(AV17772) Science, Technology and Jobs A Town Hall Meeting

good morning everyone my name is Stephen
quest I’m the chair the Iowa State College Republicans I want to begin by
thanking everyone for coming in to Iowa State this morning for our event and I
hope you enjoy our speaker this morning I had the honor of introducing former
Speaker of the House and current presidential candidate Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich is the architect of the
contract with america that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994 by
capturing the majority in the US House for the first time the Republican Party
to victory in 1994 like after the majority in the US House for the first
time in 40 years under news leadership Congress asked first balanced budget
regeneration leading to the repayment of over 400 billion in debt
congress also cut taxes for the first time in 16 years and reformed welfare
they did over 60% of well their efficiency rating to javagold it’s cool
in addition the Congress is for funding strengthen our defense and intelligence
capabilities an action later lauded by bipartisan 9/11 Commission The
Washington Times install new tubes indispensable leader and Time magazine
named him Man of the Year connection and I said leaders make things possible
exceptional leaders make them inedible Newt Gingrich belongs the category of
deceptive one in Harrisburg plasma TV news experiences Asylum of careers
holders and instrument early age life through his country and of detection of
real realising the importance of understand a story a computer the
immersive Dalton today’s injury received an absolute degree from Emory University
and master’s and doctorate in modern European degree from Tulane University’s
first elected in 1938 you recommend your joining partners for 20 years living for
years speaker daudt and also they’re not attending class war
of the George W Bush was provided completed October 20 round security Newton finally recognized their
commitment to the value system alcohol his leadership cultivated
Medicare from mango seed confident FDA reform and health of
seriously ill initiated a new focus on research preservation and well 2003 new
powers of seven for health information to develop free market
one officer 21st century system of health and healthcare that a senator and
individual prevention both knowledge-intensive the invitation read
with that is my auntie is formally for the house fingers thank you thank you all very very much
I’m delighted to be here and I’m actually standing behind this so the TV
cameras picked up Iowa State the this is a rare opportunity for me because this
is such a good science and technology and engineering University that it gives
me a chance to talk about one of my favorite topics which is a long way
outside of normal politics but before I do that let me just say very briefly
that we did yesterday in Des Moines announced a 21st century contract with
America this is the legislative component
they’re actually four components to it one component is executive orders so you
can go to neut org and you’ll see a section on the very first day and the
idea is that after the inaugural address I would sign somewhere between 50 and
200 executive orders moving the federal government as of the very first day
within the framework of the law for example the very first executive order
would abolish all of the White House czars and so you’d go through a series
of those steps the second part of the contract is the legislative program
which we would try to get enacted in the first year that’s longer than we took
with the contract with American 94 because these are more complicated
they’re much bigger many of them are newer and because I
think people are sick of things being rushed through Congress like the
stimulus package that nobody had even read like Obamacare which speaker Pelosi
said you have to pass the bill to learn what’s in it I think the fact is that we
people want to see regular order where subcommittees hold hearings they have
open markups they go to full committee they hold hearings they have open
markups they go to the floor they have the right to amend on the floor I’m
going to recommend to the Congress that the conference committees be on c-span
so that because of the among the most important meetings and so people out of
see legislation being written because this represents such a large scale of
change the unity need to be involved so the first thing is is the legislative
program the second thing as executive orders on the
first day the third part of the new contract is a training program for all
the transition team and all the presidential personnel on the grounds
that the scale of change we’re going to try to implement is so large that people
really need to be trained in to where we’re going and what we’re doing for
example I think we should abolish the Department of Energy because it’s been
essentially an anti in American energy bureaucracy that has been remarkably
improper well if you go out if you go out to recruit a Secretary of Energy and
you say in your job is to get rid of your job you need to work through with
them because the first thing that will happen is the bureaucracy and the
interest groups will try to capture them to get them to say oh we really need to
keep it and so you need a training program that because we’re going to be
so different the last part is you the fourth part of this new contract is to
tell people I’m not asking you to be for me because if you’re for me you’ll vote
and you’ll go home and you say I sure hope he gets it done that is impossible
under our constitutional system no single individual can achieve the scale
of change we need and so we need citizens who are willing to be with me
for eight years getting the Congress to do the right thing getting your state
legislators to do the right thing at the risk of embarrassing or the majority
