Are there any good Black Friday tech deals?

Hey PC world fans Adam here with the deals ninja Alaina And Black Friday is literally right around the corner and you’re here to give us some initial impressions of the deals that are public knowledge And also some tips for for slogging through all those deals Yeah to get the best So once you tell us some of that yeah So you’re so quick in that she’ll this is gonna be more of like a temperature reading on you know PC piece of components a little bit of the other tech deals out there if you want a more comprehensive Like actual here are links to stuff. I’ll have an article up on PC world that has your big roundup of all those things Ok, I will be looking for that and you can also follow Alaina on Twitter @morphingball , it’s a Super Metroid reference. Alright, so if you want those those lightning quick deals I recommend highly Following her so we’re gonna go through two categories here, correct You mean one to obviously PC world worketh okis on pcs and PC components. YZ and PC parts What’s the temperature out there? Some great deals? Is it as good as last year? No, I’m actually so here’s the thing I was telling Adam before we started I’m actually Unimpressed with this year and I hope it’s not a sign of what’s to come in 2019 I don’t know how tariffs are gonna affect things we mentioned this before in other videos, but Not looking so great out there. Like a lot of the deals are kind of ho-hum. Especially especially compared to last year My anchor point might have gotten set a little bit, you know towards the extreme end because of last year, but you know in general Like for pcs like let’s say like general like laptops and stuff, right? No, no gaming, you know, no disagree GPUs or anything Um, I’ve only seen like maybe one or two that got me sort of interested not even excited, but just like, all right That seems like that’s a respectable price for Black Friday if you were already looking for that That’s a good deal on it is a good deal on it, but it’s not where something where you think Oh, I know everything I’m not right now. So for example if you’re in the market for a surface surface pro, there’s a Surface pro 5 a core M version. I think it’s 128 gigabyte SSD. That one’s gonna be $600 Available on Microsoft’s website as well as I believe Best Buy, okay There’s also six. Sorry surface pro six Some deals on those as well. I think the cheapest I saw was Microsoft’s website is going to be 734 the 128 Gigabyte core i5 version. I believe so deals to be had just not good. No, I mean those are first surface That’s a that’s a family. That’s a really good discount, but It’s not you Like I said not hold the phone drop everything get in there and elbow someone in the face you get before they do Okay. Well, what about components PC parts? I want to say one thing about gaming laptops or Gaming laptops. I did see one deal. It’s at Walmart. It’s actually live now $600 it’s the Dell g3. I forget the rest of the name It’s basically the the rebranded latitude from last year. Okay, so that one has the H series processor this one has a gtx 1050 So this is about last year’s pricing and which I think actually makes it a pretty good deal like a pretty hot deal for Black Friday just because it’s really hard to find the same level of discounts as last year. Hmm So that ones that stood out to me, well bad, not bad. Nope. So PC parts tasty part PC parts Wow It’s like it’s like Sahara Yikes, you just get a glass of water easy boys. I Spent hours going through new eggs and best buys There’s not a lot like there’s a half at this there’s a lot to go through but there’s not a lot that makes you say Dang, I gotta get that right now. Umm, it’s particularly dry Compared to last year, especially I check my drive with monitors Cases, I really don’t see any case deals about that that that make me want to say like oh, yeah That’s definitely think you should get now because it’s Black Friday and you won’t see that price again, huh? Okay. Now a lot of that a lot of monitors all our cases power supplies Motherboards, like you’ll see discounts and there’s a fair number of discounts out there, but in terms of my threshold, which is holy moly That’s amazing. That’s I’m a little of an extremist But I mean, that’s the point of Black Friday right like my wait all year for it If you’re not gonna actually get a seat just go. Yeah recipe so I’m on that CPUs did not bear out the way I thought it would your last year ricin was just like you get arises I think or picked up a couple just cuz It’s all it’s all the first gen ones that aren’t so interesting I mean, there’s hope there’s a deal on the 2700 X a deal on the 2600 X I think there might be a couple of other deals on the other Second gen rise in parts, but it’s not nearly as steep of discounters last year, okay But if you were holding out on up gain your system in general and don’t mind first gen risin you can get a 1700 X for a hundred and fifty dollars from Newegg and you can get it for 140 from Micro Center in store only. So if you have yes be near Micro Center to get the deal But it’s 140 and you can get it with a compatible motherboard for $30 off the motherboard From a certain set of other boards and are these straight of deals are these rebates? That’s not bad that’s really it’s quite good if you don’t mind getting older gen parts, but you know, yeah If you’re in the market for it, you’re in the market, right? Oh, I I do like that deal I have no reason to get it but that one I like a lot and you’ll probably see that in my One of my articles I like to do which is what’s it like the cheapest PC. You can build using Black Friday deals We’re going to talk about an upcoming full nerd Let’s see, what are the components um, you know SSDs are still okay Rams Rams like okay, there’s not a lot of RAM deals that I see out there that I Think are worth your time. But the ones that are out there, they’re not bad. I mean it’s not fire sale prices The best thing you’re gonna get out of all the components right now is SSD deals. Mmm, really? yeah, MDOT twos both and thank you and 2.5 inch Yeah, so let me think there’s an Intel 540’s a new egg that’s gonna be on sale 256 gigs for $35, I think that’s a really good deal. We like that SSD As long as you don’t you like overload the cash on it, so it performs really well Intel’s a no-name, you know, they usually have like, you know fairly solid performing party, so um What else I want to mention? I did see one monitor at a new egg that I liked which was a rogue Swift It’s a 240 Hertz panel 1080p $330 it’s also a free sync panel So no, it’s a super dirt cheap, but it’s a very respectable price for what you’re getting for gaming water. Yeah So that’s it in PC heartland. Oh well and we’ll also say it once again that this isn’t Exhaustive there could be other last-minute deals, right? It’s