Artifact Deck Tech: Rising Anger Mono Red

Good News Everyone,
Mr.Page here with another Deck Tech Yesterday I was browsing reddit and stumbled
across this thread showcasing a strange price spike for Rising Anger. It used to be around 20 cents but look at
that jump up to 80 cents and then back down to 40 cents were it seems to be stable. I did some sleuthing and discovered VinKelsier’s
Rising Anger Mono red deck. Vin used this list to qualify for the WePlay! Artifact MT:A tournament coming up on January
15th. Let’s explore how this deck works Every Red deck should start with the trio
of Axe, Legion Commander and Bristleback. This deck adds in Centaur Warrunner and Timbersaw
to round out the team. Whirling Death Combos very well with the negative
armor from Double Edge. This deck leverages combining chip damage
with negative armor. We can also eat armor with Viscous Nasal Goo
and Timbersaw’s passive. Other sources of ping damage are the retaliation
on two of our heros as well as a single Keenfolk Musket. Pow, take 10 red hero! The next sinergy we find in this deck is the
decks namesake, Rising Anger and 2 Tresdin’s Standards paired with a lot of cheap spells. Fight Through the Pain can win a turn 1 matchup
or give us initiative late game. Poised to Strike threatens to push extreme
damage out of nowhere with our Double Edges. Bronze Legionnaire is a solid Man to have
on your team. 2 Legion Standard Bearer and 3 Stonehall Elite
give us some turn 2 plays. At the top end we have 2 Time of Triumphs
which are just too powerful to not run even in a fast deck like this. Vin also has a single Spring the Trap, this
might be one of the first cards I would cut if I was changing around the deck. And finally we have 3 Enough Magics letting
us shut the door on important turns for our opponent or just closing out the game. Our item deck features 3 Phase boots to let
our red heros get in the clear and smash the tower. We round out the heath items with a Stonehill
Cloak. For weapons we add a pair each of Blink Daggers
and Jasper Daggers. I’ve been having a lot of fun paying my
Red Green Ramp deck where the aim is to cast an 8 drop on turn 6. Well this deck sometimes just wins outright
on turn 6. Enough Talk! Lets get to some gameplay! If you enjoy these deck tech videos, give
that subscribe button a click to get notified whenever I put out new Videos. [Captions end here as the rest is unscripted.]

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2 thoughts on “Artifact Deck Tech: Rising Anger Mono Red

  1. Good video. I really like the idea of deck explanation although the graphical presentation of a deck was a bit unintuitive and hard to follow.

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