Nothing. Tell me! I’ll miss college,
the moments we spent together. Why would you miss me? Karthik, it’s not
how you think it is. Not another word. Have you ever thought
about life after college? Cool, Priyanka.
Take life as it comes. Actually, I told you about this,
I would like to pursue my master’s.. Chaitra, I’m very sorry.
I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Hey, he is Rajesh. Isn’t he? Hey, Shanthi!
He is Rajesh. Isn’t he? I agree it was my mistake. It’s not safe to travel in the bus alone
this late. I’ll drop you home. Please, Chaitra! I beg you. I’ll drop you in my car.
Please Chaitra, I’ll drop you home. Thank you Chaitra, thank’s a lot. Bloody idiot! I’ll go kill myself. I’ll slap the hell out of you!
He’s should be dead, not you. Who are these guys? These are my friends.
They’ll go once we’re done. Friends? Stop the car. Let me get off.
– Relax, baby! Help! Somebody help me.
Help me, please. Something is wrong, let’s go.
Dali, start the bike. Make it fast, we need to catch that jerk.
Let’s go. Hey guys, catch her.
Go, catch her. Go catch her! Why the hell did you cheat
Shanthi, you bloody jerk! If not Shanthi,
I will be with any other girl. She’s been in love with you
for the last 5 years. This is my life, and she’s my girlfriend.
Who the hell are you to stop me? I’ll kill you.
Shanthi is a friend of mine! How dare you cheat my friend? I’ll kill you
if you cheat my friend! Let’s cut a deal.
You can have Shanthi if you want Not all are jerks like you. Why are you over reacting
for such a little thing? Chaithra please, I’ll never disturb
you again. Please, tell him to leave me. I beg you Chaitra. Shanthi, what are you doing here? She asked
for a ride while I was coming to meet you. You’re my darling, aren’t you? Do not misundestand me.
I’m innocent. I love you a lot, dear. Shove this jerk aside, Karthik. Hey, don’t get excited.
Calm down. It’s alright. Where do you stay?
– Ramnagar. By the way, I’m Chaitra.
– Hi, I’m Karthik. I’m Priyanka.
I will drop you home. Bye, Bye!
-Bye, Bye! Where in Ramnagar exactly?
– The 2nd right after crossing Andhra Bank.. and then the 4th left..
It’s confusing. Why dont you? Shanthi, you’ve been crying since yesterday.
Please stop it, now. How can she? She’s been in love
with him for 5 years. Rajesh was her world all these years. She didn’t know
this was a complete set up. She fell for his tricks.
And, this was ought to happen. She bought him gifts
with her parents’ money. She used to spend all her
pocket money to pay his bills. I’ve observed her closely
for all these 4 years. She never even glanced
at any other guy these 4 years. Why do you think
she’s glancing at you now? So do you want to settle down
with Shanthi? I’m crazy about her.
I’ll dedicate my entire life to her. Will you marry me? I’m ready to die for you. Thank God these both got together.
So Karthik, what else? Nothing! So Priyanka, what else? Nothing! Nothing? But, I need to tell you something. I’m going to the U.S. next week. What? Dad, I don’t want to go to the U.S.
I’ll do my masters here, if it is okay. You’ve no other choice.
I spent a lot on this. I can’t leave Karthik
here and go there, dad. Let her stay back.
– Is he forcing you to stay back? I’m not forching you stay here. Then, what do I do? You’ve made your decision, already. Karthik, don’t confuse me even more.
Please, tell me what to do. I don’t know Priyanka.
Do what you please. You don’t want
me to go to the U.S, right? I told you already,
I’m not forcing you to stay back. I’m not able to understand
what he’s trying to imply. Neither can I hurt my dad
nor Karthik. Priyanka, he seems hurt. Why didn’t you tell him earlier?
You haven’t told us either. Yes, you are right.
I tried telling him many a time. But I couldn’t do it because
I didn’t know how he would react. Are his feelings
so important to you? Aren’t our feelings
important to you? Please try to understand, dad. What should I understand, Priyanka? I told you on the first day of our college
that it’s my dream to pursue M.S in the U.S. No, you didn’t! Did you tell me about your GRE exam? Did you tell me about your TOEFL exam? Did you tell me
when you got your admission. Did you atleast tell me when you
booked your tickect to the U.S.? You wouldn’t have let me go
had I told you earlier. Why wouldn’t I let her leave, dude. Forget it, dude. May be
she was too afraid to tell you. We were together for 4 years, man.
Is this how she understood me? This is such a massive thing,
and she’s telling me now? It’s just a matter of 2 years.
You should let her go. Am I stopping her? It’s up to her.
I don’t care if it’s Africa or America. Karthik, please don’t talk to me
like that. You’re hurt now. But, I was feeling
this pain for that last 1 year. You don’t have the interest
to study. If you had passed all those 16 subjects,
both of us could have gone to the U.S. You want me to clear
my papers and tag along with you. But, you won’t stay back for me. Is that it? You don’t want me to go to the US, right? I don’t mean that. Then, what do you mean? That is what I mean. First priority is your education.
Everything else can wait. But, without Karthik.. Do you want to spoil your life
for a guy who failed engineering? Listen to me, dear.
Everything will be fine. Trust me. I’m not sure, dad. I don’t have
the will power to take this decision. Listen to me, you will be happy
for the rest of your life. Believe me. Be happy, Priyanka.
It’s over now. Don’t waste your time
with a wothless guy like me. I won’t mind your harsh words. Good luck to you.
Settled down in life and.. Cut it.
You decided what to do with your life. Let me decide what I’ll do with my life.
I need no one’s support. It’s totally pointless
to argue with you. Because you had a setback,
you expect us not to move on with life. Understand what I’m saying. Even I don’t like the idea of leaving you..
– I don’t need your sympathy. Like you said,
all have to lead their own lives. You’d never change.
– Why should I? No one can make me change either.
I am what I am. Go to hell. Why don’t you talk, Karthik.
– Talk about what? Let bygones be bygones.
– How could I? You were in my thoughts
every single day I was in the US. I even called you up many times.
But, you never wanted to talk to me. Neither did you reply
to my mails. Please, Karthik.
I’ve many things in mind to talk about. I apologized to you, didn’t I?
– I’m the one who should apologize. A lot has changed with me. After you left for the US.. I realised I had
no direction in my life. I never felt bad, even after
funking 16 papers in college. I used to feel content
that I met someone like you at college. But when left for the US,
I couldn’t bear it. You always say that
we need to move on with life. Then why aren’t you moving on?
