August Update and Premium Deck Box Giveaway! Free to enter! Win these Magic: The Gathering items!

Hi is this customer support? Yes, well there’s a problem with my order. The packaging is all wrong. Well the outside is correct, it’s the game that I ordered by Asmadi. But the contents are of a different game. It’s just the Modern format for Magic: the Gathering in there. No that’s not what I wanted at all and — oh shoot, uh yeah… someone just came in I-I gotta call you back. Yeah, thank you. Buh-bye. Oh, hello! Thanks to a generous donation from XBeau Gaming, I’ll be doing a giveaway of not one, but two of these handcrafted, premium wood deck boxes. These were reviewed here, but spoilers! They’re a solid A. And two lucky winners will receive one deck box each. And i’ll tell you how you can enter for free, but first a few important channel announcements. Announcement #1 It’s an old one, but it is the most important and that, yes it is Patreon support. If you are new to this channel or perhaps just inattentive, then let me tell you that this channel and everything I do here is only made possible thanks to the support of viewers like you. Support that I am grateful for, that I cannot begin to repay, but that I will do my damnedest to try. And sadly with that support, it does go down after every so many months because not everyone can be a continuous patron. So if you like Tolarian Community College and everything I do here, and you can afford to, please consider going to and making a donation. Patrons who donate $10 get a one-time signed card from me. And your funding helps me not only keep going, but also growing the channel and adding more content and better quality content, thanks to money available for new equipment. And also it lets me pay my rent. Because in order to put out content of this quality at this frequency, I have to make this an actual job. And that rent is only going to get paid, not through YouTube ads, which pays in pizza and pennies, but through support from all of you, and I cannot thank you enough. So if possible, please consider becoming a patron today. #2 is that I released not one, but two very very special videos this week. This first one is my Standard deck tech for getting a viable Friday Night Magic Standard deck together for only about $40. I think a lot of people see “Werewolves” in the title and are far too quick to dismiss this deck. I feel very strongly it is highly underrated. And while it may not win a Pro Tour or even a GP, it really is everything you need to sit down at Friday Night Magic and play and even win. So if you haven’t checked out that video yet, please give it a click or follow the link in the description. Start Standard for just $40. I’m really proud of that list, a lot of work went into it. And also I made a very special bonus celebration video because this is not only our three-year anniversary, but also Tolarian Community College just hit 150,000 subs! This also was posted on a day I normally don’t release videos, so if you missed it or maybe you didn’t watch it because you couldn’t tell what the hell it was, give it a look because I think it’s really funny. It does get my heartstrings a little bit and I just love it to bits. Just like all of you. And #3, speaking of videos, you may have missed but can’t miss! If you haven’t already seen me play in the LoadingReadyRun Pre-Prerelease, A live game of paper magic that aired on Twitch. You can check out the archive post here, spoiler alert! I made it all the way to the finals and then… well, you’ll just have to tune in. But if you ever wanted to see me playing paper Magic, and I might add kicking no shortage of posterior, Go check that video out at LoadingReadyLive. And don’t forget that you can go to where you can get a grade roster of every grade, of every review, of every product ever that this channel has covered with the products grade and a link to the corresponding review. There’s also a student store there where you can buy t-shirts and playmats and dice bags and coffee mugs and other cool student swag that supports the channel and lets you show off your Tolarian pride. So in order to win one of these two handcrafted deck boxes by XBeau Games, All you have to do is check the description of this video for a very special link. Entry is free! All you have to do is be subscribed to the channel. And if you’re subscribed to the channel, just go ahead and click on that link and you’ll be entered to bewin one of these two deck boxes. Two of them are going out. Shipping is to anywhere in the world. Go ahead, it cost you nothing to enter other than already being subscribed to this channel. Thank you all, and I hope this is an exciting month. Good luck in the contest.

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100 thoughts on “August Update and Premium Deck Box Giveaway! Free to enter! Win these Magic: The Gathering items!

  1. Professor. I wish I could afford to support you. But I'm a recent college grad and can't afford to pay with my new job so far. Hopefully soon I can help support your great channel.

  2. Seriously, your channel is the best one related to MTG. Help me so much when I have to buy new mtg gear or just to get generic information. Please, continu your great work!

  3. Really hoping for the box, all I've got is the cardboard dragon shield sleeve containers. They've actually served pretty well but they're starting to fall apart lol

  4. Thank you for all of your hard work for our community and for continuing to do so for us! love the videos Professor! keep up the awesome content!

  5. (for the Q&A) You mentioned in one of your videos that Legion Sleeves suffered some kind of quality drop, and you were working with them to sort it out. Please give us an update, I'm anxious to order some but too unsure!

  6. Right, i have no clue if i entered, where is the friggin 'confirm entry' button or something to that nature. It says i can unlock a 2nd entry but no way to tell how, i added email, still no confirm button. do i just leave the page ?!? … no it says i have 0 entries ?! … crap service, really ! … ok apparently you don't click to add +1 to the subscription thing, but actually hit the 'subscribe' button at the bottom, which then checks if you are indeed subscribed, it then adds the entry… still though, crap user interface. But i managed…

  7. You have many great videos professor! I can't tell you how many times I have binged your videos till three in the morning. It's people like you that make me love this community more and more each day. Thank you!

  8. I love the professor he seems like a genuine person, and so kind, but i really wish he would answer my questions on twitter, and here 🙁 /feel ignored.

