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– Ashton Kutcher is now just a text away. The actor tweeted out his phone number, and no, it wasn’t a prank for Punk’d. Back on Monday, the actor
teased his Twitter followers: Changing my social media
strategy, starting tomorrow. Stay tuned. The following day, the star tweeted out: I miss having a real
connection with real people. My community. From now on, you can just text me. I won’t be able to respond to everyone, but at least we can be
real with each other and I can share the unedited latest and greatest in my world. Yes, this is my number. The number included a 319
area code from Iowa City. And as any Kutcher fan or
fellow Midwesterner knows, the actor was born and
raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and attended college at
the University of Iowa in Iowa City. But by the afternoon, the
actor had deleted the tweet with his phone number, but promised: I will repost soon. SMS is a fragile beast. It also appears that Kutcher hasn’t been keeping up with responses. On Twitter, fans were quick to comment that they were waiting
for the star to text back. Some even shared screenshots
of the automated responses they received like this one, which asked users to click a link. The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to
Kutcher’s reps for comment on how he will use the
collection of phone numbers. But it’s important to remember that the actor is also the founder of online media site A
Plus and a startup investor in brands like Spotify,
Pinterest, and Airbnb, meaning he has a knack for
spotting the next big thing in digital endeavors. For more on this story, head to and tweet me to let me
know if you texted Ashton and what kind of response you got. Until next time, for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (light music)

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2 thoughts on “Ashton Kutcher Gave Out His Phone Number on Twitter for ‘Real Connection’ | THR News

  1. Ashton is better then this. He put money into restarting "shimmer" which is now known as "community". It's not his actual number, it's a ad based marketing by text which the number is generated by "community". This company pays celebrities to pretend to give out their number. Sure, Ashton will help to end child sex trafficking, but he will scam the shit out of you to a business that will collect and sell your data

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