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hi and welcome to the first LinkedIn
live streaming version of Tech Talk I’m Ken Mingus executive editor at computer
world I’m here with Mac world’s Michael Simon
we’ll be talking about Apple hardware in particular what’s going on with Apple’s
decision to perhaps by the 5g is it the 5g modem from Intel so no mic obviously it’s been a sort of
a busy summer for Apple with hardware with all of the you know the arrival of
the new Mac Pro the various laptop announcements from this summer nothing
really grandmother yeah it’s incremental yeah yeah it’s interesting you know I
guess we should we should mention the Mac Pro real quick since that is the the
new and shiny bling and the very expensive new and shocking is a good it
starts at $59.99 that’s and that only gets you what a6 core 8 core something
like 256 gigabyte hard drive yeah you know exactly I mean come on rights all
right so $59.99 for that the the new fancy monitors $49.99 and if you want
the stand if you want the stand for your fancy new monitor and your fancy new Mac
Pro that’s gonna be another 9 yeah unless you’re gonna hold it up you know
have somebody stand and hold it but still I mean obviously I do wonder you
know one question I have about that before we get into the the 5g thing do
we think that the arrival of the new Mac Pro means an Apple realizes the the
trashcan version that came out I think 2013 was a bit of a dud yeah I mean they
kind of am in a day a little while ago yeah I see this Mac Pro as a you know
just get off our back yeah here’s the thing that everybody wands you can’t
afford it you want us to make it here it is yeah it’s here and you get but it is
it is infinitely customizable right you can pull the whole thing out and you can
adjust I mean you can really keep it current there’s a bunch of slots and
it’s a you can if you are in the neighborhood of affording it yes it’s a
Mac you’ve wanted for you know many years that they stopped thinking
that yeah right we need 13 Mac so sorry so six thousand six thousand five
thousand and a thousand so by my that’s about twelve thousand dollars justice
just to get in the door still need a little bigger harsher yeah and then
you’re gonna have to upgrade from 256 most people who are going to buy one
probably going to spend upwards which one eat that was into who’s gonna play
this it’s for creatives and it’s a workstation basics for businesses for
rendering farms it’s for that type of stuff it’s not for you and I it’s not
even for like a young professional I mean it’s a it’s a ridiculously high end
machine so probably I shouldn’t go to IDG and ask them for a new Mac Pro
they’re doing shmouna yeah I could try exactly nevermind and will bother okay
so anyway that’s you know and as you mentioned the the MacBook Pro has gotten
some updates this summer the MacBook Air has gotten some updates especially the
new keyboard theoretically new slightly changed so you can’t get crumbs and and
under the keys and stick your keys people are still finding ways to fix it
I mean here’s what’s funny the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro which was
released last week yep our part of the keyboard replacement program okay so
that’ll tell you all you need to know about the new MacBook Pro paging Johnny
I’ve yeah they’re not they’re not fixed it’s a it’s been a headache and a
problem for years you know I have a 2016 MacBook Pro it’s going on three years
now and I’ve never had problems with the keys and I do eat I mean it’s it into
issues I’m aware that they’re issues I’m just saying personally I haven’t I’m not
denying or doubting that they’re issues work I don’t like the keyboard because
it’s loud yeah that’s much clattering very very the travel is light and or low
it’s just not I don’t like you yeah yeah but I haven’t had a problem either but
you know even if it’s 10% Apple hasn’t addressed um you know that’s a massive
problem for a high-end $2,000 at least and some other than that okay and we
should also have a moment of silence for the late lamented MacBook I have to
admit I really always kind of wanted to get a MacBook I kind of liked the design
I liked the size and and I guess it was just too much overlap
between that in the MacBook Air there is my theory is that they’re
saving that name for something bigger literally the first means larger in size
okay okay okay I think it’s gonna be that mythical hybrid device that we
wanted forever this one between an iPad pro and a MacBook
so basically Apple’s version of a mecha of a surface okay I think they pulled
that name so they can hold it for you know maybe two years from now they come
out with something that maybe runs I don’t know whatever it runs it’s gonna
be a different type of device okay good and finally one more along the rumor in
the rumor mill is the idea of a 16 inch MacBook Pro which may or may not arrive
this year and I have to admit that one that intrigues me I would like time it’s
the 17-inch MacBook I always did I don’t care it that beautiful screen yeah I