– I got no clue why. Even you guys used to fool around. But why is that
only I’m lagging behind now? This doesn’t pain me though. But, ever since Priyanka left for the US,
I started to feel I failed at life. Never did I imagine
that she’d leave me. What my dad says is true. As long as we don’t consider ourselves losers,
we would never lose. I know why she left me.
Because I’ve a failed. I don’t want be an alcoholic
now that she ditched me. I want to move on. Starting tomorrow. So, what do you plan to do next?
– I haven’t decided anything yet. Maybe I’ll go for the dumbells. I’m asking you about your plans for future.
– Oh, my bad. I need to get an haircut.
My hair has become shabby. After that?
– I’ll take a shower. After that?
– I’ll take money from you and go shopping. Don’t you plan to find a job?
– Find a job? What rubbish. If you don’t intend to work,
why did you even study engineering? I need a year’s time from all this
to understand what life is. You could learn about life and work parallely.
Like the way I did. No way!
– I’ll see you at office tomorrow. That’s my final decision. What has happened?
– Has he gone mad? He’s forcing me to work against my wish.
– What’s wrong in working? Have even you gone mad? Why don’t you pay heed to his words? Do you remember the way you cried
on your first day at school. You used to throw all tantrums
while getting ready for school. And I used to run after you
and feed you your breakfast. I want that to happen
all over again. You’ll be busy getting ready for work
and I’ll be ready with your breakfast.. Mom, please cut it.
A stern dad can be dealt, but not an emotional mom. I’ll start going to dad’s office
from tomorrow. Have you sent the quotation?
– Hi, Dad. You asked me be here by 9AM.
See, I’m here on time. Karthik!
– Yes, Dad? Mr. Karthik.
– Yes, sir! He’s my son, Karthik.
– Hi. – Hello. She’s Vanitha. She’s my secretary
and also the assistant manager. So lovely.
– What’s so lovely? I mean it’s lovely to meet someone
who’s achieved so much in so little time. Are you done?
Vanitha, introduce Karthik to the staff. Explain him his role here.
– Sure, sir. Karthik, please wait outside.
I’ll come and show you around. Sure.
I’ll be waiting. Haven’t you sent the cheque
to the old age home yet? The chairperson of the old age home
called us up. He says more people
have been taken in this year. He asked if you could donate 5 more lakhs.
– Fine. Write a cheque worth Rs. 25 lakhs.
I’ll sign on it. Sure.
– Hold on, Vanitha. – Yes, sir? Guide my son well.
– Don’t worry, sir. I’ll handle him. Yes, Ms. Vanitha?
– Where are you at? I’m at the site location. Your father would fire me
if he finds out you aren’t at work. Then make sure he doesn’t find out.
Take it easy. Hi, Karthik.
– Hi. How are you?
– I’m fine. I fret to think what would’ve happened,
if you weren’t around that night. Who are you?
– I’m Chaitra. That night you saved me
from Rajesh. Do you recollect? Yes, I do.
I recollect now. Come sit. Shall I get you a drink?
– No. I’m fine. How come you are here?
– I love this place ‘Backbenchers’. I come here whenever
I feel like to cheer myself up. I come here
whenever I feel lonely. Sea is my good friend. I feel the sea has got emotions, like us.
– I agree. So, what do you do?
– I’m a software engineer. Sounds great. It only sounds great.
IT jobs are all boring. Then why do all IT guys
act all cool? I’m not pointing you out.
I’m just making a statement. It’s cool initially.
But then on, it’s literally hell. We struggle to pay
the credit card’s dues and monthly EMIs
and home and car loans.. Won’t you answer the phone?
Is it your boyfriend calling? Nope.
– Some one from work? Nope.
– Calls from some prankster? Yes. They are all prank calls.
The prankster calls me from different numbers. He passes lewd remarks
if I answer the call. Karthik, no!
– ‘Hey, babe’. ‘You looked hot
in the gown you wore last night.’ ‘Wear a see through gown today.’
– Ask your mom to wear it. ‘Who are you?’
– You tell me first. Who are you? You shouldn’t have answered
the call! He threatened to morph my photos
on facebook, if I told this to anyone. Do you know his facebook id?
– It’s Lover Boy. Login to your facebook account. Do you still have the messages he sent you?
– Yeah. They are in the inbox. It’s Rajesh!
– He is still after you I guess. I thought I got rid of him
when he left my workplace. He deserves to be beaten to pulp
once again. Let’s go. Where to?
– Just come with me. ‘1 town Police Station’ What! You are a cop?
– Yes. I’m an undercover cop. Are you serious?
– Yes, I am. You can now meet the officer.
– That’s nice. Hi, Karthik.
– Hello, sir. As a matter of fact,
I asked my staff to call for you. The SBS cyber fraud file is still pending.
We need your help. Sure, sir.
Any time. Is she the girl you talked about?
– Yes, sir. She’s my friend, Chaitra. My men are already on the job.
There is nothing to worry about. Want some coffee?
– Sure, sir. – Send in 3 cups of coffee. Keep moving, you jerk.
He is the guy. This is too much.
I’ll approach the media. Like we care.
Get in, you scoundrel. Why did you nab me?
What’s my crime? Is he the one bothering you?
– Yes, sir. You nabbed him
before we could finish the coffee. This is how efficient
we cops could be. Lodge an official case
if you think I’m a criminal. Let’s keep this very casual
and chuck the paper work. Alright, Karthik. See you later.
– Sure, sir. Take care. I’m sorry, Chaitra.
Please save me. I’m scared. Please take back the complaint.
– Pull him away. I’m innocent, Chaitra.
– Get up, you rascal. Please forgive me. Sir, please let me go.
I’ve done nothing wrong. You know why God
gave all of us hands? To work and to eat with those. But not to make prank calls and pass lewd remarks
to innocent girls. Take him away and teach him
a lesson he’ll never forget. He’s getting what he deserves. Forget about it.
Cops are doing the right thing. Karthik, thanks a lot. Ilias and Delilah, I’m delighted
you people want to collaborate with us. The result will be
world class, I’m sure. He’s my son, Karthik.
This is Ilias and this is Delilah. He’s going to handle this project.
He just started assisting me. Shastry, he’s my son, Karthik.
– Hi. – Hello. He’ll be handling the operations
of the Malaysian project. Can he handle it?
He looks like a trainee. Yes, I’m training hard at the gym.
Please, excuse me. My son is brilliant.
He’ll handle the project pretty well. Can I have a moment, Ms. Vanitha? Why have this stupid induction party.
