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100 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 5 Review: The Best Smartwatch Of 2019?

  1. SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH & ACTIVE 2 are the best out there today period. "Up To" 18 hour's of battery life? That's horrible in 2019. I had (AOD) always on display on my LG G WATCH in 2015. Now that's all the isheeps are talking about and a compass like APPLE invented it. Just be REAL for once isheeple, you've been chasing SAMSUNG & ANDROID for years. And don't even get me started on the iPhones. $700 for 64GB (with no expandable storage) and ZERO multitasking capabilities and a substandard LCD display in 2019. Not to mention software glitches galore with EVERY update ( BATTERY DRAIN ) etc. Apple is laughing all the way to the bank.🍎😂

  2. Honestly I prefer the hybrid watches more. Like the withing steel HR… Battery lasts for a month, you get sleep tracking too plus the usuals. ..

  3. I love the fact that the watch is waterproof, can call emergency services, has a cardiogram, and especially the fact that it uses apple pay. my only complaints for the series five is that it only lasts 9 hours just for a two minute charge. It's also pricey., and it remains on when not in use. Another fact about how you should charge it as well as the cable required to charge it. If you lost, broke or damaged your adapter, then boom, it is done for unless you want to buy one more adapter or if you have Apple Care.

  4. Galaxy Watch is it! I haven't seen anything that looks as good or matches the battery life. And guys look funny wearing Apple watches.

  5. A few months ago I purchased the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for $40 and, although it doesn't have as much functionality as something like an Apple watch, it's totally worth it. The battery lasts over a month for me. Step counting, sleep tracking, music controls, caller ID, and notifications, heart rate monitor, and weather app all included. I don't need to make calls with my watch.

  6. Michael, you can force touch the grid view and change it to a list view if you don’t like the default app screen.

  7. Amazing except for the 3 second delay in responding to taps or buttons meaning you might as well pull out your phone

  8. I love the look and the quality but apple still doesn't understand that the price, battery life and that you have to own an apple phone to enjoy your watch still make the purchase impossible for many people so I'm sticking with my Samsung Watch

  9. Rene content? I cringe every time I watch or read any of his work as they're all pro Apple and bash anything that's not Apple. I like a balanced reviewer like Michael.

  10. You know you don't have to use that mess of a launcher, right? A scroll-able alphabetical list is included and was the first thing I changed when I got my watch.

  11. This is the reason why I stick with the iPhone. Is the iPhone the best smartphone out there? No. The G10 wants me to make me switch. There’s no one that can even come close to the iPhone / Apple Watch/ iPad integration. I will sacrifice not having the best smartphone for this integration.

  12. I currently use a gen 3 Apple Watch, and my main problem with it is that it doesn’t really do anything. There are so many cool, free apps on Android Wear, and relatively nothing to do on AW. It is basically a really expensive Fitbit. I think the main problem is how Apple charges to be a developer. I’ve contacted a few developers that made versions of their apps for Android Wear, and they say it just isn’t worth the money for a free app on Apple. There are so many awesome games and utilities that I miss using from Android, especially AnkiWear, which lets you use Anki on the watch. It really sucks that it isn’t available on Apple Watch, especially when Anki is free on Android and costs $25.99 on iOS.

  13. Michael! You were in full geek mode, man. Love, love, love the juxtaposition posed at the beginning and your grumpy (fake) 😆look had me cracking up. You and
    Renee continue to put out the most polished and professional works. Keep it up.

  14. Oh my god Michael, i love your videos but this one is full of crap. If you like Wear OS and those HORRIBLE enormous « watches » selled for years by Samsung, Garmin or Casio you are definitly an idiot without taste.

  15. Regarding the leather loop shifting and phantom notifications, I experienced that, too. It drove me nuts, too. Now I alternate between sport bands and a link bracelet.

  16. Watch don't do much which I rather do on phone. And I hate to charge the watch every day so I use mi band 3. Which it can track my sleep.

  17. I’ve never heard anyone complain about the sleep tracking and battery. They just wake up, charge while they shower, and are good to go for the whole day.

  18. 2:23 you mention navigation is a mess. Well actually if you hold down in the home screen you can change that to a list view instead. 🙂

  19. I really do think Apple are shooting themselves in the foot by STILL not supporting Android. I'm looking to upgrade my LG Watch Style over the next couple of months, and I would 100% be looking at Apple Watches right now if they did. And I'm sure I'm not the only one…

  20. Most people have either an iPhone or an Android and won't care that your Apple watch cannot work with an Android. So your main problem is for most people a non-issue. And I'm an Android girl, so a dose of irrational Apple product dislike is hardwired.

  21. I actually charge my Series 5 every two days and still usually got a bit of juice left after 48 hours. Though I'm not a heavy user.

  22. Michael, when I saw you laying on the floor a reminded me of all of the HR videos that you were in in the late 90s early 2000’s because I remember you used to be an actor and it look like you were posing for a scene.

  23. Samsung Pay just works too, why is that worth mentioning?

    In fact, if you have a Gear S3, Samsung Pay "just works" more than can be said of Apple Pay.

  24. The Apple Watch series 4 is the best Smart watch of 2019, that's what Apple stopped selling it, because it is the series 5 without the always on display that everyones praising, not understanding that 98% of the time you wrist is not facing your face so you have to either raise your wrist or turn your wrist to see the time anyway so an always on display is pointless and most people say they turn it off anyway to save on battery life.

  25. The best smartwatch is about the whole experience including battery performance…and if it's not then is not the best yet..🤪😎🤯🤔

  26. 2 of the best selling watches in history are rectangular and some of the most respected horological timepieces are rectangular ( tank and jlc reverso). Saying traditional watches are circular is a really basic comment which shows no knowledge of the industry.
    Furthermore, mechanical watches are circular because the movements are designed that way to function the watch dial. It’s purpose overrules it’s design. Much like the Apple watches function has dictated its design. Because we don’t have circular TVs, or laptops, or anything that displays text and media. Because if it was circular it would be fucking retarded.

  27. Apple Watch became like an iPad.

    Too good and destroyed all the competitors.

    It's not good because competition makes products better.

    And Series 5 has the same CPU as 4, so Series 6 must be faster and even better.

    It's a shame the amount of RAM is unknown. RAM defines its longevity.

    I assume CPU is now as fast as iPhone 5s, and RAM is 1GB.

    I'd say when CPU gets 2 times faster than Series 4/5, which is about the same as 6s, Apple would put 2GB RAM.

    That will be when I buy it.

    I hope we can use Geekbench app on Apple Watch to see all the specs.

  28. Historically in the watch industry the diving watches are the real signatures in the watches… so as a watch enthusiast I love to be able to dive up to 100m or even better 200m with my Apple Watch or the best to be able to replace my diving computer with Apple Watch!!! Till then the Apple Watch is just a gimmicky watch without any signature…. I know it is currently the best smart watch and currently works perfectly for most ppl including me but it is not yet in the Ferrari, Lamborghini class of smart watches It is just in the BMW level of watches 😉

  29. I truly don't understand how he doesn't have 10 million subscribers… these are the VERY BEST in quality as far as product review videos go.

  30. They are fashionable and pair with iPhone. Main reason, why they are successful. No problem with that, I am just not kind of person who has need for smartwatch. Any of them.

  31. Michael I love the way you reviewed this product going backwards to what can be improved and then moving to the features that everyone loves. Great job!

  32. The new apple products are always “the best ever” because they only compete with the previous apple products. So yeah the new ones better be the best ever, it’s not like apple’s going to say “hey guys, today we introduce the brand new apple watch, now with less features and worse performance than ever!”

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