Avengers Endgame is a very silly movie, but it ends in exactly the right way TechCrunch

Avengers Endgame is a very silly movie, but it ends in exactly the right way TechCrunch With just a few days until Marvel fans everywhere are probably wondering A Who dies?? and B Will this actually resolve the cliffhanger ending of Infinity War in a satisfying way? So, just to get it out of the way: A Im not telling, and B Kind of? Mostly? It depends? Certainly, if youre like me and found yourself fatigued by  the beginning of Endgame will come as an enormous relief. Theres a brief flicker of action, then we get plenty of time to deal with the fallout from Infinity War. And if you dont already know how that movie ends, why are you reading this review? We see that half the population of Earth, and the universe, really died after Thanos magical finger snap, leaving the original Avengers team and a handful of other heroes to try to rebuild and move on. Theres plenty about the aftermath that simply gets hand waved away with a few shots of empty streets and grieving extras — but we get to spend time with characters like Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk, to see how theyve responded and changed in the wake of universal catastrophe. Marvel Studios AVENGERS: ENDGAME © Studios 2019 Of course, theyre not sitting around moping for the entire three hour ! runtime. Eventually, a plan is hatched to undo what Thanos has done. And while Im going to stay as vague as possible about that plan, I think its safe to say that the results are textbook . After all, as its name makes clear, Endgame is meant to serve as the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and as a final act for some of its most famous heroes. The films middle stretch feels very much like a farewell tour, working overtime to remind viewers of everything they like about these characters and their stories. Diehard Marvel fans, I suspect, will eat it up. Casual viewers may not be quite as satisfied. Personally, I was delighted when I realized what the filmmakers were going to do. But as these sequences went on, and on, and on, my enthusiasm waned. By the time the grand finale began, virtually all the goodwill built up during the films opening had evaporated. So by the simple metric of whether Endgame finds a way to reverse the ending of Infinity War in a way that doesnt feel cheap or cynical, Im afraid Id say its a failure. And Im not sure I can claim that the ending is any less cynical or sentimental. For this viewer, however, that ending absolutely works — so effectively that it not only salvages the movie, not only helps me forgive the draggy bits, but even makes me think of Infinity War more warmly. As the MCU has gone on, its become increasingly difficult to regard the whole enterprise without skepticism — to see it as something other than an excuse to create one guaranteed blockbuster after another, each one leading inexorably to the next. And although , Marvels weakest moments feel like obvious concessions to this strategy, with stories that either grind to a halt introducing new characters and subplots, or get dragged out needlessly in sequel after sequel. But in the closing minutes of Endgame, I forgot all that. As our heroes arrived for a final, desperate battle, it felt like the triumphant climax that every single one of these films has been building up to. And when the end came, it wasnt an excuse to conveniently shuffle certain actors offstage. Instead, Marvel found a natural endpoint for the characters stories. And in one case — the films final shot — it didnt just feel natural. It felt perfect. There will be more Marvel movies. The Avengers will, inevitably, return — at least in some form. But I was thrilled and moved with the way some of them said goodbye. Just got out of an Endgame press screening and my jaw literally aches from holding in loud sobs Anthony Ha @anthonyha

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