Aron’s Skate Toons: GIF Collection

Back in 2002, which was 14 years ago now,
I launched my first ever website, called Aron’s Skate Toons. I updated it until about 2006,
which is when I shifted focus over to YouTube. Now the hosting is long gone, but thanks for, we can take a look at it. There’s nothing here that would ever imply
that I would ever have a career as a web designer. But there’s still some interesting stuff here,
like my Trick Tips page. These all pre-date my YouTube trick tips, and they pre-date me
having a capture card. Most of them were digital camera pictures of my TV playing a VHS tape
of me doing the trick. Looks like none of those were archived though. Anyway, the main star of this site was my
skateboard GIF animations. Check this out. I used to draw these frame-by-frame in Microsoft
Paint. I would have to draw a scene, save out a frame, then erase the skater and redraw
him over and over again, then compile it all at the end. There was no way to preview it,
there were no animation tools, layers or a timeline. This was pretty much the dark ages. That made timing really difficult. I would
basically eyeball the distance the skater moved each frame, then try a few different
frame rates at the end to see which one looked best. It really helped me out with skateboarding
though. Drawing all these frames individually forced me to think about the physics of how
each trick should work, and it forced me to think more creatively so I didn’t repeat tricks
too often. The site actually had a pretty reasonable
following, which is weird. I never posted links to it anywhere or marketed it in any
way, but back in 2002, the internet was still pretty small. If you searched for ‘skateboard
animation’, I would be at the top, because nobody else was doing it. Eventually I started
getting submissions of animations from around the world. A couple of years later, I discovered Macromedia
Flash MX. After some experimenting, I really stepped it up, and eventually even made my
own skateboarding game. This is actually the second skateboarding game I was involved with,
but I’ll save all that for another time. That’s all for now. I’ll post my Flash ones soon.
Thanks for watching.

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12 thoughts on “Aron’s Skate Toons: GIF Collection

  1. wow I've been a fan for so many years and so cool to see your return on this new channel that I just discovered today! Can you help me resolve a question? What's an "underflip", like a regular underflip? when people say pressure flip, they are talking about the inward heelflip-like fliptrick, all other pressure flip would be descriptive like pressure heelflip or pressure hardflip. how about "underflip"?

  2. Oh man, I used to draw stick figure skateboarding "gifs" back in junior high school ALL the time in class! (2000 – 2001)
    I also used to have a webpage with skate trick tips back on Angelfire. Can't remember what I used to call it, though. I've had so many haha. This was awesome to see back in your history!

  3. Dude, these are surprisingly good for not being able to see the previous frame. I studied animation but make games now, and am impressed you made those in MS Paint.

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