leader Linda upmeyer is here so she can talk to you about the legislature later
on getting the governor to do the right thing but also if we shrink the
Washington bureaucracy if we implement the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution
which says the powers are reserved to the state and the people and Washington
becomes smaller citizens have to get bigger so this is a real fundamental
change I’m outlining for all of you now I think where we are and I’m gonna
explain it in more detail in a second but I think where we are is captured
brilliantly by Abraham Lincoln that’s the only thing I want to read to you
today but I think it is so profound you know President Lincoln was an attorney
who had never managed anything larger than a law firm with one partner his
entire military experience had been serving as a volunteer temporarily in
the Black Hawk War and Lincoln came found himself fighting a civil war
having to reorganize the federal government having to
organized the Army and the Navy just didn’t know no president learns as much
as Lincoln learned he’s a remarkable man and it isn’t going well the war is very
painful the casualties are enormous the cost is immense and so in December of
1862 Lincoln writes a message to Congress and this is part of what he
wrote and I think it fits us so perfectly that I want to share it with
you he says quote the dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy
present the occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with the
occasion as our case is new so we must think anew and act anew we must
disenthrall ourselves and then we shall save our country I think we’re in a very
similar place and I don’t think our political system or our news media
system has been capable of having the conversation we need we’re in a
different place for three very big reasons the first is we’re now in a
world market which is real and permanent we’re going to be competing from here on
out we came out of World War two the dominant country in the world all of our
competitors have been bombed either by us or by the Nazis or the Japanese the
result was that we were over 50% of the world’s economy in 1945 and we sustained
an enormous momentum for a long time now we have real competitors China is a real
competitor that’s not a bad thing they have every right to pursue happiness but
it does mean we’ve got to sort of roll up our sleeves and decide to compete
India is going to be a real competitor and so we’re in a different world in
that sense second we’re going to have an enormous explosion of Science and
Technology I believe in the next 25 years we’re going to have four to seven
times as much new science as we had in the last 25 years we’re a more scientist
alive today than all the previous you in history they are connected with better
computers and better lab equipment every year they communicate with each other
through cell phone and through Media with enormous speed and they’re
connected to the marketplace by licensing royalties venture capital so
we’re a world of enormous change we also are changing as a people we’re
living longer remember Social Security was developed for retirement at 65 when
the average person died at 62 was a sign of FDR’s genius as a politician that
people were grateful for a program most of them wouldn’t get the average age
people lived in 1900 was 46 a young girl born in Japan last year will live on on
average to be 89 that means half of them will live longer than 89 nobody’s ever
tried to design or look not only are we living longer we’re living differently
if you go and look at student dorms today and you go back and look at
student dorms 30 years ago or 40 years ago and part of the increasing cost of
college candidly is people live better you know you look at high schools that
have to have huge parking lots why do they have to have you talking lots
because every junior and seniors driving go back 40 or 50 years ago would have
been unthinkable to have that scale of mobility so people
think of yourselves I mean how many of you want you know instant on television
with 600 channels and then find out and Wednesday evening there’s nothing you
want to watch you know you want instant food you want microwave ovens I mean
this is a very different world than the world of our parents and grandparents
and we haven’t adjusted to it yet and the greatest lagging indicator is
government because bureaucracies are built not to change I used to do a RIF
about federal FedEx and UPS which was actually a youtube video called FedEx
versus a federal bureaucracy and several million people watched it and and it’s
very simple model how many of you have ever tracked a package on either UPS or
FedEx mr. agent okay so so this is not a theory right you know we have technology
today which enables us to track people to track to track packages in virtually
real-time at no extra cost part of the program the federal
government has somewhere between 11 and 20 million illegal immigrants we can’t
find and I’ve suggested that we simply send each of them a package now in a way what I’m suggesting is
silly but it’s also illustrating a fundamental principle isn’t it I was
just down at the Florida Virtual School system Jeb Bush created a virtual school
in Florida it now has 80,000 students K through 12 it’s a different world things
are evolving every day and yet government is so encumbered one of the
reasons I’m very intrigued with strong America now is that it seeks to apply
Lean Six Sigma to modernize the federal government it would be the largest
change in government since the civil service acts of the 1880s it would
change 130 years of the way we behave and we have to do it we have to have a
government which improves in a continuing basis so there’s another
reason otherwise known to come here I really want to recruit scientists
engineers technologists and students of science and engineering because of
something which CP snow spoke about in 1959 CP snow was a physicist a novelist
