Aviva FinTech Hackathon in partnership with the 3 Beards

Those of you who haven’t been to a
hackathon what you’ve basically done is sign up for a weekend at the hardest
work of your life. There is nothing more satisfying in life than executing on
ideas. There is nothing more joyful than trying to get an idea from someone’s
head, onto paper, into code, online and produced and made powerful into something. It’s a room full of very innovative
amazing people who have a brilliant mix of skills. So it’s been a really well put
together event. Just proves there’s so much innovation and good stuff going on it finance.
I think more than anything amazing learning experience and Aviva did a great job.
Super excited, nailed it, brilliant. And so this this FinTech Hackathon in London, by
far the best I’ve ever been to. I was blown away by the quality of
what Aviva pulled together. 54 out of old companies have impact for 380 year old really See it really helped me crystallize my
idea that I’ve been working on for a little bit. And having Aviva guys
on the insurance side because I obviously insure my friends as an
insurance product essentially. So they help me understand some of the risk side and
insurance side of the business. I was really lucky because the team is amazing. We do have a minimum viable product which is a great result. I didn’t think it would be
that hard, but it was. It was really hard. Well you know the winning team now has an
opportunity with that kind of golden plated, now shiny first place status,
disability access to a network of people inside a real customer base. All
sorts of great things can happen as a result of winning. Aviva I think it’s not
insurance company mad anymore, kind of it feels weird. Before today
like you go to comparison site, you’re looking for car insurance, you’re like. And
then you sign Aviva there. But now it’s more about like, it doesn’t seem like
like a car insurance. I feel like I know the brand itself personally because I
met like a lot of people that I’m good with today. But there was a huge
amount of energy and excitement and it was really really quite infectious.

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