Why not have the meeting right away? You don’t take
anything seriously, do you? Even if I’m serious,
none would take me seriously. Just a minute please.
Hi, Chaitra. What’s the matter.
Why are you crying? Is there any problem? Alright. I’m coming.
Be there. Ms. Vanitha, I’m stepping out
of the office now. But we have to attend
this official meeting shortly. Something important has come up.
– What about your presentation? All these years this place functioned without me.
Another day won’t make any difference. And what do I tell your dad?
– Tell him I’ve got diarrhoea. We’ll have.. – Excuse me, sir.
– Just a moment please. Sir, Karthik’s got diarrhoea.
He’s gone to the hospital. Is this a cover story he came up with?
– No, sir. He’s really sick. What’s the matter, Chaitra? I’m sorry for bothering you
at such an odd hour. That’s not a problem.
Now tell me what’s the matter. 12 years ago, on this very day.. My parents met
with an accident. They passed away
making me an orphan. I’m sorry, Chaitra.
Don’t you have any relatives? Yes, I do.
I stayed with them for many years. But each of my relatives
was after my wealth. None cared about me. I’m too tired to fight my lone battles
and tackle my problems. I walk away from my problems.
– You think you are walking away from them. But in reality, those problems
are causing you a lot of heart burn. That’s true.
But I’m tired living all alone. Before I called you up I wondered if I even had anyone
who’d stand by me. Why did you call me up
if thought you had no one for you? I don’t know why
but I wanted to share this with you. I can understand your plight. Perhaps we can’t find solutions
for every problem in life. But every problem we face
helps us to remould our lives. Are you finding
my philosophy boring? You know where lies
the true problem? In thinking that you are all alone. What are you parents’ names? Janaki and Raja Ram. Mr and Mrs Raja Ram,
your daughter says she’s all alone. My dear moon,
Chaitra says she’s all alone. My dear lovely clouds,
Chaitra says she’s all alone. Chaitra, don’t think
that you are all alone. If you look around,
you’ll realise the whole world is with you. “The moon is there for you.
The moon light is there for you.” “So are the all the stars in the sky.” “This pleasant breeze
is there for you.” “The playful dance of leaves
in the breeze is there for you.” “They all are there for you..” “The moon is there for you.
The moon light is there for you.” “So are the all the stars in the sky.” “If you consider ups and downs in life
as beautiful waves” “happiness would become a swell
and drench your heart in it.” “The reflection of the moon
in the sea is always there to be seen.” “The sky around us is so magnanimous
to consider us as it’s own.” “Our life is too short.
Let’s make it colourful like a rainbow.” “The moon is there for you.
The moon light is there for you.” “So are the all the stars in the sky.” “Yesterday has passed by.
Tomorrow is still unkown.” “What we have is today.” “Make me your friend and let me
fill the void left by your parents.” “If you never let that bright smile
fade away from your face” “your heart forever would
be at peace” “and a lifetime would fly by
without any worries.” “The moon is there for you.
The moon light is there for you.” “So are the all the stars in the sky.” Are you in love with Chaitra? Answer me, Karthik.
Are you in love with Chaitra? Shall we have some coffee? What’s up with Karthik?
– I got no clue. He no longer is the Karthik I know
and that pains me. I can’t bear this.
– Don’t worry about him. Back in the college,
you both were inseparable. It’s all going to be alright. Did you both have a tiff? I don’t know if this is a tiff
or a problem or a crisis. It’s all confusing.
– This is your life. Take a well informed decision. Shall we leave?
– Alright, then. See you in the evening. I’ll ask Seenu and Shanti to join us.
– See you, bye. – Bye. Talk to me Karthik. About what? Karthik, just answer my question. Are you in love with Chaitra? I am confused, Priyanka. I can’t explain myself. I am freaking out, Karthik. I left my life behind for you. Please tell me what exactly
happened between you two. Karthik your my love.
I have every right on you. Karthik your my love.
I have every right on you. Let’s not complicate things, Chaitra. I don’t want to talk to you.
You broke my trust. What’s wrong with you?
Damn you. So, you are disgusted by me. Go live your life on your own. I will fight my own struggle You cheat! I hate you, Karthik. Chaitra hates me, Priyanka. What? You heard me right.
She hates me. Please tell me what exactly
had happened. I went to meet a friend of mine. Aren’t you ashamed at all? The project was worth 5 crores. I warned you to handle it carefully. Dad, what’s your problem? We managed to clinch Malaysian project. If you remember, I said
I needed a year off from all this. Okay, let’s just not discuss about your job. What about your engineering? Dad, you are diverting the topic. I am done with engineering long back. Your done with engineering?
Did you even finish the course? Someone had to inform me that you failed
in 16 subjects. Couldn’t you tell me that? I didn’t score good grades
to proudly tell you about it. I don’t understand what my
degree has to do with working at your office. Your into construction, mine’s an IT course.
What difference would my degree make? Dear, I’ll knock
some sense into him. He would work obediently from now on.
wouldn’t you? Do you think I will let him walk into my
office ever again. Even my attendant has a degree in M.A.
What does he have? I have confidence that I can clear my degree
in a year’s time. You failed to clear it in four years.
How will you now clear it in a year? I had high expectations from you.
But you failed me. Your upbringing is my mistake.
Now I can’t ask you to change. You wouldn’t understand the value of life
until you learn to the importance of money. Don’t you step into my office
ever again. Karthik what’s wrong? Do you even realize his pain? Mom please try to understand my situation. You shouldn’t have neglected your work. Please go and apologize. I will. But not now. I’ll prove myself
and then apologize to him. Why don’t you learn Java.
I can get you a job. Who would hire
someone with 16 backlogs? One of my friends
can arrange for fake certificates. I don’t want to cheat again. I’ll face my problems alone. Karthik,
keep my first month’s salary. It’s okay, I can manage. What a suprise! I just wanted to meet casually. Oh, I was expecting
you would take me out for a coffee. If you wish so. Okday, I will come on my bike. Hey, let’s go in my car. Not possible. Why not? I have something else to be done.
Follow me. Hi! Sai. Hi Chaitra. Sai,
See what I bought for you. But you know that I can’t see. I bought you some new clothes. These are for your birthday. You shouldn’t
have troubled yourself, ma’am. I brought your favourite pink color. But she can’t distinguish colors. It doesn’t matter, daddy.
chaitra describes every color for me. About rainbows and moon
and even butterflies. I know how colorful these are. Sai, Would you like to meet my bestie? Who is your bestie? Karthik.