and a political figure is a cabinet officer in Great Britain in 1959 he did
the wreath lecture on the BBC and he invented what he called the two cultures
he said in the 19th century an educated person knew science and they knew
Shakespeare in the 20th century we split them apart and the more you specialized
in science and math and engineering the less you knew about literature and the
more you specialized in the social sciences and in history the less you
knew about science he said the result is today if you
really know a lot scientifically you probably are inarticulate and if you’re
really articulate you probably don’t know a lot about science so the result
is if you see somebody on TV and you can’t understand them they may be right
but you don’t know what they said and if you see so many on TV and they’re really
clear they’re almost certainly wrong but they sound good that’s a huge part of
where we are one of the the only one of these I’m going to talk
about today is number seven I mean I mean number eight which is really
different I think than any politician you’ve ever dealt with I spent three
years with Bob Kerrey the former senator Democratic senator from Nebraska
co-chairing an Alzheimer study group and what fan tonight I’ve studied science
off and on my whole lifetime before I decided at 15 to do what I’m doing now I
wanted to be either a vertebrate paleontologist or a zoo director so I’ve
had a real interest in the natural world for my whole life and as we studied
Alzheimer’s which is a huge challenge for this country the estimate is that
Alzheimer’s from now to 2050 will cost 20 trillion dollars and it’s a human
problem it lasts a very long time and the caregivers are twice as likely to
have health problems as people who aren’t dealing with Alzheimer’s because
of the stress and the strain and the difficulty so it’s a really big
challenge 20 trillion dollars by the way is one-and-a-half federal debts so
you’re gonna see the scare of you if you’ll representing the scale of
Alzheimer’s on a graph you’d have US federal debt 14 trillion Alzheimer’s 20
so it’s a huge challenge so as we were digging into this here’s what it be
remember my basic model we’re gonna have four to seven times as much new size now
here’s what makes this fascinating as a public policy challenge four to seven
times as much new science if it’s four times as much new science as we got in
the last twenty five years it means that you right now are the equivalent of
being in 1900 the Wright brothers have not yet flown Ford has not yet developed
the mass produced car there is no commercial radio television doesn’t
exist think about it how would you sit in 1900
and design today they’ve been so many breakthroughs that will tell it 25 years
I mean there are people in this room who will still barely be middle-aged in the
period I’m describing but if there’s seven times as much new science you’re
with Sir Isaac Newton trying to discover calculus around 1660
that’s how big the scale of change I’m describing so now you apply it to brain
science and you learn something really fascinating we haven’t known very much
about the human brain because all the new instrumentation that lets us follow
a human brain is only about twenty years old
so prior to – sometime around 1990 we couldn’t figure out what was going on in
your head because we had no mechanism for following it as we’ve started to
study your brain we’ve learned that you have about as many neurons as there are
stars in the known universe so one person you aren’t one person is
potentially the same volume of data as all of astrophysics these are the two
largest users of computing power that we have and the brain scientists I meet
with tell me you actually have to have you actually have to go through two
cycles of computer improvement to get enough speed and enough set and enough
storage capacity to deal with what we’re going to learn in the next 20 years that
the current generation of computing will not be capable of dealing with the
volume of data we’re going to get now why does this matter to you what if you
could accelerate brain science Alzheimer’s autism Parkinson’s mental
health learning faster I mean how many things did your brain relate to and so
I’m proposing three steps here to dramatically accelerate brain science
this has a big impact on the federal budget a big impact on every American
and it has I think a very big impact on job creation because health will be the
biggest sector of the world economy and as people get wealthier around the world
they’re going to want to buy better health products and if we are the
leading producer of better health products they’re gonna really be
interested in what we’re doing they’re gonna buy from us and that creates very
high value-added jobs and brings tremendous amounts of foreign capital in
the United States so the three things are first I’m for zero capital gains tax
so we bring hundreds of billions of dollars into the US because what you
want to do is make it very easy for a scientist with a new idea to find
capital to start a company imagine you had the mental equivalent of 70 apples
or 70 Microsoft’s where somebody has a big idea they go out they start a
company and ten years later they’re employing twenty thousand people selling
worldwide you want to accelerate the rise of small biologically-based
companies second you want to fundamentally change the Food and Drug
Administration to a new model the current Food and Drug Administration
stops new medicines their vision of protecting you is to not let things
through the model for all this is the iron lung I’m actually trying to find an
analog because I’d I’d like to use it to demonstrate to people in nineteen fifty
sixty thousand people got polio if you had projected from 1960 in 1950 and
you’d said so in 2011 how many people will be in iron lungs paid for by the