  9. Hey Prof ! You just earned a new patron from France. After all this time enjoying your videos it thought that needed to thank you and support you for all of this amazing work. You are awesome, thank you.

  10. Supported you on Patreon. You got me to play MTG, rather than just collect. I've wanted a signed card from you for a long time, thanks for all you do, you are an inspiration.

  11. thx for the giveaway! btw my channel is doing a free razor giveaway this month… you should check it out. haha j/k keep up the good work Prof!

  12. I finally finished foiling out my Patron of the Moon list (short of the three cards in it you can't get in foil), and would love to get my hands on some solid protection for that Judge Force and Mana Drain I just shucked out for.

  13. Hey Prof, just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy the channel. It's funny, I stumbled apon it one day while looking for a certain deck tech and I haven't looked back since hitting that subscribe button. Keep up the great work.

  14. Cool giveaway, I wish I could be a patreon, but I'm poor. Keep up the good work professor, you do an awesome job.

  15. Prof I loved your r/g werewolves standard tech, I was making that deck but a midrange version, Hanweir Battlements and Decimator of Provinces for closing. The flash +3 wolf is amazing! I cannot thank you enough for all the great content you've made, even the sleeves I got were thanks to your recommendation.

  16. I tried to donate. The site was down for maintenence. As soon as it's back up, I'm donating for sure! I love everything about all of your content, and appreciate all that you do! As a new Magic player, you have helped me so much on the road of lessons!

  17. your the only reason I play magic… well I haven't been able to play because I moved cross country to Portland and I'm looking for a new store.

  18. I'm having issues getting another entry by following you on twitter. I already follow you there, but the contest link won't recognise it 😥

  19. I just want to say that you are an amazing person. I started watching you not to long after I started playing magic which was about 2 years ago. I am not a Patreon but I would be if I could. I do watch and like your videos though. Keep up the great work and congrats on 150k Subs 😉

  20. YouTube pays in pizza and pennies lol. What kind of pizza do they pay you in? Hopefully a good brand and not Totinos microwavable frisbees.

  21. Very nice coat professor, im glad you reach 150k subs, you deserve most. Also i'm now fan of MtA, so keep up the great work.

  22. Can you make a video about FTV lore? I'm interested to hear what you have to say about what went in.

  23. Hey prof, I was wondering if I did the $10 patreon sign up if I could mail you a specific card (or add on a paypal for the tcgplayer price of a copy?).
    Absolutely NEEDS to be original legends Presence of the Master. Best art in MTG history (especially given context with your role) 🙂

  24. Have just reviewed my patreon support amounts and decided I could afford to increase my pledge to Tolarian Community College. I guarantee £2 per month isn't going to break my bank, but if a few dozen or hundred of us increase our patronage that much it means the Prof. can continue to do what we all love; making videos.

    PS: No need to be so thankful Prof. You do a great job and you deserve to be paid for it.

  25. I can't enter the giveaway. I subscribed at least 1 year ago but when I click that I have "subscribed" it still says 0 entries.

    Anyway: Keep up the good work. I love what you're doing and the card you sent me for being a patreon has a special place in my living room. As long as I can I'll keep supporting you, although my job is not paid that well. You deserve it, man…

  26. can I please have something I know I have a day late but I'm very poor and I hate my life I love your Chanel but I want a box please i would love it

  27. Question: Will you be adding more Patreon donor tiers? I'm currently enjoying a warm fuzzy feeling from my $60 pledge, but it would be nice to have something tangible. And also I mostly play online, so I don't really have any cards I want signed for the $10 tier. Though, I got a new job, so I might be buying a paper deck soon.

    Relevant: My new job is teaching high school math ^_^
    I wanted to teach at Tolarian Community College, but the housing around there is pretty expensive, since Tolarian Academy is right next door. I don't want to have to planeswalk just to get to my job.

  28. Could you make a 100$ pledge reward?

    P.s. I've been subscribed since you made that first deck box video, so I actually wanna donate that much(plus some other viewers who don't know what money is for might wanna do the same).

  29. Prof, you and your channel are the reason I love Magic so much. I've been a subscriber since I first discovered this great game.

  30. How funny would it be to get the professor to sign Tolarian academy/ Tolarian West?


    It would be a fun way to raise money. Especially when they reprint Tolaria west in FtV:Lore!


  31. Hi at 5:40:34 in the Eldritch Moon Pre-Prerelease you were about to share a fun fact, can you remember what you were going to say?

  32. I hear you don't like planeswalker cards, so I have a question for you: If you could go back in time to when planeswalker cards were first in development, how would you change their design and application in the game?

  33. Professor, will you make some lectures of the old decks?
    For example, the Modern Mono Blue-Tron deck, due to the two blocks, BFZ and SOI, the deck list may be upgraded.
    Will you please compare the old and new list and explain why those cards are put in and out?
    Thank you very much.

  34. Oh my gosh I love this channel and all the content it releases. professor you are awsome, please never stop releasing content it is so helpfull. you are what makes the magic community so spectacular and are someone I truly look up to, you have made a big impact on me and the way I play. keep up the awsome content and stay positive

  35. Love the channel! I am a musician and love the game. Let me know if you would like some CDs! We are called Wookiefoot! Thanks for all your info!! And your calm disposition!

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