Apple Watch Series 5 – Is it Worth Upgrading?

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on the internet. Apple just announced the latest editions of
the best selling smartwatch and the question most of us are having is if it’s actually
worth upgrading from a series 4 or 3 since they are both very capable devices especially
with WatchOS 6 which is about to launch. I’ve upgraded my Apple watch basically every
year, but it seems like series 5 has the least amount of changes in years. So much so that
this year Apple decided not to sell the previous gen for a lower price. Instead, they just
discontinued it and are still selling the series 3 at half the price. I’ve already ordered my series 5 and we’ll
be making a detailed comparison as soon as we get it in so make sure to subscribe and
enable notifications so you don’t miss out on that and our full detailed review. One brand new addition is the new titanium
model which comes in two finishes, and as a comeback, we once again have the ceramic
model which I really liked. For those that stuck with a series 3 because of the ceramic,
you’ll most likely want to upgrade. In fact, I’ll just put it out there, if
you own a series 3 and are considering upgrading I absolutely would. There were so many updates
from series 3 to 4 which of course are now carried over to the new one. You’ll get
a big design change with a rounder sleeker design and larger displays with rounded corners. The bottom is thinner and all glass and the
side button is flush, with the crown providing haptic feedback. Sensors are more accurate,
there’s fall detection and you can take ECG’s which can be used in different apps now, like
Rocketbody. Even though battery life is rated the same I had a noticeable improvement moving
to the series 4 both in standby and for workouts. I expect Series 5 to be even better in the
real world and thanks to the new S5 processor most things will be noticeably snappier. One big improvement will use Siri by just
raising your wrist and talking. I rarely used siri on my watch before series 4 because it
was just slow and cumbersome but this feature makes it much more usable. The same goes for
the speaker that’s 50% louder, and better mic. As I said before, you should definitely
upgrade from series 3 to 5. Now for the rest of us who made the big jump
last year, are the extra features worth upgrading? Well for me personally, yes. But before I
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first purchase. Now I absolutely love my Apple watch, and
its probably the biggest thing locking me into using an iPhone, but my biggest complaint
has been the display that shuts off. Not only does this look worst than an actual watch
with a face but at times that can be very inconvenient. I understood why Apple made this design choice
when I bought the series 0, the battery life was terrible but through the years it kept
getting better and I can now use my Series 4 for two full normal days so that was no
longer an excuse. Before the event, the only thing I really wanted with Series 5 was an
always-on display. Not only did Apple finally deliver on this, but instead of it just being
a software option that will end up really impacting battery life they created a whole
new display technology called Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide which allows the display
to refresh at as low as 1 frame per second which is impressive and perfect for a watch. Now you’ll have all your info at a glance
and when you lift it the display will just get brighter. The newly updated ambient light
sensor should also help with this. The next hardware upgrade is 32GB of storage
thats included in even the base model, double what the series 4 had, so if you felt limited
by how much apps, photos, and music you could keep on your watch this will be a welcome
addition, but for me 16GB was more than enough. The last major addition is the compass, which
will do things like indicating the direction you’re facing which helps with navigation
and showing true north in the new compass app which also displays incline, elevation,
latitude, and longitude. Series 5 will also get a Meridian face. Personally I don’t
have a big need for this but I can definitely see this feature being very enticing to some
people. And that’s it, those are really the only major
updates. Apple did introduce the watch studio and some new bands but of course, you can
buy those separately. So to wrap it all up, if you’re own a series
3 absolutely upgrade but if you already own the very capable series 4 I think most people
should probably keep it another year. That is unless you’re like me and really really
want to have an always-on display, or can really benefit from having a compass. Let me know if you’ll be upgraded to series
5 down in the comments section below or if not what you’re using and why. Make sure
you’re subscribed with notifications enabled so you don’t miss out on our full review
of the Series 5 and our hands-on comparison. This has been Max with Max Tech and I’ll
see you in the next video!

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100 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 5 – Is it Worth Upgrading?

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  2. My efin' series 2 has decided to start malfunctioning. No more force touch and super battery drain. I think the two problems are connected. Was planning to get the series 4 at a discounted price, but not anymore. Gonna get the 5 as soon as I can get to Japan.
    Thanks for your detailed review

  3. The Series 5 sounds like a great upgrade, even from the Series 4, but I think I'll keep my setup for another year or so. Maybe I won't even trade my current setup in, and I'll just keep it as a backup just in case. I'd love the AOD and the other additions. I'm hoping the ambient sound thing they advertised is a software thing so I can use it on my Series 4. They may not have added a lot of new features to the Series 5, but the features are still pretty big!