federal government and what would the budget be the correct current answer
zero the reason is Jonas Salk discovered a vaccine now here was the sequence the
first year he discovered the vaccine he gave it to his own family to prove it
was safe the second year a million four hundred thousand volunteers were
vaccinated see if it was safe there were that desperate to get a vaccine against
polio the third year the whole country is vaccinated that process in the
current FDA would take 25 years in cost a couple hundred maybe might cost as
much as a billion dollars that’s how much we’ve slowed down the the
introduction of new knowledge there’s a parallel of that with EPA but I’m not
going to get into it today okay but but for anybody who’s going into science and
technology and engineering there’s a big parallel with EPA anyway the third thing
I want to do don’t to build a brand new brain science project modeled on the
human genome project the Apollo project to go to the moon in the Manhattan
Project to develop the atomic bomb and I want to say to the brain science
community we don’t want politicians deciding how much they can allocate out
of current resources because that gets all involved and who else wants the
money we’ve got just in Alzheimer’s for
Parkinson’s autism mental health etc Justin autism
Justin Alzheimer’s we got 20 trillion dollars sitting on the table brain
scientists tell us if you slow down don’t you don’t to cure it if you slow
down the rate of onset because it’s largely a disease of aging if you slow
it down by five years you say between eight and two and ten trillion dollars
they have this entire supercommittee looking for a trillion five if I walked
into him and said I can get you five times that amount of money they wouldn’t
listen to me for one minute because it’s because it’s a new as this Lincoln’s
point this is new thinking this is a new approach it’s different so question you
ought to ask yourself and you could go to the business school and ask them to
work this out as an investment question if you have eight to ten trillion
dollars in savings on the table what size investment is worthwhile to save
eight to ten trillion now all of you understand this model because all of you
changed oil in your car so the engine doesn’t freeze up I have a friend who
once didn’t do that and they had this red light it was his first car and he
came out of a family that didn’t educate him pretty much and he couldn’t figure
out why this red light keep going on and one morning his energy engine froze and
he actually had to get a new engine and ever since he became a fanatic about
changing oil so all of us understand the idea of investing to avoid cost so
what’s it worth to save eight to ten trillion was worth a heck of a lot more
than we’re spending right now and the way I would pay for it in a time of
really difficult budgets is I would issue Alzheimer’s bonds that you could
buy to be US savings bonds specifically designated for brain research and the
agreement would be if we get the five-year postponement and we save the
money the first slice of money goes to pay off the bonds so you now have an
investment strategy to pay for the research to then reward and pay it off
and you save human suffering you save families from health problems and you
save truly literally truly not billions trillions of dollars and the
second-order effect is going to be all the other things you learn so
Alzheimer’s alone will pay for all the research into all the
different aspects of the brain that’s that’s how big is now this is
fundamentally different like I can assure you this will become this number
this number eight will become very controversial but it’s a conversation we
have to have if we’re truly I mean it’s very simple are we in a period of
massive scientific change do we want to be the most rapidly evolving country in
the world with the highest level of productivity producing the best products
and having the highest paid jobs how do you rethink the federal government so it
accelerates rather than messes up getting into a better future will
breakthrough save money is it a fact that the Salk vaccine has in fact saved
an immense amount of pain and immense amount of money because you don’t be
able to polio anymore I mean these things are either factually real and now
let’s have a conversation about them or they’re a fantasy I guarantee you in
Washington DC this will be seen as newts fantasy because it’s too new it’s too
big but it fits exactly what your life will be with whether it’s going into
space which we’ve managed to mess up so totally that we went from being a
country that got to the moon in seven years to a country that doesn’t have a
space shuttle I mean utilize how bad the bureaucracy
has to be to go through this cycle and because we didn’t spend money we spent
tons of money we just spent it badly on bureaucracy so whether it’s engineering
or it’s construction or the opportunities are enormous for us to
create a better future and places like Iowa State are exactly where we should
have this conversation because we need people who know science and technology
and engineering being involved in the political process so people understand
what the possibilities are because a lot of the future will be invented in places
like Iowa State so that’s a sweeping overview I’d love for you to go to new
organ read the contract it’s a it’s a pretty sophisticated document I think
it’s the right size in general and I’d like you to be with me but I won’t ask
you to be for me and I blow just toss it wide open for questions do we have
microphones or how do we just gonna talk they’re just going to talk a pen and go
ahead why don’t you stand up though so that way people can at least hear you I’d wonder if that’s the if that is the
way it’s worded I’d have to look at it but I would be very tempted to look at
and I will go now that you’ve raised it nobody’s raised this before I will go
