Artifact Deck Tech: Petrify’s UB Aggro

Hey Guys, Mr. Page here with a spicey new decklist that
Petrify took to the group stage of the WePlay! Mighty Triad: Agility Tournament on January
15th. For heros, Petrify has selected to start with
Ogre Magi, Phantom Assassin and Sorla Khan. Next we bring out Kanna. Sending her out 4th lets us pick the best
lane to make a huge push in. Tinker rounds out the team. We start this deck off with this trio! That’s right folks direct damage. MTG burn decks have made it to the big stage
in artifact. The full suit of Trebuchets, Unsupervised
Artilleries and Lightning Strikes. The improvements are especially good after
your opponent wipes your board with their mono blue deck. The next angle this deck attacks from is with
creatures and ways to buff them. Dimensional Portal and Prey on the Weak go
wide. Oglodi Vandal adds some more pressure and
also counts as more direct damage. Tyler Estate Censor is another body and can
also lock opponents out of key turns. Using a Censor to bring a ramp deck back down
off of 8 mana is a great play. We use Assault Ladders and Disciple of Nevermore
to pump those creatures damage potential. Double Ladders and a Portal can let you push
an insane 18 extra damage on turn 2. The last class of cards is our removal package. Ignite and Mach of the Machines – can chip
away at your opposition and unlocks the potential of Pray on the Weak. March also adds even more chip damage on the
tower. Gank is a key tool for black decks to play
across lanes. Coup de Grace can kill any hero and Annihilation
can reset a lane we are losing and let our improvements keep on working away. Looking towards the item deck we find a very
low cost. Starting with 3 Travelers cloaks and 2 phase
boots to keep our guys around on the early turns. We add in 3 Blink Daggers letting us get our
heroes where we need them when we need them there. And finally a single Demagicking Maul as a
cheap weapon that can have a great impact if we get lucky. I’m really excited to give this deck a shot
in the Gauntlets. Before we get to the gameplay, consider liking
and subscribing if you want to see more great deck techs like this. I’m Mr. Page and I hope you enjoyed this
Strategy Page on Petrify’s UB Aggro Deck. And now on with the games! [End of caption as the rest is unscripted. Sorry]

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5 thoughts on “Artifact Deck Tech: Petrify’s UB Aggro

  1. Something doesn't add up there with the cards…? You have 42 cards (27 blacks and 15 blues), didn't watch all of it but that is what is shown in the deck breakdown?

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