Are You Fulfilled 💯 6 Steps to Goal Setting for Fulfillment (w/ Guided Visualization Exercise)

– Welcome back, my woke friends. I’m Jaron Lukasiewicz
(gentle music) and if you wanna level up your personal goal setting
to target fulfillment, you’re in the right place. I’m gonna give you six steps that work for setting fulfilling goals as well as a visualization exercise to help you lock it in, so keep watching. (tense music) (gentle music)
(bird chirping) (smooth gentle music) We’ve all worked really hard towards a faraway goal before and not felt a deep sense of fulfillment. And if you’re pondering this topic, you’re ahead of most
people and I can relate. I started my career in finance
as an investment banker, moved up for a while, and
eventually started my own company, all with the goal of
achieving the kind of success that we read about. And as I kept grinding
and making myself feel bad that I wasn’t a billionaire yet, I stopped enjoying the process. In fact, I really never started enjoying my daily life at all yet at that point. If you can relate to that,
perhaps you’re living in constant stress, are
worried about your future, and are starting to
burn out, all for a goal that’s supposed to make
you look prestigious. If you feel that way and
are watching this video, you’re already on the path to moving beyond the grind into a more
fulfilling way of living. Or maybe you’re already there and just wanna keep progressing. What I can tell you is
that I feel fulfilled most of the time now and
I wanna share with you what I found works to
create a happier life by setting the right goals which lead to more daily fulfillment. Now first, I wanna discuss
why we have superficial goals in the first place. By the way, these are
facts that most people will never realize in their entire life. If you don’t already
know, your ambitious goals that are causing you stress were probably created by someone else. Just think about that for a moment. Who in your life, maybe
it was your parents, or someone on TV, or
the news and Instagram who told you that striving
to be abnormally successful would make you worthy in life. Understanding where these ideas originated will help you see that some of the goals you’re working towards aren’t actually your innermost wishes, the things that you actually
care about but ignore. We want to uncover those and move your path in that direction. Now, I also wanna mention
that superficial thinking doesn’t even originate from
those people around you. They, too, were fed thoughts
by all sorts of groups that naturally created
incentive mechanisms to bring people under their umbrella. They promote success and
status to attract helpers and these mechanisms are so prevalent throughout society we
don’t even notice them. I’m gonna go way deeper
(gentle jazzy music) into that in another video, so make sure you subscribe, but just know
(bell ringing) that anyone who is stressed in the process of becoming successful, potentially you, has fallen into the trap of one of these groups
and might be serving someone else’s interests
and not their own. So what’s the alternative then? You already know the answer. You need to find your own path. You’re already beginning
to care less about success, especially how you’re viewed
in the eyes of others, and you now need to shift
your focus to figuring out what you can do in this
moment that would have meaning and purpose to you. It can literally be anything you choose. And as you build a mission
that reflects who you are and you start building around that, you’ll naturally enjoy focusing on today because you’ll be having fun and the outcome won’t matter as much. And here’s a little secret, too. If you’re not enjoying
your daily life now, things aren’t going to
feel any different for you even if you reach a goal. You might get 30 days,
sure, but you’ll be back to being miserable very soon. We’re moving away from that struggle, which most people live their entire life, so it’s important that we learn to find real inner happiness now. And it all starts with
setting the right goals. In my videos lately,
you hear me talk a lot about selflessness and helping others. The reason is that these
are fundamental actions that must be done in
order to feel fulfilled. So as you’re thinking
about setting new goals, frame them in terms of others. For instance, instead of saying
how can I make more money, say how can I provide
more value to someone. And go even deeper than that. Why is what you’re doing
making the world better? If you don’t have an answer to that, you won’t be fulfilled. But you’re on the right path
and you’re going to find deeper purpose in what
you do and choose goals that place you in a situation
where you’re enjoying the process of helping
others and being paid for it. So that brings us
(upbeat music) to our new way of setting goals. This is a six-step process I’ve created. We wanna target ideas that fulfill us and we wanna find things
that don’t just sound good but entail work that
doesn’t feel like work. That way we’ll actually
enjoy the daily process of getting to the result. Here we go. Step one is meditation brainstorming. You do this by grabbing a