and look at what Mitch Daniel did in Indiana because there they had unionized
by executive order and he took very immediate steps as soon as you went in
and so I would look very very male Mitch today and get his information on what he
did and since he’s the former director of the budget I asked him to look at the
Kennedy executive order and see to what extent it could be modified just by the
executive order some very good he’s that’s why we have a page at new org on
the first day which people can go to which is designed to do that okay good
yes sir cool now that the first one I want to think
about some because it’s a condition of employment that’s negotiable that is
you’re getting paid a larger salary for giving up your patent rights than you
would have gotten paid if you didn’t give up your patent rights so the that’s
interesting to look at and I’ll talk to some people about it the second one I
agree with you that look this is obviously because this is a very smart
science and technology school so you’re probably not representative of the
country at large but I’m curious for those of you who are students here how
many of you found stretches of high school boring okay let me give you let
me give you a thought experiment okay this is actually something which Mitch
Daniel has gotten into law in Indiana that I first talked to him about about
five years ago how many of you if we’d had a system that said if you get
through in three years you get the cost of your fourth year as an automatic
scholarship how many of you could have gone through high school in three years
oh yeah okay how many could have gotten through
in two years okay could any of you got into in one year
okay he could have I asked this one time and the person in the back of the room
yelled how big is the reward again now here’s where I want you to think about
and this is this is how much I’m prepared to challenge the orthodoxy this
is why I was fascinated with the Florida Virtual School which I’d recommend for
Iowa I think the whole concept of a state or federal curriculum is
profoundly wrong it’s it’s a to reform that started in the 20s and 30s it was
an effort to professionalize education and it’s exactly backwards here’s why
you show up at school there’s a crisis in Greece you’re curious about the
crisis in Greece you actually would learn you pay attention you’d listen but
today is the day we’re assigned the French Revolution so teacher says don’t
ask me anything that’s interesting because you got to learn this the
teachers have been bureaucratized I love teaching I’ve taught in high school I’ve
taught in college teachings of missionary vocation you
have to love teaching and you have to you have to really want people to learn
to be a good teacher there’s something that happens that has passion and if it
doesn’t have so if you bureaucratize the process you autumn Leiby or aqua ties
the teacher you make it all boring and it all becomes a matter of cheating
because you’re tutting you’re studying for the test you’re not studying to
learn you’re studying to get through some tests and everybody knows it
and so you gradually Drent take the life out of the system I was a two examples I
talked to him in a day about gifted students I think this was in Council
Bluffs she has two for fourth grade sons they just took the AC T and they scored
at the middle range for a high school senior now if she leaves them in a
normal school they’re going to disintegrate because they’re already
capable of doing senior worked and the fourth grade they happen to be very
smart she’s invested a lot of her life in them you know they’ve really they
read constantly they learn constantly they do math really well they ought to
be on a track that is their own unique learn as fast as you can there’s a
there’s a the Indian Health System I mean the Indian mathematics system which
is in English is online and there’s a student as there’s an 11 year old and
upstate New York is doing college-level calculus just cuz he found it and he was
interested so he goes to it you know when he’s done doing school he goes and
really learns so he endures the school which he’s now way past in order to have
time to go but he socialized he’s supposed to go to school because he’s
only 11 and therefore you know it would be bad if he wasn’t sitting there being
bored so I want you to think about this we need to really think about
fundamentally resetting you know for special ed students we now have this
model of a personal contract you know every special ed student in theory is
supposed to have their own personal curriculum why don’t we do that for
every single student and then why don’t we say you know you’re gonna learn your
whole life so a lot of the break points we invented the 19th century don’t
really work anymore if you
can do High schol age senior level history in the ninth grade you ought to
do it and if you can do you know graduate level math in the seventh grade
you ought to do it and we ought to figure out so how do you get credit for
that and how to how do you get credentialed for life so somebody can
hire you but if we go back to accelerating people and teaching people
and encouraging people the American people will they will respond amazingly
fast and the other point you made is exactly right if the teacher is the
authority figure you can’t question them if the knowledge is the authority figure
then you and the teacher are both engaged in a quest fundamentally
different model bureaucracies have to Center power and authority figures
profession center power and knowledge fundamentally different models and we
chose the wrong model and it’s going to have to be changed yes sir yes well I tried to talk to teachers and
the bureaucracy their mind closed well thank you very much I wasn’t quite
sure actually what you were going with all the different things you’re doing it
I said I was sending a thing if this is gonna be really good or really bad I