– Hi, Sai. Hi, Karthik. Sai, I will catch you later. Bye both of you.
– Bye. – Bye. Who is that kid? She is our watchman’s daughter. She lost her mother. I drop her home every evening. Did your father scold you? He was furious. Maybe that’s why your card is blocked. Did you check properly? Quite a few times. Your card is dead. I will pay for it. Your dad is certainly serious. What are you planning to do now? I wanna find myself a job. I could refer you
at my office, if you wish. But.. But? I haven’t.. You haven’t? I haven’t passed my engineering yet. How many backlogs do you have? Six…Sixteen. Hello!
Sir? One of my friend, Karthik,
is searching for a job. He has only sixteen backlogs
in engineering. Really? Thank so much sir! Project manager role isn’t vacant yet.
Would you consider team lead? I would be glad. Your phone is here,
how did you call? You find my situation funny? Not at all. I’m only wondering
if any firm would hire a guy with 16 backlogs. “I’m sorry, my friend.” “I only like to fight with you.” “Why don’t you listen?” “Stop being so moody.” “Why so serious?
– Leave me alone.” “Believe me, I’m really sorry.” “Don’t get hurt
when I tease you a little.” “I hate you.” “Why is that your so heartless?
Why can’t you just forgive me.” “Why don’t you tell me a way
to please you, my dear?” “I’m sorry.
Stop being so moody.” “Don’t get hurt
when I tease you a little.” “No, don’t follow me know.
Leave I don’t wanna see you.” “I don’t want you.” Hey, wait up. This sissy is making me
sing a song for him. Wait for me. “I’ll punish myself if you wish.
I’ll treat like God if you want.” “Sorry that I made fun of you.” “I didn’t know
your sense of humor was bad.” “Stop annoying me.” “I want you to stay away from me..” “You don’t know where to draw the line.
I don’t want you.” “I’m sorry. Stop being so moody.
Why so serious?” Where is she?
Did she start ignoring me? These girls are so complicated. What’s wrong? “It’s my fault that I tried pleasing you
What’s the point now anyway?” “You didn’t accept my apologise.
So, I don’t see any future with you.” “Please don’t leave me.
No matter what girls are always right.” “Even though I’m not wrong
let me apologize to you.” “You never have to apologize to me
ever again.” “I plead you to forgive me.
Let’s just start afresh from now.” “I will never tease you
like your teasing me now.” “Please forgive me, I was fool.
Let me treat you like my Goddess.” “Finally, you’ve caved in,
or else I would have gone mad.” You made such a fuss about nothing.
You sissy. Let’s go now. Had I focused better while at college,
I wouldn’t have had backlogs. Forget about your past. We all go crazy when Sachin
or Dhoni help Team India win. But they don’t even have a degree. Your also talented, Karthik. If I had talent, I wouldn’t have failed. Just hear me out, will you? You see this glass. An optimist considers it half full,
while a pessimist sees it as half empty. You passed 24 out of 40 subjects. And your worried about 16 subjects? You have a good command of networking
and security hacking. I will talk to my boss and fix an
appointment for you. What’s this for? You will always need to carry
some money with you. I’m sorry, if this hurts your ego. I didn’t mean to demean you. Don’t insult me Chaitra. I am sorry. You think 1 grand would do?
Give me at least two grand. Heaven’s not somewhere
but right here, my friend. Wash your hands.
Then we’ll shake hands. Excuse me, sir!
I want to update my project status. Who discusses work at the washroom?
Come to my cabin if you want to talk. I am back, sir. I washed my hands too.
Let’s shake hands Not after ruining
a classic song. Hi Chaitra. Hey Sonia. Hello, Chaitra status meeting.
Come to my cabin. Okay sir I am coming. Is that our bughead manager? Why do you call people names? That’s because
even they call us names. Hey Chaitra, shall we go to a pub
this night? Thanks, but no. Why don’t you ask
our project manager out? That douchebag
says nothing else but ‘No.’ No.. What was Soniya doing
at your desk? We were discussing
about bugs in our project. Don’t cook up stories. What’s the status
of our project? 90% of it is done. No. Either you’ve done 0% or 100%.
All other numbers are invalid. Either you’ve finished the project
or you have done nothing. Okay sir. I will get you the status. I will get back to you soon, sir. Immediately, get back to your work. Okay, sir. Or else we could loss
the clients from the US. Sure sir. It’s a pleasant song
but I’m irritated. Sir, any update about the job
my friend was looking for? I’m worried about the future
of our own jobs. Forget about hiring someone new. Please sir. Since your insisting,
ask him to meet me once. A single page resume? It’s really heavy. Not even a basic degree
is mentioned in it. No, no. But, sir, Karthik is a good hacker. Is it?
Still, we don’t need him. Minimum qualification at our office is B.Tech,
but he is stuck at secondary school. Sir, I told you about his degree right? Chaitra don’t get angry.
Without degree, I can’t agree. I might not have a degree. But I am an expert
in ethical hacking and networking. I am a volunteer consultant
for AP cyber crime department. I helped them in solving 20 crore
online scam. Recently, when Bangladesh hackers
attacked our government websites, I reinisiated them. Can you show me one person
with expertise like me. Though you don’t have an engineering degree,
you speak good English. Chaitra, he breathlessly spoke
like a Hollywood hero. Our company doesn’t need a hero. Let him try his luck at movies. Sir, you don’t want someone with brains.
All you need is someone who can type. Exactly! I need workaholic. But you seem alcoholic. And you don’t get alcohol here. There is a coffee machine outside.
Have a cup of it and leave, for free. This is why I hate software job. Bye! I am sorry sir. If I give him a job, he would become a hero
at the office and I would become the villain. And you would be the comedian. He must be waiting for you.
Go now. What do you think of yourself? He already labelled me a hero. It’s a corporate office not your home.
And he is a manager, not your dad. So what? PG and Ph.D. holders
are roaming around like dogs for a job. Your comparing me to a dog? I don’t care
what you think of yourself. Be humble,
atleast when you need a favour. He treated me like I am dumb
and now you compare me with a dog. Learn to control your anger. I am aware of my needs.
