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Hi everybody. I’m Alan Quarry from AQ’s Blog & Grill. I’ve just got to say this week there’s been a little bit of kerfuffle about HubSpot. And I’m coming out on team HubSpot because I love these guys. Why do I love these guys is because they’re very generous at what they share in terms of their knowledge on in-bound marketing. And in-bound marketing is where the action is. Now okay the guy didn’t like working, Dan Lyons, didn’t like working, didn’t like his experience at HubSpot. Sorry Dan. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. But here’s the main thing. That company is going to create a whole new future in marketing. Now I’ve met Brian Halligan, I’ve met his dog Romeo. Wow. And I’ve met lots of other people at HubSpot. They’re very genuine. They’re very authentic and I think they’re going to have a very successful future. Now the other thing that they’ve done is they’ve created this book that Brian and Dharmesh published and it’s great. I’ve got a lot of my team here at Quarry catching up on this. I recommend it to my students at the two universities I teach at and I just wanted to say HubSpot people, keep your heads up and keep moving forward. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “AQ on Hubspot

  1. While I enjoyed reading Dan's skewering of Hubspot's culture, I understood that it was just the perspective of one guy — a guy who happened to be a journalist trained to see everything through a critical lens. What was more damaging, IMO, was the stuff he wrote about Hubspot's business. If their "inbound marketing" technology is so effective, why does Hubspot have to resort to old-fashioned telemarketing to sell its own product?

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