Artifact Deck Tech (2 minutes): Red Green Ramp + game play

Hey Guys Mr.Page here, Today I’d like to present to you my take
on Red Green Ramp. The goal of this deck is to rush out a big
8 drop 3 or 4 turns early. We are running the full suite of 3 ramp cards
available to us, Stars Align,
Roseleaf Druid, And Selemene’s Favor Our big Payoffs are:
3 Time of Triumphs 2 Emissary of the Quorums
2 Thunderhide Packs We also have 2 Spring the traps
and a Marrowfell Brawler to help smooth out our ramp up to 8. We set up our turn 1 with 3 red heroes who
can play our 3 Bronze Legionnaires
3 Duels And a Mercenary Exiles Turn 2 we have 3 Stonehall Elites for our
red heros to cast and we want our green hero to drop a ramp spell in lane 2 or 3. This will let our last green hero potentially
cast a selemene’s favor from lane 1 to the lane we already ramped and
Presto Chango – Turn 3 8 drop. The rest of the deck is rounded out with some
signature cards and 2 Smash Their Defenses! Smash’s are key to winning vs mono blue. Aghanim’s Sanctum is very important to that
deck. To smash a Sanctum is to smash their dreams. Note that we aren’t dedicating any cards here
to the initiative game. Out plan is to pressure them fast and then
rebuild with power after the annihilations. Not to finesse things with Gusts and Enough
Magics. The item deck is set up low to the ground
as we would love to close out the game fast. 3 Stonehall Cloaks and
A Revetel Signet Ring Give us the HP we need to survive. 3 Blink dagger let us crowd a lane for a time
of triumph and then blink out And we round things out with 2 jasper Daggers
to cut through red armor and cleanse or heros of what ails them. (flash cards) But enough talk, let’s play some games! But before that might I trouble you for a
favor? Could you click on that subscribe button below
the video? It’s a win win! You benefit by getting to see more great content
like this And I benefit by getting to see a number get
bigger… I love making numbers bigger. Enough Youtube meta gaming, lets get to the game play! (Sorry, caption end here as the rest is unscripted)

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