Artifact Deck Tech: Red Green Ramp V2.2 (90 seconds) + Game Play

Good News everyone! Mr. Page here. I took my new version of Red Green Ramp to
a 5-0 victory last night. Here is the list I started with in my last
video. I’ll link it down in the doobly doo under
the video in case you want a recap. I made some changes after listening to the
feedback from last time. Including a recommendation from /u/Attica451
to run Mist of Avernus. A turn one Mists is a powerful way pressure
the opponent from another angle. The other big change was to move a green hero
into the front line to cast the mist, I swapped the Lycan out for Omniknight on
the front line. Having 2 green heros out on turn 2 let us
cast a turn 2 Emissary of the Quorum by drawing a Stars Align plus a second Stars
Align or a Selemene’s Favor. I managed to pull it off during that 5-0 run
last night and It
Felt Great I made room for the Mists by cutting the 2
Smash their defenses! and a Spring the Trap. The Smashes are bad versus the Red Black decks
I was struggling against last video. I changed the other Spring into a second Marrowfell
Brawler. I felt like the Spring the Traps were not
very good at winning the game but just good at stalling out. The Brawler is a mana cheaper and
he can stop a Stonehall Elite or a Savage Wolf from growing out of control. The 4/8 Centaurs can struggle to win those
fights even if they end up in the right spot. The last change was adding in a Claszureme
Hourglass for the Revtel Signet Ring. This will help out versus the blue decks were
the Smash Their Defenses! were good. If you have any suggestions for other cards
that might be good in the deck let me know down in the comments
and don’t forget to like and subscribe if you want to see more deck techs like this… Next time we might try the other way to get out a turn 2 8 drop… But Enough Talk! Let’s get to the game play. [Captions end as the rest is unscripted]

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