Back to school tech, apps, and deals

– Well, gone are the days
of loading up the kids with pencils and paper for back to school. Now, it’s about keeping up
with the latest tech gadgets. And joining us this morning
is online security expert David Papp with some tips on how parents can make sure their kids are keeping up with technology
as they head back to class. And, David it’s, it’s everywhere. – It is, yup.
– I mean, technology every part of our life. But, especially at school, it’s changing so quick, what are you looking for, what
are the things kids should be or could be using as
they head back to school? – Well, some of the items
would be smart speakers, like the Google Home Mini. And the reasoning behind that
is actually being able to ask some quick questions. – [TV Anchor] Sure. – It’s kind of like your
encyclopedia reference, right? – Yeah, exactly, yeah. – The other big thing actually
are two in one laptops. So, what that is is,
it’s a laptop that has a traditional keyboard, and
you can flip it up and look at the screen.
– Yeah. – But, you can flip it all
the way, and lay it down and it’s like a tablet,
and it’s touch screen. And those are extremely common right now. Because, you have the full
power of Microsoft Office, and all of those
– Yeah. – desktop applications, but
yet you can use it as a tablet. – Which, is probably what
they are more used to. – Yeah. – Now, what about going back
and forth, I know that’s a big deal with the kids
because they got to do things at school on their
computer or their tablet, or whatever device they are using and then they have to bring it home, so how do they get around that? – Well, it depends on if the
school has adopted a B-Y-O-D policy yet, which is a
Bring Your Own Device. – [TV Anchor] Yup, yup. – That’s getting quite common
and some of them are not. Some of them are insisting on a particular type of technology, like a Google Book. – [TV Anchor] Chrome, yeah, yeah. – So, it really depends
on the school’s policy, when it comes to that. Typically, the school will
have an account created for the child and sometimes its
with the Google App Suite. Which is great. And you can access that
information from home, so you can see your documents
and stuff like that. – So, we are not running back and forth with USBs as much anymore, eh? – Not as much, but in generally
speaking, you still need to have a good USB stick. And it’s good that you mention that, not all USB sticks are made equally. – [TV Anchor] Right. Yes. – So, you want to make sure
that if you see that deal at Staples and you are at the
front counter and it’s only nine dollars, you get what you pay for. So, make sure that you do spend a lot more on a faster USB stick, it
will make the transfers of large files a lot quicker. – What about apps, are
there apps out there that kids can take advantage of? – Absolutely. There’s things like My Homework, which can help organize you. There’s flashcard type apps. There’s a neat one called Photo Math. You’re gonna love this! – Photo Math? – Yeah, you take a picture
of a math equation, and it solves it for you (laughing). – Wow, are you kidding? – Yeah, for real. It’s amazing what’s out there for apps. – What about, are they allowed to, I mean, I guess its up to the school again, right, they have their own policies
on whether or not they’re allowed to use calculators or Photo Math or whatever the case may be. – Absolutely. But, that’s why showing your work is becoming that more important. – [TV Anchor] Yeah, exactly. – You can’t just give an answer. – You can’t just plug it in. And of course we got to be
concerned with security, all the time, especially with kids when they have online.
– Yeah. – What do we need to tell them? – Well, its just that you are not supposed to share your password, don’t write it down because
its sounds harmless, but what if some kids play pranks, what if they log in, somebody gets access to your account and deletes all of your schoolwork. That would be horrible. – [TV Anchor] That would be bad. – You want to make sure that
you are really on top of that. – Sounds like we’re running
into a lot of money here. This technology isn’t cheap. Are there ways that you
know, to find a deal? – Uh, yes! Now, is the time actually. – Oh, Really? – So, these back to school
deals, these B-T-S deals, – Yeah, yeah. that are being advertised. – They are actually really good. And you should be taking
advantage of them. I don’t think that you are
going to find a better deal wait or well, other than Black Friday, just before Christmas. – [TV Anchor] Yeah. – Those are the best ones. But, right now the deals are excellent and you should be taking
advantage of them. – What do kids need,
do you need the laptop, like you say that two
in one would be perfect. But, can you get by on an iPad now, does it basically cover what you need? – It depends on what the school policy is. I mean, if you need to
have a word processor, like Microsoft Word, or I mean, those apps do exist on iPad. – [TV Anchor] Yeah, yeah.
– And you can use them, as long as you’ve also
got a keyboard associated. – [TV Anchor] Right, yeah, exactly, yeah. – It’s just too slow to
be tapping the screen, – [TV Anchor] On the screen yeah. – When you are doing an
essay or something like that. – So much to think about. It’s a whole new world out there. – It is, absolutely. – Now you can follow David on Twitter, or you can check out his
blog if you would like, or on twitter @DavidPapp. Always good information. Thanks very much David.

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