wasn’t I wasn’t questioned but but let me I mean this is part of why my
campaign is so different my campaign is really a cultural campaign with a
political component I’m really talking about rebuilding and reinventing the
entrepreneurial America that you know the Wright brothers did not ask
permission to invent flying and if they had asked permission and this is but
this is why if you’ve invented your hope vested your whole life in the School of
Education the number of years of tenure the extra certification etc you’ve now
tried to surround yourself with paper and we all of a sudden strip away the
paper and require you to surround yourself with knowledge and learning and
energy it’s terrified it is frightened mean people had a legitimate right to be
frightened they invested their whole life in a bureaucratic structure which
is failing but they but but it’s the only structure they’re comfortable in so
the the transition cost of this kind of change are enormous but think about the
Wright brothers one them one of my favorite stories for all of you would be
entrepreneurs the Wright brothers were my bicycle mechanics I mean it’s a
slight understatement because in in their generation that was a high-end
technology they studied birds they were pretty sophisticated they built their
own wind tunnel they had help from the US government they went to the National
Weather Service and said where’s the best continuous uplift in the United
States and it’s a Kitty Hawk coming off the ocean going up the hill so the
National Weather Service played a role the Smithsonian had a $50,000 grant from
the Congress to invent flying and had really good scientists and this is one
of the great studies of the difference between what works and what fails in
America the Wright brothers every summer went
down to Kitty Hawk by train from Dayton Ohio they took a lot of extra wood
because they knew something really important they didn’t know how to fly
and since they didn’t know how to fly they were going to crash and they took
the extra wood so that when they crashed they could rebuild the plane they also
because they didn’t know how to fly decided to build a very light airplane
which required a very light engine so it’s very underpowered the original
Wright Flyer is very is underpowered because because they understood
something else which is if you build a heavier engine you have to build a
heavier plane and since they thought they had crash a lot they wanted a light
plane that they could rebuild easily and so they would get up in the morning fix
coffee go up on the top of the hill start down the hill and crash pick the
plane up go back up fix it go but they do the six or seven times a day they do
this I think for three years finally fly in December of 1903 the first time they
fly it is slow enough that one brother is running along next to the plane so it
doesn’t flip over the distance they fly is shorter than the wingspan of a Boeing
747 and they never get high enough to get over the fuselage but they flew once
they understood what worked they improved it so rapidly that in 1907 they
flew around the island of Manhattan and a million and a half people saw an
airplane for the first time so that there was they were really once they got
it they could improve but they had to get it first meanwhile the Smithsonian
which says all this money and all this scientists and all this prestige they
don’t want to go as far away as Kitty Hawk because it’s inconvenient so they
got to figure out how do you get wind under the wings they invent something
which we still use today they put a catapult on a ship just like aircraft
carriers however that means you are launching the plane over the Potomac now
remember the Wright brothers understood the most important thing they didn’t
know how to fly the Smithsonian because they can afford it
get the best German metallurgy and they built a really really powerful engine
which means it’s really heavy which means you have to have a really heavy
frame so now you’ve got this big sophisticated heavy
airplane being launched over water by a sophisticated catapult and the
Smithsonian had missed the first key point they thought they know how to fly
so the plane and the Smithsonian was so confident they bring reporters down to
watch so early one morning in Alexandria Virginia
the fog lifts off the river here’s the boat in the airplane they launch it and
it goes straight into the river because it doesn’t fly and because it’s heavy it
sinks now that means hey you got to get it up
out of the river be you have no idea what originally broke because
everything’s been broken up by the water see you can’t afford to rebuild it it’s
too expensive the Smithsonian was so resentful of the Wright brothers that
they treated him so badly that for 35 years the Wright brothers would not give
them their airplane it’s now in the Air and Space Museum but for 35 years they
wouldn’t get tuned they were so mad because the Wright brothers are going
around the world as perfect American entrepreneurs don’t have advanced
degrees didn’t get permission with the government weren’t subsidized by
Congress they only had one virtue they actually flew now I think there’s a
profound symbolic message about how we need to fundamentally rethink what we’ve
been doing and get away from planning process you know 60 copies to be
reviewed by three people you’ve never met who’ve never done it either in order
to get a small grant waiting six months of your life to see whether or not you
get the grant we got to go back to a country where we just go do things yes come on back there – we have a couple
professors here yeah you you’re engineer in San Diego I am curiously if you don’t mind me
putting this five what was the reception among neuroscientists my experience in
meetings and we’ve had meetings with Nobel Prize winners we’ve had meetings
with 10 and 20 neuroscientists at a time my experience is that the one you get