You don’t have to remind me. Here, take back Rs. 1,500. I’ve spent Rs. 500 already. You paid 450 at the
coffee shop. So I owe you 950. I will pay with intrest. Karthik.. Karthik stop acting like an idiot. Why would you want to talk
to a mad dog like me? Everyone is looking down at me. Sir try these imported Oakley,
you would look like a hero. Please try one of these sir. If you fail Engineering, you people
will fail to sell roadside items as well. Sir please try these 500 bucks
imported glasses. Sir high-quality glasses for only
500, please try them out. Sir please try these imported glasses. Had I studied back then, I wouldn’t
been in this embarrassing situation. I have read resumes with pass,
first class, distinction.. But for the first time, I have seen someone
writing B.Tech fail on the resume. Sir, I have failed in 16 subjects. What? 16 subjects! I will clear them pretty soon. I can not give you a job
without a degree. Good morning, Peter. Diwakar, you know the dead line is
at 8PM tomorrow. Remember, this is not your Indian time. Delaying a task is in our DNA. You will be dead meat tomorrow. We have sent you the box
report from testing. Yeah Peter, we have received.
Working on it, now. He might get a stroke when he learns
about the current status. Let’s hope everything goes
according to our plan. Yeah, I assure smooth delivery of
the project. Too much attitude for his broken english. He is taking credit for our hardwork. Okay, guys, we will get in touch
in the pre-launch video conference. Bye. Okay, bye Peter.
– Bye. That was so close.
So, what’s the progress? 99% of it is done. What? 100% of the project is done. I like it. Or else, we are done. Excuse me? Yeah.
I am here for network admin position. Whom should I contact? Go straight. Thank you!
– You’re welcome. Hey Karthik, please sit. I am sorry. Hey, Karthik, listen to me. Karthik let’s forget the past. Girls are my weakness. Shanthi, Chaitra all these people are past.
Let’s just move on. Look at this, even after all these days
it hasn’t healed. Let’s talk about future. I have a team of internation hackers.
But none is as good as you are. Hack Citi bank database for me. I will give you five lakhs. How about 10 lakhs? 15 lakhs? 25 lakhs? I am getting 50 lakhs,you take
50% of it. You can not bribe me to do
any evil work for you. I thought I can convince you, but I failed. I am sorry, Karthik. Guys, please convince him. Don’t fight me. Don’t.. Do not.. I won’t cheat for money. I dare you to hit me. Let’s sit and discuss. Otherwise, I will screw your life. I told you to check that file. Sir, Chalapathi.. Did you? Useless.. Hello!
Karthik, can you please come to the office? It’s urgent, please. What’s the matter? Karthik we have to deliver a project
in three hours. It’s 6AM in the US.
We need to deliver it by 9AM. All our systems are freezed. We’ve done everything that we could but to no avail. Will you please help us? You called me for this? Karthik, please help us out.
We are all tensed. Hey, Hi! karthik.
– Hello! sir. Chaitra must have already informed you. Yeah, but.. No, you can do it. I know I can do it, I agree.
But without a degree. After my team failed to.. I did some background search on you.
Learned that your the best hacker in A.P. I don’t think we have sufficent time. Stop showing your attitude! Attitude? me? Yes, you,
is this all a joke to you? Do you realize, how important
this project is to us? If we don’t deliver it by nine,
they might sue us for 40 crores. That’s more than net-worth
of this company. 250 employees would become jobless. Don’t blame me
for the mess you’ve got yourself into. Will you help us or not? How can I not help you out,
even after explaining your pity situation. Where is the system? Karthik, over here. who is database admin? It’s me, chalapathi. Network admin? That’s me, Sonia. Hello! karthik. Tell what exactly is the problem. We are unable to access our portal. We aren’t able to access database too. Till yestarday, everything was fine. We were very confident.
But somehow all the passwords were changed. I need server IP address. Please tell me you server IP. Chalapathi please tell him the IP
address. Here.. Why can not you remember
this four numbers? All they do is carry their bags
to the office. Some Pakistani hacked your server. Oh no!
But we never harmed them. Don’t you read news? Very rare. They hacked 2k sites
in the last two weeks. Please do something. I can not concentrate if you surround me. You guys hide in the bathroom. You both can have some coffee. You may carry on. Any problem? I am working on it, am I not? Hey! Karthik,
– Don’t break my concentration. Would you like to have some coffee? In the entire office,
only you seem nice to people. I will get that for you. Karthik..
Coffee. Thank you!
– Anything for you. Hello! Yes, Peter.
Yeah. everything is fine. It’s Peter from America. Cool sir, problem will be solved. Okay. Leave me alone now. What’s the current status? Yes!
We did it. Oh! wow, for real?
I can’t believe it. Thank you, Karthik.
It’s okay sir, you may smile now. Thanks, Karthik,.
Thank you, Chaitra. Wash your hands first. Hey, congratulations. We are proud of you.
Our system is live and running. Hey, Peter, I worked really hard. Actually, We had a last minute problem
and Karthik saved us. The best part is he is not even our employee.
He volunteered to help us. Is it necessary to tell him? Hey, Karthik, nice of you.
You saved many jobs. Thank you, Peter!
It’s my pleasure. Congrats!
– Thank you. Celebrate this occasion and have fun. Thank you, Peter! Mr.Diwakar, can you please stay back. Why? Are you still mad at me? I was never angry at you. Then? Would you like to know? Should I.. Chaitra, send Karthik to my cabin. Okay sir. My boss is calling you. Sir, you called me.. No, No. They offered you a job. You will get an offer letter in two days. Sir, but I don’t have a degree. I tried to say no.
But they wanted you. Apparently, even Bill Gates, Steve Jobs
don’t have a degrees. Generally, we look upto foreigners
to enlighten us. What about my backlogs. They offered you 12.. What, did they offer me 12k? No, 120k per annum. Sir, thanks a lot. Sir, how much is your salary? Is it really necessary? I asked you out of curiosity. 150k per annum. Oh!
you are really a workaholic, sir. What? What? Why did he call you in? I got a job. That too in your company. 120k per annum. Oh my God! With out any degree. It’s amazing!
Thanks, Chaitra. I need to thank you
for saving us today. We shall catch up later. Bye. Bye.
– Bye. “I wonder why our hearts
got entwined.” “I wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me.” “I wonder why I feel
like I’m totally drenched.” “I wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me.” “Are you the reason
why my heart got excited?” “How I wish
I could dwell in your heart.” “I wonder why our hearts
got entwined.” “I wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me.” “With you around, I find it cold in the day
and I find it sunny at night.” “With you around, I feel
the whole world is swaying.” “With you around, I find myself smiling
and drifting away in magic.” “With you around,
I feel my world is full.” “You made my life beautiful..” “You made my life colourful..” “I wonder why our hearts
got entwined.” “I wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me.” “With you around, I feel so good
that it actually pains me.” “With you around,
I feel like a queen.” “With you around, the waves
break into an enchanting dance.” “With you around, the rainbow
seems so pale.” “With you around..” “The world seems
like a much beautiful place.” “I wonder why our hearts
got entwined.” “I wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me.” We have reached. What are you doing, Karthik? I will tell you.