  4. A little heavy on the ads inside the video I got to the second ad I Clicked away It’s just duplicate Apple crap for goodness sake’s

  5. I want to get my first Apple Watch and I’m stuck between the 4 and 5. It doesn’t seem like the 5 is that different from the 4 and I don’t care about the always on feature. Should I just save a few bucks and get the 4 or is it better to get the 5?

  6. It’s simple. The reason they discounted the series 4 is it’s essentially the exact same. No difference in processor power. New chip doesn’t mean more power. The series 5 has a newly designed chip. Means nothing which is why Apple didn’t do what it normally does and talk about the processor bump on series 5. The only difference is the always on function. Nothing more nothing less.

  7. I have the series 4 and I love it. The battery life haven’t degraded at all and I’ve had it for a year. My wife pre-ordered the series 5.

  8. Why it's worth to upgrade? One reason: Apple watch series 5 always on display be like KA-CHOW of Lightning McQueen to everyone around you.

  9. the always on display is utterly useless. it literally adds nothing for the user, except showing your pretty watch screen for other people to see when you are not using it.

  10. I ordered my first Apple Watch, in space black stainless steel with the Milanese loop. I spent 800+ up front and hope that this will last me at least 2 years if not even longer. I think it made sense to get the nicer option since it’s more personalized and what not.

  11. I have a series 2.. I just check the time and temperature for the most part. Most people don't even use 80% of the features on the watch. I'm waiting for my series 2 to die.

  12. I sold my series 4 because I didn’t see the point in having one it’s just the same thing as an iPhone that’s my Opinion🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. I have the series 4 and not gonna upgrade. The only features I want before upgrading is letter music play on the watch itself and allow live wallpapers on the screen. Otherwise, Next

  14. Here is what pisses me off about iwatch, you need to buy latest just to get “new” watch faces? Seriously? It feels like it defeats the whole purpose of buying a digital smart watch.

  15. I think Im going to stick with the series 4. Series 5 is just an little processor and always on display upgrade, they both still have all the same features and exact same heart rate sensors

  16. It’s inconvenient to lift up your arm to tell the time?? Really? damn..we have gotten lazy… next y’all will be crying how the Apple Watch isn’t sending the time directly into your brains cause it’s inconvenient to have to look at the watch to tell the time ….

  17. Not upgrading from the series 4 anytime soon. My Apple Watch features that I value are the workout app, BT which allows me to use it as a remote when listening to BT headphones and phone-free wireless. Those key features haven't prompted me to upgrade. Plus the trade in value for Apple Watches is low.

  18. Just pre-ordered! I originally started with the series 0, then upgraded to series 4. But like you, I really needed the “always on” feature for work. So I’m selling my 4 and ordered the 5.

  19. I currently have the series 3 Apple Watch. Originally I wanted the 4 but it was a little out of my price range. I will be upgrading to the 5 simply by I wanted the 4 and they discontinued it, and the five is the same price as the 4 sooo yeah

  20. Yes sure I am getting the series 5 🙂 Have been waiting for the on all time watch face since the first Apple Watch series 😉

  21. If you don’t have a Apple Watch then most definitely get the series 5 hands down! I have the iPhone XS Max and the series 4 watch and I’m not upgrading to a iPhone 11pro Max and a series 5 watch! For what? I paid a great amount already not too long ago for both of these and they are still new and great and not much of a difference for me to upgrade!

  22. how about your from series 1 and our retail store here offers the series 4 at a really very interesting discounted price? should i get it or just go up with the higher tagged series 5?

  23. I’m using my series 4 stainless steel gold watch and it’s still greet to me. I have it running on watchOS 6 And everything is faster now and more accurate like when I left my wrist to look at the time it turns on right away so just because that always on display on the series 5 it’s not that serious so I’d rather stick with my series 4 for now….it’s like apple made the same thing twice the phones are the same and the watches are the same and just changed like 3 things of them all lol smh oh well

  24. I don’t see a strong use case for always on display. The watch already turns on when you look at it. Always on is just a nice thing to have, more on cosmetics than actual usefulness

  25. I’m using the series4 and I am really good with it, I don’t see a real reason like you said to really upgrade to the series5. I feel like the always on display will just drain the battery even more. Thank you for your honest review

  26. I have a Series 2 that i bought used from one of my co-workers when he upgraded to the 3. I'm not sure if I want to get the 5 or just wait to see what the 6 has in store.. honestly the only thing I really use it for is to pause my music and Apple Pay, lol

  27. Finally the Apple Watch series 5 is out, which means that the series 4 will be cheaper. Now I can finally afford a used series 1

  28. The series 5 is a great smart watch. Not worth an upgrade from the series 4 unless you don't mind paying more because you really need the always-on display and/or more storage. Even then you really should wait for the next Watch. I don't have a Watch and I'm holding out for when Apple releases one with sleep tracking with better battery life, and it's been reported that it's very likely this will come in the 2020 series 6 release.

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