notepad, closing your eyes, and beginning to meditate. Focus on your breath and
spend the first five minutes trying to clear your mind. As thoughts arise, let them go. Now five minutes in, without
thinking and still focusing on your breath, set the intention to produce fulfilling goals which you’ll write down as they come. And when they do, after
that, let the idea go and return back to conscious
awareness in meditation. You’ll just keep taking
notes as ideas come up and nothing more. Moving on to step two. After your meditation
brainstorming practice, look at your list and
find any common themes. Write those down as potential goals. And look at whether they
lean towards something that’s selfless and
could truly help others, or if they’re more things
that just sound good, make you look good,
and are just extensions of what you’re currently doing. Write down a few possible
goals and then next to them write who you’re helping and why, and put a plus or minus
next to each of them based on whether they lean
more selfless or selfish. (gentle rhythmic music) Step three is to look at your list and choose the goal you
intuitively feel is meant for you. Again this isn’t what sounds good. We’re choosing the one
that doesn’t give us a bad gut feeling and excites us. If you have trouble
picking one, try meditating for five minutes and then come
back to making a selection. Step four is to take your long-term goal and come up with an achievable
short-term intention you could accomplish in one month. This is a more near-term mini goal. Write that down and set the intention. Step five is to take
your one-month intention and to write down a few
things you could do this week to fulfill it. Then look at that list
and notice how you feel. Do you feel excited to do these things or is your gut giving
you that ugh feeling? If you feel any aversion or tension, that’s your heart telling
you that you’ve chosen an unfulfilling goal, and in that case, you should start over from step one. If, however, you look at the
list and it’s not a problem or maybe you even feel a little excited, then you’re on the right path. Now, step six is visualization and that’s what we’re gonna practice now. You might wanna complete
the first five steps before continuing, but if you
wanna give this a try now, think of a goal that would make you happy and the world better. So go ahead and close your eyes.
(ethereal music) And as you sit here in stillness begin to focus your breath and how it feels to breathe. There’s nothing else to
think about right now. Just place your full, undistracted
attention on the breath. And as you begin to relax in this state, you’re becoming more and more in tune with your intuition and
conscious awareness. Now bring to mind your goal from earlier. Whatever it is you created, visualize yourself having
already achieved it. Look at how happy you are, smiling. How do you feel now that you’ve
already achieved your goal? You feel excited, you feel happy, you feel a sense of fulfillment. You’re enjoying your current
life that you created. You think back to this very moment when you pictured achieving your goal and you have a moment of gratitude that your younger self
cared so much about you. Positive thinking really works. And now that you’re living
this life where you achieved what you knew was right for you, picture a day in your new life. Where are you? You’re there right now and notice how comfortable you feel. Watch your success
continue to grow naturally. Things are easy. What does your day look like right now as abundance flows to you? It’s sunset now and you go outside. Look around and notice the abundant sky. It feels great out here and you breathe in deeply and smile. And the love of your
life comes up behind you and puts their arms around you. Feel how loved you are now
that you embraced this path that was meant for you. And you say thank you. I’m so happy having
achieved my innermost goal. I knew I would and here I am. Life is great. I’m a source of energy
for everyone around me. I trust my intuition and follow it. I am fulfilled. Take all the gratitude
you feel in this moment and let it flow throughout you. And then let it all flow to
your heart and open your eyes. That was great.
(smooth gentle music) This is why visualizations work. When we have a detachment
between where we’re at and where we wanna go,
things remain the same because we’re still thinking down here. But when we truly start to think and live in the reality that our goals
have already been achieved, we naturally produce actions
that make them happen. Thanks for joining and
you should be excited that you’ve made it this far
and are on the cutting edge of these topics. Make sure you subscribe because we’ll be continuing
to help you build a fulfilling life
(bell ringing) through lightworker principles. Learn more about that and
our mission to help others on my website. There’s a link below. Until next week, take care and Get Woke.

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  1. Let me know if you have any questions about goal setting, fulfillment and visualization! I used to be in the unfulfilling ego-driven life too and want to help you get out of it.

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