But on one condition. What’s that? You need to be bilndfolded. Oh! karthik.. This would keep you excited. Where are we going? Come. You can atleast tell me, now. Come with me,
I will tell you. Are you guys ready?
– Yes, doctor. Chaitra sister! Sai!
Karthik. How could you recognize Chaitra? I could recognize her
even when I was blind. Sai! Oh my God,
I can not believe it. Sai wanted to see you first. So I surprised you this way. Love you Karthik. Karthik. Shall we go to the conference room?
– Yes, doctor. Come. Please come, karthik. I had already told you about him. Hi! Karthik. We are from Gemini news.
We would like to interview you. Sir, I don’t want to publicize this. This isn’t any publicity.
It’s good for society to be aware of deeds. Yes, you’re right sir. Youth can achieve anything, with will. But first, we need to eradicate
selfishness within us. Meet Mr Karthik, from vizag.
Who made those words come true. Hello!
Eyes are God’s gift to us. There are many blind people
in our country. Many people aren’t aware of the fact
that cornea can be transplanted. Jyothi!
come soon. What is it, dear?
– Look who’s on the TV. She is Sai Priya. She is the daughter of Chaitra’s
apartment’s watchman. I got her treated over here,
with my first salary. Thanks to the doctors of Maxivision.
And I am very thankful to Chaitra. If not for them,
she wouldn’t be seeing us today. Who is your inspiration? My father, Prasad. He always talks
about serving the society. I wanted to give back something to the
society, which has given us a lot. That’s nice of you, Karthik. Thank you so much. This action of Karthik proves
that if the youth get involved a lot of change can be brought
to the society. Hoping that this interview would
inspire youth. I am Ganga, Singing off,
with cameraman Rambabu. That’s my son. I’m sure there is someone who brought about
this change in Karthik. Hey, Karthik. I have seen you on the TV.
You were awesome. Congrats. Thank you.
– I am inspired. I am planning to donate 10% salary
of mine, this month. That’s a good idea. You deserve a treat
for doing such a good deed. Shall we go out for lunch today? I am afraid, it’s not possible.
Chaitra brought me lunch. Come on, you have to
join me for lunch. Please..
– I’m sorry, it’s not possible today. Seems like your busy. What happended? Her mood is off. So she is gonna miss lunch with you. Shall we at least go
to the pub tonight. I will have to check with Chaitra. Hello!
Okay, I will be there. Got to go.
Someone is waiting for me. Dad! What a suprise! I felt like having
a cup of coffee with you. I miss hugging you. I’m extremely happy.
Thanks, dad. You may have failed engineering.
But you haven’t failed as a citizen. You are now a complete man
since you’ve started helping the needy. I am really proud of you. Like dad, like son. Karthik, coffee. Chaitra, he is my..
– Your father, I can guess. Who is she?
– She is Chaitra, my colleague. Is she just another colleague? Well, yes, she is. Be clear. I will tell you later, dad. So you’re the girl behind him. I don’t want to waste
your valuable time. I will see you guys later.
– Bye. Good choice. What’s up with Sonia? She asked if I could join her
at the pub tonight. Will you? Let’s go there together. Along with Sonia? What’s up?
You seem so upbeat. My dad came to the office
to meet me. He must’ve seen you on TV
and felt proud of you. Yeah. Seems like Karthik is trying
his chances with Sonia as well. Looks like it. I am scared
he is gonna steal Sonia from me. Even your being cheated? That’s too good. Karthik! I need to talk to you.
– Go ahead. Not here.
At the beach. Hey! You wanted to
talk to me. I don’t like it.
– What? I don’t like the way
you move with Sonia. Looks like you’re jealous. I am not jealous
but possessive. Stop being childish.
There is nothing to be worried about. There is nothing between us.
– You don’t have to explain. I already told you. I am an insecure girl. You made me realize, what’s it like
to have someone for you. Karthik let me feel that
you’re there for me always. What wrong did I do? I am not accusing you of anything. I am scared something wrong might happen. Stop being so narrow minded.
Why would you be so insecure? I don’t doubt you.
I’m just scared. I am scared I might lose you. I love you and you must love me. Yours is such a saddistic love. You are mine.
And only mine. If you love me, you’ll have to bear with me.
Even if I scold or hit you. Hey, Chaitra. Wait. I can’t handle this
much of sadistic love. Not me but you are the sadist. Despite being in love with me,
aren’t you flirting with Sonia? Chaitra stop being a control freak. My parents never
tried to control me. Not even Priyanka
tried to control me. She never forbade me
from talking to others. Oh! shit. Chaitra, please listen to me. Who’s Priyanka? A friend.
– What kind of friend? Girlfriend. Were you in love with her? Let’s not complicate Chaitra. Were you in love with her or not? Yes, I was. What else did you do? Nothing happened between us? Physical?
– Only once.. It’s not what you think it is. I kissed her once, nothing else. Chaitra, let me explain. Priyanka isn’t in India. She left for US. We broke up a year back. We are not even in touch. Please believe me, for God sake. Karthik, please leave me alone. What’s your problem? I told you every detail of my life. So did I! You never spoke of Priyanka.
You cheated me. I didn’t find the right time
to tell you about Priyanka. Don’t make a mountain
out of a mole. Don’t touch me. I hate you Karthik. I have been so devoted to you.
Why so much apathy against me? This is how I speak. Damn.
Watch your tongue. Oh! You find me so obnoxious. Thank you, Karthik. This is why
you don’t have anybody. This is how you foolishly
repealed people away. Live your whole life in solitary. I will live or even die,
why would you care? Chaitra, stop being mad at me. Stop being so stubborn. Please don’t talk to me. You are a cheater. I don’t want to talk to you. You cheated me,
I hate you, Karthik. Chaitra, please wait. Don’t talk to me.
I never wanna see you again. Chaitra hates me, Priyanka. She has gone mad.
Nothing is getting into her senses. She doubts me.
She thinks I cheated on her with you. She isn’t ready to believe me
when I say that broke up with you. When did we break up, Karthik? It has been a week. Karthik, I am asking
about our break up. I am going all nuts. She isn’t taking my calls. I don’t know what to do now. Help me out, priyanka. What should I say, Karthik? I find myself confused. I left the US
to start a new life with you. But I am learning something new. You initiated our love affair
and our break-up too. But Priyanka, I thought.. I told you I would be returning back,
didn’t I? We were in a relationship for four years.
