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Hey guys, Brett from Kitchentable Commander
here. Back with another Commander deck tech. With Core Set 2019 out now we have access
to a couple new Legendary creatures to build around. The one that instantly caught my eye was Arcades,
the Strategist. Finally something that takes Defender from
a good keyword to a great one. Arcades costs 1 green, 1 white, 1 blue and
one of anything for a 3/5 Legendary Elder Dragon with Flying and Vigilance. It gets you card draw when any creature with
defender enters the battlefield under your control. And during combat your defender creatures
assign damage based on their toughness instead of power. Plus you can attack with them. So you can probably guess where this is going. Wall Tribal! Before we get into the deck we need a little
history lesson. The keyword Defender is still relatively new. It was only introduced in Champions of Kamigawa. Before that any creature that was the creature
type wall was implicitly a defender but usually had to have rules text to explain that. The rules changes with the release of Champions
of Kamigawa saw all Wall creatures previously printed getting errata to give them defender. This means that any Wall you see in this deck
has Defender even if it’s not shown. With that out of the way let’s get into it. Removal is key in commander so we will start
there. We have Aerial Predation for some flier spot
removal with lifegain and Whirlwind to kill all fliers. Fate Forgotten and Revoke Existence to exile
an artifact or enchantment. Spear of Heliod to de-incentivize your opponent
from attacking. Slip Through Space to make a creature unblockable
and draw a card. Wave of Reckoning is pretty much a one sided
board wipe with this deck. And Austere Command gives us great flexibility
to deal with most situations we might come across .The rest of our removal is in the
form of combat tricks and playing with counters. Our creatures, with very few exceptions, have
higher toughness than power so that we can take advantage of Arcades ability. Giving them extra counters is always a good
thing. So that we can more of a good thing, this
deck includes Hardened Scales to give you an additional +1/+1 counter. Along that line we also have Cathar’s Crusade. A staple in all white token decks. I don’t even think I have to justify this
one. For equipment we have Armory of Iroas and
Banshee’s Blade to keep piling on the counters to any creature we equipment them to. Bow of Nylea gives all our creatures deathtouch,
but can also be used to give extra counters, deal damage to a flier, gain us 3 life or
bring up to 4 cards back from our yard. It may only put them on the bottom of our
library, but this is a good insurance policy against any kind of mill deck. Forced Adaptation, Predatory Hunger and Rite
of Passage to keep giving a creature +1/+1 counters. Forced Adaptation for every upkeep, Predatory
Hunger for when an opponents creature enters the battlefield and Rite of Passage to give
all your creatures Pseudo-Enrage. Arcane flight to give any creature flying
and +1/+1, because a flying wall is hilarious. Because all we really care about is the toughness
we are including a new card from M19, Aegis of the Heavens. +1/+7 is pretty much exactly what we want
for this deck’s theme. Also included are Bar the Door, Steadfastness
and Tower Defense. We’ve also included Crenellated Wall to be
able to give +0/+4 to any creature until end of turn and Stalwart Shield-Bearers to give
pretty much everything else +0/+2. If you want bigger creatures at Sorcery speed,
we have Larger than Life, Phytoburst and The Crowd Goes Wild. For Instant speed counters we have Burst of
Strength, Giant Growth, Might of the Masses and Temper. Moving on to our creatures we may be wall
tribal, but we have to include Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive. As most walls of creatures with defender have
low power, more often than not 1 or less, she makes perfect sense to include and can
often act as a potential win condition. 1 and a blue for a 1/3 that gives any creature
we control with power or toughness 1 or less unblockable, seems pretty good for a wall
deck. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way
let’s get into the actual walls. Starting off is Shield Sphere, a 0 mana 0/6
that gets -0/-1 counters if it blocks. Guess what we aren’t going to be doing with
it? In a deck where toughness matters it’s impossible
to avoid putting this card in. It’s price has been spiking ever since Arcades
was spoiled and with good reason. It’s cost and it’s stats make it perfect for
wall tribal. Next is a 0/3 for one white mana. Wall of Hope. It’s ability gains us life for every point
of damage that it takes during combat. This is helpful early game as it will probably
only see 1-2 points of damage and just keep getting bigger. Steel Wall is an 0/4 for 1. Yup that’s about it. Perimeter Captain gains you life whenever
you block with a creature with Defender, which is pretty much every time. Shifting Wall is a 0/0 for X that comes in
with X +1/+1 counters. This makes it perfect early game as a cheap
blocker or later game as a finisher. Our 2 drop slot is swole with Overgrown Battlement,
Sylvan Caryatid, Vine Trellis and Wall of Roots for ramp. Fortified Rampart, Murmuring Phantasm, Wall
of Glare, Wall of Resistance and Wall of Tanglecord for good blockers. Wall of Tanglecord can also block a flier
if need be. Wall of Junk for an aggressive attacker. 3 drops won’t be outdone, with Glacial Wall,
Guardians of Meletis, Wall of Ice and Wall of Resurgence for basic blockers. Hover Barrier, Wall of Air and Wall of Denial
to deal with fliers. Wall of Frost will make your opponent think
twice about attacking or risk having their creature tapped for a turn. Wall of Nets exiles any creature it blocked
until it leaves the battlefield. Given that it has 7 toughness it’s not going
without a fight. We are hitting the top of our creature curve
with the 4 drops including Sworn Defender. 1 mana of any colour and you can change the
toughness of Sworn Defender to 1 plus the power of target creature blocking or being
blocked by Sworn Defender. In a deck where damage is dealt based on toughness,
this is brutal for your opponent. Our last creature is one that leaves a bad
taste in people’s mouths, but to that I say why are you eating a tree? That’s right Tree of Redemption. This was the long con from Wizards of the
Coast. They knew it was going to suck until Arcades
came out in M19. They were probably laughing to themselves
every time someone mentioned how bad it was. Now pulling one in a box of Masters 25 doesn’t
feel so bad. Our land base is a bit tricky given that we
are 3 colours. To keep it budget we aren’t running any of
the fetch or shock lands. We are running, however the appropriate guild
bounce lands Simic Growth Chamber, Selesnya Sanctuary and Azorius Chancery. As well as the Simic and Selesnyan Guild gates. We also have the BFZ check lands Canopy Vista
and Prairie Stream. Battlebond’s Bountiful Promenade and Sea of
Clouds to make sure in a multiplayer game we aren’t back a turn. Botanical Sanctum in case we don’t draw basic
lands in the early game. Glacial Fortress, Hinterland Harbour and Sunpetal
Grove will more often than not be coming in untapped and give us better colour fixing. Tranquil Cove may come in tapped but it also
gives us a life when it does. Fortified Village gives us an extra source
of green and white and only requires showing your opponents a single land card. Not really a big deal. Bant Panorama adds 1 colourless mana and allows
you to go searching for any basic you might be missing. Exotic Orchard, Treva’s Ruin, Shimmering Grotto,
Seaside Citadel and since we are playing commander Command Tower allow us the ability to make
any mana we need in our commanders colours. Jungle Basin for the extra green and colourless. Gavony Township to add +1/+1 counters on all
your creatures. Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse to
get any basics you might be lacking. And since you might be drawing a lot of cards,
Reliquary Tower. If that weren’t enough we also have a copy
of Rampant Growth to help get any basic you haven’t drawn yet. And since this is commander, what deck wouldn’t
be complete without Sol Ring. Top that off with 8 Plains, 5 Forests and
an Island and you have one Arcades, the Strategist Commander Deck. There’s a link to the deck list in the description. Well that about does it for today. I’d love to hear what you guys think about
this deck in the comments. If you’ve enjoyed this video please remember
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next video.

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