Apple’s WWDC keynote 5 minute recap

This years WWDC keynote, was all about the
upgrades. With VR and immersive experiences proving
that the future of computers means more power, processing, and speed, Apple updated both
hardware and software to make room for a very visual, content-heavy future. The event was broken down by device category
into ‘6 major announcements’. But let’s talk hardware first. Apple’s long-rumored Amazon Echo competitor
is real and it’s called the HomePod. The device is a pill-shaped circular speaker. The HomePod costs $349 and is focused on music
first, rather than Siri, but of course it does that too. Macs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros all got a
performance boost. The machines are getting new Kaby Lake processors
and faster solid-state drives. Then there’s the new iMac Pro. It’s an all-in-one workstation that has
more or less the same look and feel as the 27-inch iMac but you get an Intel Xeon processor
and, depending on how much you love cores, you get 8, 10, or 18 of them. Before you get to excited about the pure power
of this machine, you should know that it has a $4999 price tag. That said, it does look pretty epic. And it has ports…so many ports! Ignored on stage today, the MacBook Air is
still alive but the is the only machine to not get an update. With the cost of the 13” MacBook Pro dropping
to $1299, it’ll be interesting to see if the Air sticks around. The other affordable option, the iPad mini,
also didn’t get any updates meaning the iPad mini 4 is probably going to be the last
iPad mini ever. Instead, Apple is running full steam ahead
with the iPad Pro line, announcing a new 10.5in model that weighs in a 1 lb. Upgrades to the new iPad Pro include a Tru
Tone display is now 50% brighter, a 120 hertz refresh rate dubbed ‘ProMotion’ that makes
interacting with content on the tablet more responsive, and support for a full on-screen
keyboard. Starting at 64G of memory, the new iPad Pro
costs $649 for the 10.5” or $799 for the 13”. Moving on to the Watch, there was no hardware
news but watchOS 4 is available for a developer preview now and will roll out this fall. Updates mostly focus on surfacing the information
you need in a more organized and intelligent way, making the most of the Watches small
screen. On the topic of OS, Sierra is being replaced
by ‘High Sierra.’ In the new OS, the built-in Mail app now uses
less space for storing your mail, Photos received a major update that uses machine-learning
to better recognize faces and improve sorting. Upgrades to Safari will make surfing the web
faster, cool features like blocking autoplay on videos, and intelligent tracking prevention
will make using the browser a lot more secure. Other new OS features included the ability
for apps to open new windows as tabs, support for Apple Pay on the desktop, hands-free unlock
with the help of a nearby Apple Watch, as well as updates to virtually all the default
apps. Apple also announced iOS 11. With iOS 11, Siri is getting better at understanding
context, your interests and more. You can now ask for translations using Siri
— starting with Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Also new, the Control Center looks completely
different and features a ton of buttons reducing the need to swap between multiple tabs. Apple’s Live Photos is becoming more powerful
in iOS 11 with the introduction of a series of editing tools and effects. The updated camera app will also support h.265
which lets you shoot better quality video with a smaller file size. The App Store is getting a brand new design. Based on the demo, there will be a ton of
text, images and content in general. It looks cleaner with a better layout and
less taps. In an interesting twist, Apple announced some
iPad-specific iOS 11 features that focus on productivity — and further blur the difference
between iOS and macOS. Specifically, iOS 11 brings drag-and-drop,
windows and a file system to iPad On to music, Apple Music hits 27M paid subs,
added the MusicKit API, and social listening. This will really shine with the new Airplay
2 will allow for multi-room synchronized streaming support and integration with HomeKit. Amazon prime video is coming to Apple TV. tvOS launched with handful of partners, which
has since expanded to roughly 50. AND that about covers it. There are a ton of specs and new upgrades
to both the hardware and software side. But honestly, even Apple realized there was
just too many numbers to rattle off and opted for more visual demos instead. For full coverage of Apple’s WWDC keynote

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14 thoughts on “Apple’s WWDC keynote 5 minute recap

  1. We all need to acknowledge the elephant in the room – apple's innovative spirit has long since been absent following Jobs' departure. If all Apple can tell me is that there are software and hardware upgrades like ALL tech companies are inherently doing, then what they are really left with is being left behind.

    Apple. Thanks for making the iPhone and the iOS. Great products. Scale back your announcements and grand openings and leave those for actual innovations. It'll save your stock holders some money.

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