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If it comes to April fools days we are usually fooled by others or we try to fool our friends and cousin. Like us, even tech giants will try to fool their customers. Let’s see those kind of pranks which they did in this APRIL FOOL’S DAY SPECIAL episode. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech in a simple way, I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 🙂 Lenovo advertised about a new laptop named Insight 360. This laptop has features which you can’t find anywhere else First feature is called mood detector. If you are in a problem and type in anger and about to send to someone, this laptop will detect it automatically and will lock the keyboard. If the keyboard is locked, you can’t type anything nor send to any one. By this you can avoid unnecessary problems. Another feature is called spy shamer. By this feature if anyone tries to access your laptop without your knowledge, it will take a pic of them and automatically create a ‘meme’ and will post it online. Finally calgon key By this feature, if you get caught in any big problem, It will detect it and will automatically book you two flight tickets to escape. Even though all these are fake, they created a dedicated website for it. I really appreciate this extra step which they took. Usually in every DSLR, to hold the camera, the grip will be in the right side of the camera. Nikon is claiming that they are gonna release a camera for left hand users. The grip is gonna be in the left side and not right side! To make it more believable they even Photoshoped an image and posted it online. If this model had been come to the market, it would have been useful for left and users. But unfortunately it is just a prank. Apart from gadgets & electronics, Electronic Boutiques have released a new scent for gamers. They claim this could boost their confidence and could help them win their game. Unfortunately this is also a prank. Tech fact Tech fact – The name of the standard Keyboard which we are using is called as ‘qwerty layout’. But apart from this layout there are so many more layouts which we don’t know One of such famous layout is called as ‘dworak layout’. I will teach you a special trick. In computer go to control panel and click keyboard settings. You can easily toggle from qwerty to dworak layout. When you are using your friends computer or laptop, change the settings and give it back to them. Since the keyboard layout is changed when they type one thing something else will be displayed. Play with your friends for a while. But make sure it doesn’t affect their work and change it back quickly. Google has released two videos to prank us One device is named ‘Google plant’. Through this device using, Google assistant you could talk to your plant. Currently they have demonstrated video in which they were talking to a plant. Watch the video OK Google en tulip kuuda paesu Unaku enna vaenum? Thanni kudunga, please! Fulla gaali Neraiya, nee neraiya tharuvaen nu promise pannuniyae! Not only that, they are claiming that they are trying to communicate with cactus plant. Hello? No. Cactus? Enna thaniya viduriya! Google has also discovered a smart spoon This phone is bendable!!! According to the bend, you can use it as a keyboard. Not only that, you could use this phone as a multipurpose device. Guess this is what Google has been working on secretly 😛 Oneplus has posted a new teaser image. In this they have claimed that they have made a new smart car! Not only that, they claim that this car can run for a whole day on just 20 minutes charge. Today’s hot news Usually even before a company’s release of a phone, other companies buy the layout of this phone to design protective cases and tempered glasses for those phones. Like that Apple before releasing their wireless airpower, Dbrand skin designed and prepared skins for it. But we all know what happened to airpower. Apple canceled the project because it didn’t go according to their plan! dBrand got soo pissed that they pranked Apple epically on this April fools day. They released video making fun of Apple. You will understand what I mean when you watch this video. Neenga ippo than unga dBrand skin vangi irunthingana, Relax pannikonga, ithu romba easy than! First entha oru dust and fingerprint illatha badi wipe pannikonga Nalla best result ku, nalla light keela work pannura matri paathukonga. Intha dBrand skin unga base mattrum surrounding um cover pannura matri design seiyya pattu iruku. Inga kaamichu iruka badi unga airpower ah kaila eduthukonga. Unga kitta iruka 3m paper ah eduthu lightning port pakkathula vechu align pannikonga. Align aana apuram, wrinkle aagama iruku even ah pressure apply pannikonga. Aduthu, base piece Aduthu, base piece. Careful ah skin ah base ku align pannikonga. Airpower ooratha guide pola follow pannikonga. Once apply pannina apuram, pressure apply pannunga. Unga airpower la plug pannunathum, unga installation over ayidum. Mudinjuchu, ungaluku ethavuthu question iruntha, engala contact panni kaelunga. Friends like the video if you have really enjoyed it. Also share it with your friends. If you wanna see videos like this daily subscribe to this channel. And don’t forget to click the bell icon. I’ll see you in another episode, I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 🙂 SUBSCRIBE TO TECH NANBAN

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