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Yo, what is up YouTube welcome to channel my name is Dominique barber where I make videos and vlogs about things in everyday life because I am a normal person just like you Now in today’s video. It’s kind of special because it’s something that I’ve been waiting for for a minute And I think I know what it is I have a mail call mail call you see the package and turn this way cuz my personal information is on this side and don’t need that getting out And I kind of have an idea of what this is so let’s go ahead and crack it open. Okay. Let’s see what The mailman brought us now when this actually came in I was on my way out the door And I wasn’t even expecting it. I mean I was expecting it, but I wasn’t expecting what happened they started banging on my door, and then just left like kind of had a bit of a mini heart attack but You know what it’s good. Anyway. Let’s go ahead crack this thing open now It says Canada Post and I have an idea of what it might be Yeah, yeah Ayye and I got my AXL by Lael merch and if you didn’t get it you might want to get something cuz I heard they’re selling out they’re selling like a God Church, and I got mine so Let’s go ahead open this up, and if you don’t know Axl by Lael Which is Lael Hansen Who’s on YouTube who’s freaking awesome and I found her because a certain someone was kind of shouting her out the Merc is here merch is kind of good Go ahead crack it open. Yeah, get this thing out of here That goes over there So as you can see right off the bat it feels really good like definitely something comfortable And ya see? it has the axl Letters the baby block print. I really like this. This is something I can definitely see myself Wearing now Yeah, oh I like it so much. I think I’m gonna try it on now and I got a 2XL because those are us- lalalalala I can’t speak. I got a 2XL because these are usually the size that I get in hoodies, so let’s go ahead and put it on oh Yeah, it’s very comfy very warm And I like it because the weather- weather, the weather. for the weather right now it’s Snowing why is it snowing I don’t know I don’t want it to snow it’s supposed to be spring, but yeah I mean, I waited it actually came rather quickly quicker than I kind of thought I was gonna get here But Lael this is some pretty cool stuff pretty cool merch. I like it definitely gonna be wearing this a lot I have already amassed a hoodie collection already, so I think I may have to get rid of some hoodies but, this one for sure I’m glad that I copped. Oh, you know what else I forgot. There’s a freaking number on the back of this hold up I have Can you see that? Can you see it? Can you see it? I have number 193 Number 193 yeah, so as you can see there’s only 500 of these I got one and They all have different numbers So you might wanna get you some merch because they’re selling out ya feel me go get you some it’s freakin awesome freaking amazing. It’s comfortable It’s soft it’s warm it’s so comfy like if you don’t get one, like do you even even like lael as a person like do you you hate her you hate this? person if you don’t buy you the merch buy the merch I’m like promoting the merch, but hey guess what I don’t care buy it, it’s cool. It’s awesome. Warm comfortable That’s all types of things definitely my vibe definitely my style I definitely see myself wearing this a lot so It was on my lip just now um I don’t know what else to say about that man is freaking cool I mean I love hoodies I Personally like hoodies myself. I mean I’ve always had a big old collection of hoodies like I’m looking at them right now but uh This is definitely one bro definitely one so thumbs up ayye got me some merch. What’s up, and if you did not get yours and they sold out Then you’re never gonna get this chance ever again, so don’t forget to do that But yeah, I’m selling it like it’s my merch it’s not my merch, it’s lael hansen’s merch. axl by no It’s not its axl by lael Shit, I don’t know, but it’s cool. It’s merch that I like that. I’m just blabbering on about now It’s actually getting kind of hot now cuz I’m inside. There’s no real need for me to have this on at the moment except for the fact that. I wanted to show it off. I got it in the mail oh Wait I forgot about this little card here boom, what the focus it’s got the autograph and all the stuff that has a little Little papers and stuff on the back. Let’s go ahead and read what it says I might even in the camera Yeah, I’m on the shot. Okay “when I was born I Was expected to be a boy my parents were prepared to name me Axl I use the name Axl for my brand because I wanted to create collections That are an extension of myself each collection will have an Individual meaning that shares a balance between my vision and yours no two pieces are the same as we can clearly see No, two pieces are the same I have a unique number each hoodie has a unique barcode and a unique number Expressing the individuality of the piece baby blocks is Our first launch this collection represents the birth of our brand. Thank you for being a part of this journey I’m glad to be a part of the journey, and I got a freaking autograph ayye it’s lit Lit! but uh Yeah That’s the merch Hey, and the selling look a God Church apparently so don’t miss out on yours get your merch today get your merch today hey, I’m done. but im getting kinda hot now, so let’s go ahead and wrap this up So did you get some lael merch? Did you get some axl by lael merch because you should really get some Axl by lael merch right now so go to her Instagram or YouTube all that stuff check it out and You know let me know what you think if you did get some merch put it in the comments down below what you think about it and I Lost my train of thought don’t forget to Like and subscribe for more videos like the button subscribe Comment down below all that good stuff, and I’ll see you in the next one so peace out woo!! can you see me? am i in the camera? Can you see me really good? can ya see me??? ayee!

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