them into the topic I’m not arguing about ideology they’re fascinated and
they like the idea you care about it you know but look I think I think I would
say that’s right I think the job of a leader is to communicate a vision
sufficiently compelling the people suspend disbelief and are willing to try
when when we passed welfare reform we got half the Democrats to vote yes
there’s the 101 to 101 and and you know one of the things I’m trying to get the
House Republicans to do right now is to take a bill by Senator Webb and Senator
Warner who are two Democrats it’s a bill that allows Virginia to develop oil and
gas offshore it gives 50 percent of the royalties to the federal government 37
and a half to Virginia 12 and a half to land conservation and infrastructure and
I want the House Republicans to pass it with no amendment send it to the Senate
so that Senator Reid gets a democratic bill authored by two Democratic senators
supported by Tim Kaine the former governor who was the Democratic National
Chairman and I don’t think he can bottle it up and at that point we’ll go to the
President and I don’t see how the president vetoes a bill which creates
more American energy to create more American jobs to increase revenue to the
federal government I mean how does he in this economy veto that bill authored by
two Democrats but that you know but bipartisanship has to be intelligent and
it doesn’t that the Washington model is what are you going to sell out to be
bipartisan that’s where that’s what they mean
okay my model is what can I find that we agree on that enables us to be
bipartisan so I’m not going to go into a room of neuroscientists
and decide on an argument about philosophical conservatism but I may go
into a room with neuroscientist and say is it possible to design a dramatically
better approach to science and by the way what I would do will be very
controversial with scientists for a different reason there are a lot of
scientists who are invested in the NIH small grant peer-review system and you
start suggesting that the human genome model is a better model you’re going to
have all sorts of folks whose rice bowls are getting overturned and they’re gonna
be talking mean that there is bad about pork barrel as anybody else so it’s not
like the scientists are pure at heart and everything is perfect they have
their own culture of their own systems their own inside groups but that’s not
my job you know you know my job is to represent the nation and that is that’s
as true with I’m talking the oil industry or whether I’m talking to
scientists or whether I’m talking to somebody else and it’s not my job isn’t
to try to figure out how to go out here and take care of everybody if you’re not
prepared to rethink what you’re doing you don’t understand the world we’re in
because if you don’t rethink it the world’s gonna rethink it for you so it’s
not like this is an optional class this is gonna happen the only question is
whether we’re smart enough to get ahead of it or we wait till it runs us over
yes sir okay right yeah you can you can
certainly reverse the president’s position on social engineering in the
military I mean I was underwhelmed when Leon Panetta proudly announced that 97
percent of the troops have now gone through sensitivity training
somehow that wasn’t what I thought we were recruited people to be on active
duty yeah Minister you have to start with the
idea this is an administration of extraordinarily anti-military pop
prejudice which just hides it okay mr. president is not a commander-in-chief in
any normal sense he’s a politician in chief the three that my dad spent 27
years in the infantry I grew up as an army brat
I am totally opposed to 3,000 troops being left in Iraq this is a target they
can’t defend themselves they are they have they have Iran next door the
Iranians have every vested interest in killing us no no currently serving
general recommended 3,000 3,000 is a political number I think it is
despicable for the president I know States to choose a political number
against the advice of his generals for some political reason so his press
office feels good at the risk of their lives and I take this very personally as
an army brat I think this is a disastrous decision you either stay in
with adequate troops to protect themselves this is in the 22 24,000
range or you get out and frankly given this president we’re probably safer to
get out because I don’t think you’ll do the things necessary to be protected
Iraq has been decaying steadily the Iranians are on offense in Iraq we’re on
defense and I think what nobody understands yet how well I’m going to
give three or four speeches on national security in the near future I’m going to
propose to the other candidates that we have three additional debates only on
national security and only allow generals to be the question there’s no
news media so we have a serious national security debate we are in much deeper trouble than
people think we are in Afghanistan and correct me if you think of some way off
on this the length of time it would take for us to create a modern Afghanistan is
beyond any plausible American investment and the impossibility of doing that as
long as the Pakistanis create a sanctuary for the Taliban is a hundred
percent I mean as long as they can run hide rearm and refit in Pakistan we’re
never gonna win the war but frankly we’re gonna we’re gonna take out al
Qaeda is the way they just did it in Yemen where I do give the president
credit I want to say this because the press asked me this morning it’s
important to make this clear any American who actively advocates killing
Americans places themselves in our Constitution as a traitor the American who the president
authorized killing in Yemen was an enemy combatant enemy combatants don’t get
Miranda rights and it’s very important that this is a war this is not a
criminal adventure let’s say the Attorney General is totally wrong in how
