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6 thoughts on “Arduino or Raspberry Pi for My Project? Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi

  1. Arduino is better than Raspberry Pi. There is an Arduino board with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Raspberry Pi is the worst of them all.

  2. Arduino and Raspberry Pi both are used two entirely different ways. When we consider raspberry pi, it is an SBC or (single board computer) where as Arduino is a micro controller platform. There are some projects where you can use either of the two, while some are there where you can use only one of them.

    Arduino is a microcontroller board best suited for simple tasks such as opening and closing you hall door, turning ON lights when it is night time automatically or driving a simple robot.

    Where as a Raspberry Pi is a full fledged computer. So it can be used for performing more complex algorithms, multi tasking etc.

    Both Raspberry pi and Arduino have their own usages and are used in their own ways.

    Arduino is used beginners who are getting started with hobby circuits and simple projects that do not involve complex algorithms and calculations

    Where as Raspberry Pi is can be used for projects involving network connectivity, IoT, image processing and/or Machine Learning.

  3. I have been using arduino for years.. that is my favourite microcontroller.. but when it comes to high processing, raspberry pi is your best bet..

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