Arab Labor Recap: Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2

Thanks for joining us for another block
of Arab Labor. So, Naomi …what did you think? -So, Aron when I was watching this episode of Arab Labor, it made me think about the fact that if you don’t have a good hot shower in
the morning– the rest of your day is just off. The power a good water pressure
can change your life well it’s not just the pressure over the
water in the shower the whole issue of water at large is a very
political issue -yeah -…in the area. -That’s true. Who
controls the water in israel is a big issue. It’s a political issue certain neighborhood certain areas are
not going at the same amount of water or at least the same plumbing in general right so–
-Well that issue was enough to make him make huge change in his life and move to
a Jewish neighborhood so that he may have that great shower. So it was a really funny way to get him to move
into a place that is really uncomfortable for him which kinda leads us into the next episode
which is a ‘The Move’ where they move into a building where
he’s the only Arab And in that building what’s really funny
is that you have every single stereotype have Israelis,
of jewish israelis across the political
spectrum Yeah, yeah there’s the lefty jews, there’s
the older sort of traditional zionist jews. -And just further from the very
beginning the movers I mean could he could he have chosen more Palestinian
movers who are loud and yelling and
making noise and and they can’t find the address even
though it’s a regular address. -And address in the Middle East usually is an Arab
saying like go to the fifth circle and then take the second right and then
stop at the supermarket… ask for directions, have a cigarette,
then honk and they will come like there’s knows actual number is usually a landmark.
-Amjad continuously said to him which is the exact address and why
couldn’t you find the exact address because that’s not how they roll. -Because there’s no
landmark. Yeah, that’s not how they roll. One of the things that’s really funny that
you see as a thread throughout the episode is Amjad’s ringtone on his cell phone and in the shower and whenever he sings he singing israeli Jewish songs. Really I think what he’s trying to do
there’s that nobody should notice that he is an Arab and that if he sings in Hebrew
and his ringtone is in hebrew then they’ll think that he’s Jewish
because you don’t wanna Arab because if you’re Arab then you’re suspicious
of all of these horrible things. Ah, you’ve told me before that how funny
it is when the dialect of Hebrew that they’re
using is either upper or more street or more you know colloquial. -When Amjad comes into the
building and he goes around with the basket with the candies and he knocks on
the door he speaks in a Hebrew that nobody uses.
He’s using that the highest level of Hebrew and he’s like Which is have a nice day but almost in
Shakespearean Hebrew. -Sounds like a Bar Mitzva? -Well, no, but…hahaha! -Religious ceremony? -Not
religious its just high Hebrew. -Just high Hebrew. -High Hebrew. Well that’s something that kinda recurs
throughout almost every episode which is the more he fights the stereotype the
more he sort of falls into it and and almost can’t avoid it. -I
think the strength of this show is that they show stereotype and they break it.
You go back and forth with Amjad trying to find his own break
the stereotype and be a stereotype in all those characters in the building
throughout the season we’re gonna see them be the stereotype break the stereotype
try and be the stereotype and that’s really I think it’s a really important statement on on the israeli
society. -Yeah it is. Well thanks for watching we’re out of
time but you could follow our conversation online at Join us next Tuesday at
nine for more arab labor

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