Are You STILL Not Playing Modern? Blast in with Red Deck Wins! Magic: The Gathering – MTG

Are you still not playing Modern? No more excuses, blast into the format with Red
Deck Wins. Why wait for that 75 dollar Modern
Event Deck? When you can spend less then 30 and have
a competitive red deck that wins. Like its counterparts
in other formats Modern Red Deck Wins is fast, using an
obscene amount of direct damage and fast aggro will overwhelm your
opponents before their decks even have a chance to come
online. Building a Modern Red Deck Wins is also a great way to start out in the format. It’s a deck that is easy to pilot
but still fast and effective, It’s also fairly
affordable and offers a lot of options and variety in
terms of card selection. People who already have a Modern deck
might like to throw a Red Deck Wins together as a second back to play test against
or to have available for your friend who plays Magic but isn’t yet into Modern. Again, it wins
fast and it is easy to pilot so it’s usually my
first choice to hand to players who aren’t familiar with the format.
Let’s look at a couple builds. I’m going to start with a straight up
budget build. You can throw this together for about
thirty dollars, probably less because you’re likely to have some of these cards already. So there you go, about 30 bucks and
you’ve got a Modern deck to take your shop’s Modern tournaments. Want to throw in a few more bucks and make
the full mono red version? You’ll need a playset of Vexing Devils
and a playset of Goblin Guides. Still not overwhelmingly expensive,
especially compared to Standard. There’s so much in the way of great
sideboard options but I’m a major advocate of Blood
Moon and Leyline of Punishment. Leyline
shuts down life gain decks and Blood Moon shuts down just about any non mono deck that you might be coming up
against, which in Modern is the vast majority of
decks. Sometimes I feel like living dangerously
and even mainboard one to two Blood Moon, just because the chances that my
opponent is playing a multi-colored deck with almost entirely non basic lands is
very, very high. Either way, this deck is highly
customizable, there’s so many red options in the
Modern era of Magic that you can really sit down and consider
what you’d like to add to your deck. And if you find yourself a fan of this deck and have even more cash, splashing black
can have some particularly successful results. For long-term players, Standard is one of the
most expensive formats around unless you are particularly
savvy about when and how you cash out your
cards pre rotation. Put this Modern deck together once and it will never rotate out and it’s
highly unlikely anything in here will ever be banned.
You’ll be able to play this deck for as long as you play Magic. The deck
offers an amazing amount of versatility. While it still may not win
a Pro Tour, it is highly competitive none the less and quite
frankly, was a lotta fun to play. I hope this
video has been of some use to you, be sure to subscribe as future videos
are on the way, and if you’ve got a suggestion for
a future video be sure to post in the comments. Support your Magic community, buy your singles at your local game store whenever possible.

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65 thoughts on “Are You STILL Not Playing Modern? Blast in with Red Deck Wins! Magic: The Gathering – MTG

  1. A budget version of this deck for modern is available at in their Budget Magic Series. I highly recommend to check it out if you are interestet in this deck. Seemed pretty effective even without Goblin Guide and Blood Moon.

  2. Are there any tips you can give when going against a mono-red aggro deck? My friend always plays a deck like this with around 100 or even more cards in it. I feel like its abusive lol.

  3. Hey professor, could you make an updated version of this because there are new cards that are quite powerful in a mono red deck

  4. 3:12 This point is really valid. I had a mono red burn when I stopped playing around 2010. I started playing again recently and it only costed me something like 20 buck to update it after all these years (mostly because of eidolon of the great reveal, since cards like Searing Blaze, Monestary Swiftspear and skullcrack aren't expensive at all).

  5. try building a mountain destroyer… molten rain x4, stone rain x4, seismic spike x4…etc. its a lot of fun.

  6. Zombies, and elves are both under $200 as well, perform well, and you'll receive less hate than RDW from opponents.

  7. vexing devil is bad they said. it gives your opponent's a choice they said. that's always bad they said. well look at it now!

  8. you forgot Chain lightning, and fire blast šŸ˜€ but grate deck, alike my first and last red deck i used boll lightning, pulse of the forge flames of the blood hand and browbeat for fun.

  9. Still playing mono red… I got 2 goblin guides for 10 bucks basically… ended up trading a fatal push for one, and then spend 10 bucks on ebay for another.

  10. Red Deck Wins is always a fun archetype, but the thing that always irks me is how many strictly worse cards you have to run, it's just so unsatisfying when the worse card underpreforms

  11. I definitely think that this deck needs a few eidolons, its great in burn and can deal a fair amount of damage in a few turns. (1-3), btw, where can you buy some goblin guides for a cheaper price? thx šŸ™‚

  12. I'm not playing Modern BECAUSE of this deck! My friend's red aggro deck kills every Modern deck I have no matter which strategy I try that's under $300. It's absurd!

  13. $58.93

    is the price of this deck on tcg player….That's without the goblin guides AND the Vexing Devils….is there a cheaper site?

  14. A little suggestion for sideboard, exquisite firecraft is a good card against control decks, it's a little slower than other burn spells cost 3 mana but you can do 4 damage which cannot be countered so it's particularly good

  15. modern is stupidly expensive. id rather buy 1 mana crypt that i can use in all of my commander decks than wasting hundreds of dollars on cards viable in only one modern deck

  16. I can either get the playset of Vexing Devils or the playset of Eidolon's. Which one should I buy for the moment? ;o

  17. I love this series. You're 8-rack video got me to build my first modern deck and this one is making me think about a second.

  18. Fairly new to the Magic scene, and I think modern/EDH will be the main formats I play. This looks awesome to start with thanks Professor!

  19. I'm new to MTG. where can I buy a set of deck which has red online? planning to get red deck and another mono white angels, please advise thanks!

  20. To be fair, the "budget" version in the description now costs exactly $49 to build at Card Kingdom. That doesn't include the "full version" with Vexing Devils and Goblin Guides – those two playsets put this deck over $150. That's just bonkers, nope. If that is "budget," I'm sticking to Pauper.

  21. HAHAHAHA 30$ for a deck that runs a full playset of goblin guide XD LMAO man oh man I wish this one's really good old days my freaking God one deck doesn't even have any Goblin guides in it right now cuz they're too damn expensive XD

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