AT&T Civic App Challenge & Hackathon

Andrew>>The Rochester Civic App Challenge is a 60-day contest window for people to create apps and mobile
applications to make our lives better.
Civic hacking is the notion that there’s all this data… there are
other large problems facing our communities… there is data around all
these problems… and so civic hacking is the notion that we’re going to use
technology We are going to create things We are going to hack code to create tools to better deal with
these kinds of things Jennifer>>Hackathons are really fun experiences. They give you an opportunity to put your skill set towards real-world issues and actually make a
real product which is really cool. And you do it under a certain time
constraints but you really get a lot of work done in the small amount of time. And it’s really satisfying. I think
people learn skills in school and they think they can maybe make money
with it but they don’t realize that it can go further than that. Neil>>Across the country people are using
their smartphones for everything. To improve their professional lives.. to connect with
loved ones… to consume entertainment and without the folks thet RIT is able to
generate the talent that comes out of this institution we
wouldn’t be able to offer those solutions. Andrew>>You know, when we were approached about
being a partner in this… I immediately climbed on board
and the reason for that is in part because we have a bunch of students
here that have a lot of capability in terms of their technological skills…
that want to make a difference. The best part about a challenge like
this is that ultimately I have no idea what somebody’s gonna come
up with. The only thing I know is that they’re going to come up with
something that A: I haven’t thought of and that B: is going
to be better than anything I could think up and so that’s what makes it really

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