Azért szabadban minden jobb | Fingerboarding in Barcelona

Sometimes I have to do more warm-up usually I do about 10 minutes of warm-up 5 minutes stretching then 5 minutes of ollies on my thighs when I wake up, I usually visualise the parks and other spots that we’ll visit and what kinda slides and grinds can I do there and, of course, what kinda banger tricks can I film there are no seasons here, its always sunny here now its the 30th of January 15 degrees Celsius outside, no clouds Its much better to go outside in this weather for some street fingerboarding and its much more likely that your friends will come too However, in Hungary we put down the streetboard around november and only visit indoor parks, or build them at home its a great wisdom that everything is better if you go outdoors fresh air, friends, if you step outside your door, you most likely won’t be alone well, yeah, there has been some instances when they stopped me on the street to take a picture or get an autograph, or asked me to write something on their boards something nice, like I don’t know ” keep on fingerboarding ” or something like that because if you’ve been flippin for a few years, you start to realise who’s the boss around here

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