Couldn’t you wait for couple more years. Everything changed here,
once you left. Nothing has changed
except for you. What do you want me to do, Priyanka? Stand in my shoes and think. I don’t know Karthik,
I still love you and I want you. Down a few more. Taking his pain as an excuse,
you too are drinking a lot. Isn’t his pain mine too? What’s his problem? After ditching his love of four years,
he found himself a new one. She is the one
who must be in pain. Why is he acting
like Devdas? She returned from the US
only for him. Why did she leave him
and go in the first place? Are you that dumb? You want her to fail Engineering? You’re are trying to point out
that Karthik failed his engineering. He only failed
because he didn’t prepare. Understood? Anyway,
you never encouraged him to read. It’s all Priyanka’s fault. Nothing wrong in going to the US. It’s her mistake not to inform about her
plan to US until the last minute. She could have been wiser
and avoided all these. Is he clear about what he wants? This is all my fault. Do you want me
to talk to Karthik? It’s not your mistake, dad. I thought he’d never leave me. Now he is running far away from me. Don’t you be worried about it. I will speak to his dad. Had Karthik and I been married,
your intervention would’ve mad sense. But all that Karthik and I had
was a teenage love affair. I can understand your feelings. What has happened had happened. Don’t waste your life,
thinking about it. No dad, I want to clear out
everything with Karthik. But please don’t do anything stupid. Remember, we are always there for you. Thanks dad. Good. No.
No. I don’t know the reason.
But she resigned. If I don’t like the situation or
people around me.. I don’t have the strength to fight them. I walk away from my problems. Do you know where she left for? She didn’t tell me anything. Okay sir, thank you. Yeah, Srinu, tell me. Her phone is switched off too.
You guys search for her at the station. What are you doing here? I need to talk to Chaitra. What do you want to talk to her? I need some clarity from Chaitra. Priyanka, please don’t complicate things. Karthik, wait.
Please. karthik, I am requesting you. She isn’t here. She resigned and left. I am searching for her. I will search for her, as well. Priyanka, why don’t you understand? Karthik, it’s important to meet Chaitra. Even I will search for her. Please. Karthik, please. But, only on one condition. Promise me, you wouldn’t get emotional.
– I’ll try. I don’t want you to try.
Give me your word that you won’t cry. Sir, let’s start quickly. We don’t know his real name. But he calls himself, ‘Kareena kapoor’. His job is to create trouble. Side-effect of working in IT
for two decades. I am Kareena Kapoor. What?
– Yes. It’s Kareena Kapoor. It doesn’t matter to me if your
Kareena or Katrina. Get off my car. Sir, I need lift. I don’t have time for that.
– But I have enough time, sir. Don’t irritate me.
Please get down. I am a senior citizen.
At least show some courtesy. Ma’am, at least you convience him. It’s okay Karthik, let’s go. Sir, what are you searching for? Keys.
– I have them with me. Why did you take it?
To protect it from getting robbed. You were inside the car.
– But you were outside. Let’s go, sir. Where do you wanna go?
– Sir, you just keep driving. Take me where you please to. Your such a strange character. What’s strange in that?
– You may start driving, sir. Please start the car, sir.
Please tell him to start. Karthik, he will get down
on the way. He would listen to you. Start the car. What’s your name, ma’am. Priyanka. Nice name. Even my grandfather
had the same name, ‘Priyanka Chopra’. Does everyone in your family
have feminine names? For generations
our names have been so. Karthik, I am at the bus-stand. I am searching here.
Honey has gone to the railway station. okay,
bye. Sir, you haven’t put on the seatbelt. You don’t have to shout for that. I just wanted us to be safe. Particularly, for my safety.
Put on the seat belt, Sir. You too, ma’am. It might prevent accidents. Karthik, why are you so tensed? I am afraid
Chaitra might harm herself. Chaitra? What is she to you? Why should I tell you? I guess she is your girlfriend. How is he related to you?
– He’s my botfriend. So, yours is a triangle love story. Could you please
shut your mouth. How would you understand me,
if I shut my mouth? This is how it would sound. You won’t understand, would you? So, let me keep my mouth open. Why would you want to talk?
– Chaitra is in danger. How can I not talk? How are you, sir? I am fine, Narayana.
– I am also fine, Narayana. Sir, you guys
may continue talking. Did Chaitra come here?
She left a little while ago. Please give me your pen. If Chaitra returns, ask her to call me.
– Tell her to call me as well. Why are you getting involved
in things which don’t concern you? Even I am asking you the same.
It’s my concern to involve. What a windbag. You fly away. Get in the car, quick. He left. What should I do now? Where do I search for her? Rajesh..
Hey, stop there. Where is Chaitra? I don’t know, Karthik.
Please don’t hit me. I warn you to tell me the truth.
– I swear, Karthik. I got scared, on seeing you. I lost everything, Karthik.
Police ceased my company. I’m in deep shit. Karthik.. Could please give me a hundred.
It’s been three days since I last ate. What happened?
Did you get any lead? Even he doesn’t know anything. Where do I search for her? Let’s search every where.
We will eventually find her. Hey, when did you get in?
– It’s been a long while. But all the doors are locked. Windows were open. Oh my..
Who the hell are you? Why does he ask the same questions
over and over again? Sir! Don’t talk while driving. Chaitra? I have seen plenty of these pranks.
You may hang up the call. Who was it?
– Someone named Honey. Honey?
– Why are you so surprised? She called to tell
that she found Chaitra. Did they find Chaitra? Apparently they found Chaitra. We couldn’t find Chaitra from the morning. How would she find her,
trash story. She thinks we’re dumb
enough to believe, isn’t it? Get down! You need to respect elders. Get lost.
– Please show some generosity. Give back my phone.
– Okay, sir. It’s not fair, sir.
– Get lost. I am leaving. I will kill you if you won’t. Sir, it’s not fair.
You dropped me off at a far away road. Oh shit, he replaced the phones. ‘Hrithik Roshan’, ‘Salman Khan’,
‘Aamir Khan’, ‘Ranbir Kapoor’. Look at all these numbers,
he gave me his phone. Why don’t you call
your number? Hello! It’s me Karthik. I don’t know any Karthik. Hey, you stole my phone. No, you stole my phone. You have my phone with you. And you have mine with you. Could you please
bring my phone to me. I can not, you come to me
and exchange them. Tell me your location.
I will be there. I can’t tell you.