he approaches it the president in this one area is right but remember al-qaeda
now if we totally seal off Afghanistan al-qaeda is in Yemen it’s in Somalia I
mean it is spreading across the planet and it’s not just me we have these words
though they can say al Qaeda is weaker but by the way they’re these seven new
groups well the seven new groups are all branches of al Qaeda I mean the fact is
there is an anti Western movement growing and growing in multiple
countries including here we’ve arrested now I think over 130 people inside the
United States plotting various things including some
of the other day who was plotting an event at the New York ports allowed to
have one last question but thank you for serving our country it’s very very
important yes sir well I think the National Science
Foundation overall has been relatively successful but it’s too small when we
the biggest mistake when I was speaker when we doubled the size of NIH we
should instead of health we should have tripled the size of National Science
Foundation because it’s much smaller and much of the science that sustains the
National Institutes of Health particularly in physics chemistry and
mathematics actually come out of the National Science Foundation so that that
was a mistake overall it’s not a bad system it’s not
perfect we have too many small grants and the problem of the peer-review
system is it makes it you know Einstein would never have been accepted in a
peer-review system so if we don’t have enough outliers that get money now and
we and we tend to focus too many young scientists on filling out grant forms
and sitting and waiting for the for the grant so I think we’ve got to think
about being more robust in how we approach it but I I am the Advanced
Research Project agency which is now called DARPA the Defense of is actually
the most successful and interestingly it requires a complete turnover every three
years of the people who are there so that there’s a constant process of new
ideas new energy new approaches that has been very very successful and it’s
probably the most successful government it’s the place that invented most of the
modern computer and it’s the place that they paid to invent they paid to they
don’t do it but they also it paid for the internet I mean all that stuff I
mean Al Gore wasn’t working at DARPA at the time but the DARPA itself actually
did it y’all wanna you have the last question as you’re a patient you’re
sitting up here yes okay good question now the question was
how would you control the border he’s from California so he has a lively
interest in this let me start out as a historian any country which seriously
wants to control the border controls the border you apply manpower you apply
technology and you control it okay Ronald Reagan wrote in 1986 in his diary
he was signing the Simpson Mazzoli Act because we had to get control the border
it’s 25 years ago we defeated Japan Germany and Italy in 44 months between
December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor and the surrender of Japan is literally three
years and eight months so what what I’m proposing here is two things first a
bill which we would introduce and move at the very beginning which we’re having
drafted now which says which would say all federal regulations and laws are
waived for the purpose of completing the border control by January 1 19 2014 so
that it is literally dealt with the way we would have more time so no
environmental impact studies you know none of none of the various things that
make it harder you just say control it period second there are 23,000 people
employed by the Department of Homeland Security in the Washington area I would
be prepared to move half of them to Texas New Mexico and Arizona to ensure
adequate manpower but this idea that you have the Rio Grande the entire Texas
Mexico border as a river the idea that you can’t design for example infrared
technology that says water person you know this I mean these things are not
coming if this was a military operation if you go look what the Israelis do in
much harder circumstances they are remarkably effective at minimizing
penetration now I think frankly if we do that the other thing you should do is
have a cleaner simpler easier to use legal visa system I mean if somebody
wants to visit the u.s. to go to some of us to come here as a student
Sony wants to come up to buy some technology or to be engaged in business
it should be easy to come in Legally today it’s more expensive and takes more
time to be legal than it does to hire a coyote to come across the border so you
got to do the two in parallel you want to make it easy to visit America legally
within our law and you want to make it virtually impossible to visit to come in
illegally and and you can do it I mean historically there’s no doubt you can do
this if you’re serious let me thank all of you I will say two things
I think Iowa is vital to our campaign I don’t have the kind of money that Perry
and Romney have I’m not going to be able to go out and compete in a state the
size of California right now but if I come in first or second in Iowa and can
go on to New Hampshire and come in first or second and then get to South Carolina
I think I will be the nominee and I think at that stage you have so much
earned media that that the value of the money that they raise is dramatically
less relevant McCain was outspent in Florida ten to one and won the
Florida primary because of her in media so you can play a big role I am asking
you to be with me not just through the primary of the caucus not just through
the election but for the next four the eight years of actually implementing
this it’s a huge assignment if you had a chance to go to new dog you’ll see how
big it is and we’re open for you to help us
improve it we got a year to get this even better and we appreciate your help
thank you all very very much

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