Apple Watch 2nd/Second generation: FaceTime camera + Bigger battery? (Rumors & News & Leaks)

Hi, it’s HandyAndy Tech Tips here. Now the Apple Watch was a hotly anticipated
device, and, for the most part, has been a success.
But it does have a few problems, with one of these being battery life. Many Apple Watch
owners have been complaining that the device needs to be charged every day, and now it
looks like Apple is set to address these concerns. According to Apple Insider, Apple is working
with LG and Samsung to create a thinner display panel
for the next version of the watch, which has been dubbed the “Apple Watch 2”. The thinner
display will allow the company to put a larger battery
in the watch without changing its design. To other Apple Watch rumours, and the next-gen
Apple Watch will reportedly retain the same screen resolution and
size as the original model, and will not have a round display like some Android Wear smartwatches.
And according to, it may be
a standalone device, able to make calls and receive
notifications without an iPhone, which would be pretty cool. But there are some arguments about the most
exciting potential feature in the second-gen Apple Watch: a
FaceTime camera. Just one week ago, the International Business Times were speculating that Apple
may include a front-facing camera to make video calls. Then Apple Insider claimed that
the watch was extremely unlikely to get FaceTime video
calling. They said that packing a camera into the bezel
would be a major engineering feat for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the components inside
the watch are packed very densely and there might not
be enough space inside the case to include a camera of
the quality that Apple users, and Apple themselves, generally demand. Secondly, the bezel of the
current-gen Watch is curved at the edge, and, if a camera
was placed underneath it, severe distortions of the resulting image
would occur. So maybe you can forget about making
FaceTime calls, but who knows? Apple might just introduce them, and make the Dick Tracys
of the world very happy indeed. So that’s about all the tech world currently
knows about the second gen Apple Watch. Please subscribe if you enjoyed this video, because
I’ve got heaps more Apple Watch videos coming up.
I’m HandyAndy and thank you so much for watching!

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4 thoughts on “Apple Watch 2nd/Second generation: FaceTime camera + Bigger battery? (Rumors & News & Leaks)

  1. The Samsung Gear 2 has a camera (although it's front facing I believe), plus it can make and receive calls (via Bluetooth to a compatible phone):

  2. I Don't want this to come already they should release it in 2017 so we can enjoy our 1st gen one for longer,and so Apple has more time to make it better

  3. apple hate samsung they are the 2 best phones and apple wouldn't work with samsung and samsung would be asking apple to help them becuase apple is in 3rd place in the best smart watches and samsung is in 5th place.

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