Apple Watch Series 2

Apple just introduced the Apple Watch series
2. The new Watch has a dual core processor is
50% faster, and a new GPU for better and faster image processing. The Watch’s second gen display is 2x brighter
and is the brightest screen ever available on any Apple product. Built in GPS to allow wearers to workout,
walk, run, hike without their phones. The series two Watch will be available in
Aluminum, stainless steel, in a new white ceramic which is 4 times harder than stainless
steel. There are also new Hermes bands and color
options, as well as the first ever Nike+ Apple watch designed with runners in mind. The new hardware and software combo has simple
and advanced modes to detailed tracking. It also sends personalized motivation to get
you out and running. Also new to series two is that it is not only
water resistant it is swimproof, rated up to 50 meters. The Apple Watch was introduced two years ago,
making it prime for a refresh. While changes to the device don’t seem all
that drastic, it should be enough to boost sales for the holiday season. The series two is available for pre-order
on Sept 9th. The price will be $369, and the original series
one is getting an updated dual core and a reduced price of $269.

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8 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 2

  1. Having a waterproof smartwatch to use in a pool is cool and all but I still have reservations about diving into the pool and accidentally cracking the face a few moments later. That thing is still seriously fragile!

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