Artifact Deck Tech (UPDATE with secret tech): Petrify’s Black Blue Aggro

Hey Guys, Mr. Page here with an update on
Petrify’s UB Agro deck. Quick correction to the last video. I laid out 42 main deck cards. I put a full set of Disciple of Nevermore
but the deck list should only have 1. Sorry, I guess I got distracted by my new
angled spread technology. The copy paste code was correct so I’m hopeful
that no one was running around playing a 42 card deck because of me. Last night I took the deck into the gauntlet
twice and ended up with 10 wins and 1 loss to RG ramp. I’d like to try out a slight tweak to try
and sure up the deck against Time of Triumph decks. Lodestone Demolition! Stormlike is running it in his RB agro list
and I’d like to see how it performs here. It’s hard to find room as the decklist is
super tight, but I’m going to cut a Tyler Estate Censor for it. The Censor is strong on his own but is one
of the only cards in this deck that can’t push for more damage. Some quick notes on what I’ve learned playing
this deck so far: Turn 1 when deciding where to drop Assault
Ladders don’t just drop it in lane 3 because a creep is hitting the tower this turn. Think ahead to where you want to deploy Kanna
and make your wide push. Over committing to lane 3 can result in losing
by 1 turn. Firing off a barrage of Multicast fuelled
lightning strikes will tilt your opponent but it feels sooo good to do. Be prepared for the game to stretch out with
this deck. You will often get the first tower kill fast
but the second one can be a grind. Don’t be afraid to leave the first tower
at 2 and focus on putting damage on your second target. This deck is amazing at finding that last
few points of damage and having your opponent waste resources defending a lost cause will
work in your favor. Enough flapping my gums, I want to play some
more games with this deck! But before that, if you have tried this deck,
pause the video and let us know down in the comments what luck you are having with this beast. And now, on with the games! [End of Subtitles as the rest is unscripted. Sorry.]

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3 thoughts on “Artifact Deck Tech (UPDATE with secret tech): Petrify’s Black Blue Aggro

  1. Thanks for the video, I'm not good enough at Artifact to keep up with standard bots most of the time. So I enjoy the game mostly through this lol

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