I have to meet Chaitra. Why are you searching for Chaitra. Why are you searching for her? Can you even identify her? Have we ever seen Gandhi?
Yet, we recognize him. It’s same with Chaitra as well. Do as you wish, Kareena Kapoor. Please, if, someone calls me,
tell them I am at Rishikonda. Whatever. Karthik! There isn’t any Karthik over here.
Who are you? It’s me, Dali. And I am Kareena Kapoor. Bro, this isn’t time for jokes. I am not joking,
are you a friend of Karthik. Yes, sir. He asked you guys to be there
at the Rishikonda beach. What for?
– How would I know, maybe to swim? Hang up.. Everyone is calling for Karthik.. They don’t even let me eat. You must be mad
to miss out on Karthik. He is missing out on me. What was his mistake? Why should I tell you? All this has happened
because of you. Why blame me? Didn’t you try to flirt with him? You, fool! I was friendly with him,
like I’m with everyone else. How could such a cheap thought
even cross your mind? Didn’t he love Priyanka? She happens to be his ex. He could’ve told me about her. Don’t be so naive. If people fight about exes,
all relationships will end. He told you they broke up after college. He didn’t tell me
until I forced him to. He even kissed her. Idiot. I don’t know about his past. But for a fact, your life became meaningful
after meeting him. I told you my opinion.
It’s your life. Sonia, wait! Sonia, please!
– Chaitra, remember one thing. It’s easy to loss something,
but tough to get it back. Stop stare at me
and start driving. Hey, stop.. Hello! Karthik. There is no Karthik.
Hang up, now. Stop calling for Karthik. Karthik, It’s me Chaitra. I am sorry. Do you think, I can’t recognize
your fake voice? ‘Karthik, it’s me, Chaitra.’ Hello! Karthik,
It’s me, Sonia. I don’t know Sonia, Rahul
or any Manmohan Singh. I am Karthik’s friend
Sonia speaking. Sonia? A while ago,
you said you were Chaitra. Don’t you dare play
double games with me. Sir, I need to talk to Karthik.
– Who is stopping you? He’s somewhere in Rushikonda.
You too go there. What did he say? Take us to Rishikonda beach. Please, Priyanka.
Don’t cry. I informed you
and went to the US. But look at Chaitra. She is going away from you
without even telling you. What’s wrong with me?
What’s right about her? Couldn’t you even wait
for a year? Priyanka, I can understand your pain. There isn’t anything wrong with you. You are very beautiful
and well educated. You would find someone
much better than me. But I won’t have you, Karthik. Karthik! Priyanka, that’s Chaitra. That’s Chaitra.
One minute. Now defend him. You said he is a good guy.
Look at him. He said Priyanka was in the US, it was a lie.
He said they broke up, it was a lie. He said he forgot about her,
that too was a lie. I don’t like you! Chaitra!
Hold on for a second. Please, Chaitra. Chaitra, wait! Please listen to what I have to say. About what?
– Please listen to me. Is all that I have seen with my eyes a lie? First let me talk. I won’t listen.
You listen to me. I hate you Karthik. I hate you. If you are gonna meet me again,
I would kill you. You are driving me nuts. I was scared you would harm yourself. Karthik was really worried about you. I returned from US, yesterday. He really loves you. I was planning to return back today. But.. I learned that you broke up because of me. I wanted to personally meet you
and clear the air. He likes you a lot, Chaitra. I have seen the anger in his eyes
when I left for the US. But I have seen excruciating pain for you. Had Karthik expressed his love for me,
like he did for you I might not have left for the US. There is no point
in brooding over the past. I realized something
when I met Karthik, yesterday. He has moved on. I know I will miss him forever. It’s very painful. But like Karthik had said,
life must go on. Something shouldn’t stop our journey. I am going back to US tomorrow. Love you! Karthik. Understanding the situation, Priyanka’s sacrifice for Karthik will leave
a long-lasting impression in our heart. Our backbench student
is re-applying for the exams. Let’s hope, he would clear his 16 backlogs. “Sachin Tendulkar was a back bencher.
Barrack Obama was a back bencher.” “Mahesh Babu was a back bencher.
Steve Jobs was a back bencher.” “Bill Gates was a back bencher.
Einstein was a back bencher.” “AR Rahman was a back bencher.
Abdul Kalam was a back bencher.” “Hadn’t there been a back bench,
there wouldn’t have even been a front bench.” “Future stars and future leaders
are all perhaps back benchers.” “Any guy who spends his time wisely
is surely a back bencher.” “Any guy who fails at college
but succeeds in life is a back bencher.” “Hey beautiful..” “Here is guy who hates to study..” “Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, Chiranjeevi
all of them were back benchers.” “Sachin Tendulkar was a back bencher.
Barrack Obama was a back bencher.” “Mahesh Babu was a back bencher.
Steve Jobs was a back bencher.” “Bill Gates was a back bencher.
Einstein was a back bencher.” “AR Rahman was a back bencher.
Even I am a back bencher.” Even I am a back bencher.

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  10. Chetta cenima.. at least one year kuda wait cheyaleda… Sodi director preminchina ammai pakkana leka potea vadilestara

  11. This movie is same as …..
    In my life same situation…but i am not have to much of dare to sacrifice……like Priyanka….๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿปto u Priyanka

  12. Climax is worst. If the story end by giving another chance to the Priyanka's love then it may SATISFIES all viewers. Chithra is highly possessive, she cannot live with him or she can control his entire life , which a seriousness less guy could not hold up to the life long relationship. So here the Priyanka's love will definitely wins and great full but whatever may be the situation she must left him alone.

  13. Careers is important but not at a cost loving life partner or for true relationship. She can do Master's in India also. How many students are there , who are doing Masters in India also. She must have to convince her parents if she need both Karthik and Career. She forgotten that she can work with the less salary also but with out a loving life partner she cannot be happy in her entire life.

  14. If karthik loved priyanka truly then he would definitly never fall for chaithra…#fake love..#love is just a happy chemical rxn happens in brain …love iz all abt attraction…#โ™ฅ

  15. #
    Bout climax no words ๐Ÿ˜ท it's painful๐Ÿ˜ข yaa
    1:16:05 six… Sixteen… Chaitra started laughing loudly ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ so cute moment..

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  18. Waste climax director koncham possessive ga alochinchi karthik ni priyakanu kalipiundalsindi , movie hit ieyadi,but movie is good and waste climax

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  22. Good climax bro
    Chaitra don't have parents
    But Priyanka spend 1 year without Kartik
    That she can move on
    But Chaitra can't because she already alone

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