true. Yeah, so here’s the thing like this So this information comes from me looking at a lot of the official circulars looking at some of the leaked circulars Looking at, you know early website stuff that people have posted or sorry retailers are posted But if that doesn’t mean that someone next week couldn’t just suddenly drop it like it’s hot and just go here’s everything Yeah that we were holding back just to you know, just give you something to look forward to okay? But another reason to tune into PC WorldCom for any of those last-minute – yes I will be keeping track of it Oh next week so in between bites of turkey and ham and other things I Dating the website. And before we move on to the next one any deals on 1080 t is All right, well other tech so what what kind of other tech we talking about so this is like your smart home stuff This is smart home home theater Portable Bluetooth speakers all that kind of stuff. Are there better deals over there on this side of the tech land kind of okay So what I would say is that in a very specific set of categories of specific product types, you’ll see some good deals so like smart speakers are really Really? I don’t know. They’re trying they’re trying to compete this year. It’s very obvious so you can get a second gen Amazon echo dot for $20 Not all retailers, but it’s like a couple of different the major outlets. Okay, right There gen is 25 Google home Mini is 25. I think right now on Amazon’s website They have a buy three for $70 for the third gen echo dot right now. Okay. Yeah, it’s like blank of your house Sure do You think what else Streaming stuff so like Nvidia shield TVs a good price right now. It’s 144 just the shield TV and the remote I think there’s a bundle for 160 I believe for Chill TV remote and the gaming controller. Okay a lot of Roku Products are on sale. I think you can get a 4k streaming stick for $35. Okay fire TV a 4k streaming stick also 35, I believe I think the full definition or sorry full high-definition version is 25 I’ve been looking a lot of prices, right? Yeah, so just so many numbers so many products No worries TVs I’ve seen some good OLED d-link, they’re really nice really expensive I think Samsung OLED TVs are on sale gonna be on sale at Best Buy for a fairly decent discounts. Um Nothing again. The thing fire sale level nothing You’d have to elbow, you know grandma on the face to get to oh so you so you shouldn’t be lining up Doorbuster you Might be worth it to you if you really want to go just for like dirt cheap I think there’s there’s a couple of TVs that are like in the 40 inch range that it costs maybe 200 250 which is pretty that’s luggage in. Yes But you’ll have to line up Early, I would say either Early morning Thanksgiving or if you’re crazy in the night before so Wednesday night because doors open at 5 p.m. Or 6 p.m At some of these stores I think targets like 6 p.m. And Best Buy is like 5 p.m. Walmart’s like 5 p.m. No, thanks on Thanksgiving the Keeps they keep moving it back moving it back Really oh, yeah the the Improvement this year is that some of the stores are closing at least to let their employees go home and sleep Not open like I’m all the way through You know the start of Black Friday it’s open for a period on Thanksgiving and closes and then reopens in the morning for Black Friday Sure. Ok. Yeah Let me see what else You have some other stuff like fitbit’s And sale pretty decent prices good like Fitbit Alta HR for $80 Fitbit charge 3 Which is you know new? 120 not not a huge cut but not a bad one if you’re looking for it Yeah, if you’re looking to get one I pad Mini 4 128 gigabyte version is gonna be 250. I believe at Target, okay Other retailer now, I’ll have to look up that up later might be Walmart. Yeah No worries, and then like a couple of portable bluetooth speakers, I saw so like There’s like this Bose one. That’s like really little that has really great sound. We’ve reviewed it. We liked it Our sister site liked it tech hive I think it’s a 30% off. So it’s $70 right now and almost 100 but There’s like a flip for that’s like $60 Which is a pretty steep discount for and so on and so forth again Like I have a full list of the deals that I liked that may not be the most incredible sales But this year are we organizing them by stores? And then I’ll have like my top picks in a separate section If you only want to just look at those cool awesome, is that it? I would say the last the last things if you’re still with us to the bitter end here Um be ready. So I’m gonna try to post my article as soon as possible sometime this weekend and You know a lot of these things say, oh this starts at you know, 10:00 a.m. On you know, Let’s see the 22nd which is you know Thanksgiving but it’s possible because of pressure because they want to get a jump on another retailer if you go early and if you’re waiting exactly till that time for it to start you might actually miss out on it because they’ve run through their stock already and people like you on everything so be ready like go through the list see what you like and start keeping tabs on it like you know, maybe once or twice a day just kind of refresh to see if the price has changed, you know, okay, um I’m not gonna guarantee you this but I’ll do my best that for any of the really hot deals if it goes live early I’ll Try to let people know on Twitter sometimes I miss that too though, cuz I’m busy with work or you know cooking or Dealing with family over the holidays Yes well and to follow up we didn’t get enough votes for anna-lena livestream deals livestream So, you know, maybe next year maybe next year. That’s great That means I can just lounge around my pajamas and I have to worry about All right, well thank you for taking the time to tell us about some of these deals and getting people ready for the holidays, yeah Just a temperature rate. So if you want more in-depth information, as I said check us out on PC real calm You can follow me on Twitter. I’m at morphine ball and you know, honestly if you have a question about specific deal or specific problem or Product. Excuse me you can just Tweet at me ask me what I think about that if I think I see any deals on it and I’ll totally let you know Awesome. I might even do that All right, well, thanks Alaina and have a good weekend to all you too

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    On the topic of deals: how does a Sapphire Pulse Vega56 with 3 AAA-games (Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 & Devil MayCry 5) for €340 (including VAT) sound to you? The value of the British pound has decreased a lot, that gives pretty solid delas for the rest of Europe. 🙂
    For once western-Europe gets decent deals.
    A month ago a Corsair RM650X for €76 and higher wattages for around €80, not a bad deal either.

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