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My grandfather died recently I had to go to my hometown for his funeral I’ll continue our tech news from where I left. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech in a simpler way I am your Tech Friend JOE 🙂 Last week GST( goods and service tax) counsel reduced tax of electric vehicles in India from 12 % to 5%. Due to this Chennai’s recently launched Ather’s 340 and 450 electric vehicles has seen a price drop. This both vehicles have reduced upto Rs.8000 – 9000. After the price drop Ather 340 now cost Rs.110000 and Ather 450 now cost Rs.122000. For those who have already wanted to buy this bike, this is a very good news for them. If you want to know full details about this scooters click this link and watch this video. Red is a cinema cameras which takes movies. When this camera company announced that they are gonna create a mobile phone, the internet went nuts they said this phone will have a 3D screen not only that they hyped that it’s camera will be of next level. Because of this even though they set a price tag of $1300 customers pre-ordered and bought this phone. When they check the phone after they received, they were highly disappointed. The 3D screen which they advertised was very impractical The Camera model which they hyped was worse than a low end phone’s camera and got lots of negative reviews. Seeing these negative reviews people didn’t buy this phone and this became a failure model. Now, Red’s founder Jim Jannard has given a reply for this. To create this we gave this phone to a Chinese manufacturer and he complained that they are responsible for all the fault’s in this phones. But don’t worry the next version smartphone which we are gonna introduce will be manufactured entirely by us and he promised that it will be way better. Not only that, those who bought the first version will get a special discount and will get priority in deliveries. What do you think about the new phone? Do you think it will be good or will it flop like the previous model? let me know in the comments section down below! Tech Fact Tech Fact, let’s see an interesting fact about the selfies which we take. We would have taken lots of selfies but you know who took the first selfie? In 1839, Robert Cornelius belonging to America took the first photo of a person. For this he removed the lens cap and he ran in front of the camera and at the same place without moving or shaking he Stood Still for 10 minutes and again he came and closed the cap. This is how he took the first self portrait named ‘selfie’. This technique which he used after 170 years we use it as ‘selfie’. How much selfies do you take in a day? Let me know the comment section down below. At last Intel announced their 10th generation CPU. In this they have used 10nm ‘Ice Lake processor’. After 4 years they have refreshed from their old 14nm architecture to new 10nm. In this new refresh they have released 11 new models. Will this new refresh be better than Ryzen 3000 series? let’s wait and see! Sony has released two new TVs These two models is available in both 55″ & 65″. It’s model name is A9G & A8G. This is an 4K OLED screen TV. A special feature in this is, it has acuastic surface. Using this, sound is produced by the vibration of the screen. This is an Android TV, it runs on Android 8.0 Oreo. It has Google assistance which can be controled over voice. In this you get Google Play, Amazon video, Netflix, YouTube, Zee 5, Sony LIV and many more. In this TV you have support for DTS and dolby atmos. They are giving one more special feature. Because of the processor in this TV, when you play a standard definition or and high definition video you will get a picture quality equivalent of 4k. Features in this are great but we can see the price describe is very high. It is a premium TV and they have set up a premium price tag for it. this high end TV is not particularly for me but if you are interested, you can get this at Sony centres. Today’s hot news Let’s see about an incident happened to Robert Downey Jr AKA Iron Man. OnePlus brand ambassador RDJ does many advertisements for these phones. For a promotion like, this in his Weibo account he promoted OnePlus 7 and put a post. But it has showed that this post was posted using Huawei P30 Pro phone. He quickly deleted this post. But those who noticed this took a screenshot and reposted it. Even though they advertise OnePlus they were using an Huawei phone. For this, this post became viral. Before this also, a person advertising Samsung phone was caught posting using an Apple phone. From this clearly understand one thing. Don’t buy any product just because a famous person or an icon advertises it. For advertisement purpose they will get money and will promote. But when you buy a product research it properly and after reading the reviews, buy it. Friends if today’s News was useful to you, like it. Share it with your friends who loves Tech. If you want to see videos like this daily, please subscribe and also don’t forget to click the Bell icon next to it. We will meet in another episode I am your Tech Friend JOE 🙂

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