Apple Watch Series 3 hands on

Everybody’s Brian we are here with the Apple watch Series three this was the first big thing Announced at the show today as anticipated the big news on this watch is LTE so you know that means that you’ll be able to take voice calls and About a month or so you’re gonna be able to stream about 40 million songs from Apple music You can use your apps you can do all these things leave the phone at home, and you know get About as much functionality as you can get out of the screen of this size Processing has been increased as well So this is going to be quite a bit zippier than its predecessor That means it’s able to do things like Siri voice you can talk to watch the watch will talk back to you And the really the other key thing here is that there’s been some improvements to to help muttering so Apple said on stage we’re gonna have to double check this that this is the most used heart rate monitor In the world right now, which sounds like it could be a pretty feasible claim But what’s really interesting here is ever moving beyond you know basic step tracking fitness tracking and actually moving Real-world health applications, so it’s got a feature on board where and if it detects it you’re not moving But your heart has been accelerated, then it’s going to basically set off alarm because that’s an irregular activity That’s really the the big push here Apple is really pushing towards health it realized that health is the key driver in the wearable market So the Apple watch series, three is up for pre-order on September 15th, it’ll be available to everybody on September 22nd the non LTE version is going to run you $329 and if you want wireless cellular connectivity on it that one’s getting ready for you 99

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17 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 3 hands on

  1. The AW series 3 in my country is only available without LTE and only in aluminum, not stainless steel, not ceramic.
    It's basically a series 2😫😫😫😫

  2. $10/month by the big guys. I bet you Sprint and Teen Mobile will be offering to add the watch for FREE, which I guarantee will bring a new customer base to them. I'm grandfathered in on the old Verizon unlimited. It's a shame I would have to pay even one CENT more, let alone $10 a month. I think I will be getting Series 3 sans the LTE.

  3. Why the guy talks about the health features like they are some kind of exclusive for the AW3? These are software related and will be available on S0/first gen.

  4. Ditch the red dot. The watch shouldn't have anything on the body which is a fixed colour… so stupid. Should have been grey or silver…

  5. Just FUGLY and totally impractical (battery needs to be recharged too often) … make the damn thing solar/kinetic powered!

    For a company that prides itself in tech design, this looks amateurish compared to the Samsung Gear S3.
    Steve Jobs must be turning in his grave.

    Just give me a watch with Date/Time and Apple Pay, you know stuff that people regularly use and make it so that I don't need to recharge the damn thing every 5 minutes.

  6. people say why the red dial, apple obviously wants people to know that you have the "new series 3 with LTE". happens with every product.

  7. If this watch is worth it, I guess depends on past experiences. For me, I got the Series 1 and series 2. Both watches I got in stainless and with the link bracelet. My series 2 I got in stainless space black with link bracelet, £1049 ( Approx $1150 ) 
    Now to upgrade, Im being offered £300 max. That represents a loss of £749. These things prices nose dive when another series comes out and for the price, this should not be happening. 
    I've bought a Tag Heuer now for £2500 and will keep it, no more trying to keep up with Apple watch.

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