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66 thoughts on “Are there any good Black Friday tech deals?

  1. This is the second week that there is not Full Nerd. We are missing the show, there has been a lot of news…
    On the topic of deals: how does a Sapphire Pulse Vega56 with 3 AAA-games (Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 & Devil MayCry 5) for €340 (including VAT) sound to you? The value of the British pound has decreased a lot, that gives pretty solid delas for the rest of Europe. 🙂
    For once western-Europe gets decent deals.
    A month ago a Corsair RM650X for €76 and higher wattages for around €80, not a bad deal either.

  2. I love that the keyboard in the back is lighting up that awesome limited-edition NZXT H700 Nuka-Cola case. (which some lucky winner will have in ten days)

  3. is there anything in particular Adam or Alaina are looking for personally for black friday/ cyber monday this year? curious what you guys have your sights set on trying to get

  4. 10:35 Samsung OLED tv's on sale at best buy? Do Samsung even make OLED tv's any more? I think you fell for their☆▪ bull shit ▪☆ marketing of calling micro led QLED. If a tech geek falls there marketing what chance of normal people got.

  5. Gadgets and stuff like that are always good to check out in Black Friday(stuff like PC wheels, stuff for streamers and such). I know I'm waiting for the Logitech G29 to go down like 40 bucks this year.

  6. I got a 1070 for 210…Use but still that's a good price so I'm good lol. Also, first gen Ryzen cpus are still great, the 2000x cpu series are not that big just a few mhz more than what they are.

  7. "Ok. He he. Alright. He he. Yeah. Alright. Ok, Ok." Weak monotone voiceHold paper

    Razor sharp insights, this video would not have survived without you.

  8. With consoles the pro and x are terrible deals. I bet the s and slim were made to make the premium 4k consoles well for more.

  9. Here's our list of the best Black Friday deals going live on Thursday and Friday this week. (Well, that's assuming stores stick to their plans and not start firing off early…)

    I'll be updating it a little more through the week.


  10. Does this one just suck? Haven’t seen any reviews on it

  11. this phone is unbelievable for 200$:

    6gb+128gb+6000mah battery+6inch 18:9 + etc… cubot power :

    or for only ~100$ with 4gb/64gb ram/storage :

    nubia m2 lite+letv cool 1+lg v10+letv le s3+blueboo s1+gome u7 mini+santin n1+asus zenfone 2+leago t1 … too many

    2018 is/was a great year

  12. Great video, thank you very much! I leave you a review of the latest smartphones and devices so you know what to choose for Black Friday I hope you are interested, otherwise, I apologize

  13. BLACK FriDay for the past years have been stupidly useless! nothing useful and mostly shit they coudln't sell at markup prices with a fake discount fooling the rest of the simpletons into thinking your getting some shit deal! lol….

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