Avant-Guard and Black Clothing | Dive Session

hey guys so today we’re going to look at what am i doing in this channel give it a little bit of background about me what I do why I wear avant garde pieces why I wear black and basically give a little bit more explanation about this very channel first off you know I’m 24 years old I live in montreal and I’m very much into a fashion I work for a fashion company here and I thought it was a little bit selfish not to share my experience with certain designers with certain pieces from this channel you can expect reviews on specific product that’s i buy special reviews or special focus on certain trends or specific designers all around you know it’s it’s a fashion channel where we talk about avant-garde so if you’re into that black aesthetic please subscribe to my channel that would mean the world to me also we do have a great instagram go check it out i think it’s pretty cool and also we do have a grailed page where there’s a lot of pieces that probably might interest you we have again Rick Owens, Julius Marsèll, Tamanyah Damir Doma all those great brands so please feel free to check it out so why I wear black why I wear avant-garde and well to me I feel like it’s really hard to be on trend especially if you’re if you work in the fashion industry there’s always new trend coming up and it’s really hard to follow what’s what’s cool and it could be very draining and if you look at people that are in the upper echelon of fashion so the main designers they all have one specific style so if you take Chanel’s designer Karl Lagerfeld he’s always he always has the same style same hairstyle you know white long ponytail and with sunglasses gloves and he has a very specific style that suits him and you know that’s that’s his style that’s what he’s doing so he doesn’t have to always adjust trend which could be very draining same thing for Alexander Wang no is always rip wearing a black t-shirt with a black jeans and same thing for Rick Owens other types of designers so I think this is also the approach I’m taking and another factor also you take it for instance tattoos you can always say all right this tattoo was made around this time period you can say well you know this Chinese tattoo was made in a year 2000 this anchor was made you know when its hipsterism was cool and it’s a little bit the same with clothing you can say well you know this photo was taking at this specific time at that point in time it was cool but now it’s not trendy anymore whereas if you decide to pick a specific style and in my case I decided to go you know at avant-guard if you look back at this photo from 10 years ago it will still be relevant today so I wanted to tell you a little bit more about what I mean exactly by avant-garde i would say avant-garde is a movement in fashion that is a little bit against that trendiness the fact that we’re always changing our style always buying more pieces to be thrown out you know in the next five years or that will not be relevant in 5-10 years and I think this was really kicked off by Yohji Yamamoto who’s a you know very famous Japanese designer and there’s one more designer that fits into that specific aesthetic that doesn’t necessarily match with a specific time or a specific era I believe that you take for instance Rick Owens pieces there’s a little bit of an antique feeling when you look at those pieces it could be something that would be worn in a temple or a thousand years ago but also you know a thousand years after our era it there are pieces that that do not match with the specific time so if you’re into that long guard aesthetic please subscribe to my channel and thumbs up if you liked the video

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