didn’t take it anywhere but I loved it no it went from the desk to like my lap
and the gen and maybe outside once in a while and just in case you’re tuning in
I should note that we’re talking about Apple’s hardware announcements this
summer in terms of the new Mac Pro changes to the MacBook lineup MacBook
Pro lineup and we’re going to be looking at now the idea that Apple may be trying
to get Intel’s 5g modem business with an I I you know I you wrote about this
yesterday in Mac world and is I assumed as soon as I saw that story in the Wall
Street Journal that Apple was looking at 5g you know basically in for its for its
iPhone business yeah I mean what so here’s a quick quick recap yeah Intel
and apple we’re working together on a 5g modem for future iPhones Qualcomm makes
the 5g moment it’s the best in the business so really okay so Qualcomm is
is okay okay okay and and you know 4G modem 5g modem they make the best
smartphone modems period Apple used them for a long time Apple and Qualcomm then
started fighting in court over patents and licenses and fees it’s not unusual
in second it was very contentious and it was you know and a
as that was going on Apple turned to Intel and set our can you make us modems
because we want to distance ourselves from Qualcomm you know and they did they
weren’t as good right the 4G ones and they were working with them on a 5g one
– all of a sudden Qualcomm an Apple cell settled they’re friends again they’re
friends again signed a multi-year licensing agreement for the chip six
years right yep and Intel said yeah we’re not doing that at all anymore that
was in April okay and ever since then I have been waiting for this story because
it is tailor-made for a political she’s a billion dollars give us what you got
well see what we can do with it Apple already makes their a-series chips for
the iPhone which are awesome yep I mean awesome
they blow away the Snapdragon on Android they’re just fantastic and Apple wants
to control the whole stack they always have yeah so to make their own 5g Monali
and 5g it’s not just an evolutionary leap from 4G it’s a big deal changes the
game yep so to make their own 5g modem that stands up to what Qualcomm it makes
them a real player and in what’s coming over the next 10 years now do we haven’t
seen a macbook with LTE connected well this goes back to what you were talking
about earlier if they are pulling the macbook now so that they can come back
in a couple of years with some sort of hybrid device you would have to think he
would it would have 5g yeah I mean 5g is a complete game chip and gives you Wi-Fi
speeds well and that’s the issue – you know Mike and I were talking about this
earlier is that the issue in terms of 5g and Apple is that Apple tends to wait
and see where the markets going and waits for the infrastructure to be there
first with the 5g networking still very much you know in a it’s literally like
blocks long right very small and very you know limited
places cities limited geographic locations and pinpointed to or if you
take three steps this way you might lose it
yeah so it’s great if you can get it and if you can find it well of course you
know that’s gonna be at least a couple years I’m sure there’ll be no 5g modem
in the phone this year that’s coming and maybe next one when if it’s 2020 and
2021 it will be a Qualcomm own no matter whether this report is true or not
yeah we’re years away from an Apple modem whether it uses Intel tech or not
from being a reality okay Apple signed a six-year deal with
Qualcomm for chips the only chip they really need is the is that is the fast
unit one you know it’s it’s very kind of nondescript so they don’t have to use
the modem they could take audio chip or something whatever they’re gonna take
but um it’s um I’d say two three maybe four got it from being just just as a
reminder I’m here with Michael Simon from Mac world I’m Ken Mingus from
computer world and we’re looking at Apple’s hardware announcements this
summer between the MacBook Pro changes the MacBook demise the new Mac Pro
arrival and now we’re talking about what Apple may have in mind for future
iPhones and perhaps some sort of hybrid device down the road you know one of the
points that you had made in your story yesterday was that this is also Apple’s
way of sort of getting away from patent trolls if they can lock some of these
patents down see I do read your stuff it’s a real problem you know this is
Apple’s like literally every day finding a court case from someone that says yeah
we own that tech yeah most of the time they don’t even do anything with it
they bought a patent from somewhere they read it they wait this interferes with
this let’s sue for and it’s you know it’s a business there are some business
that just solely exists to sue what their people with patents that they own
yeah so by wrapping up all this 5g stuff that
they’re getting all of Intel’s patents and now they can say you know taking
these and suing us okay one last question before we go I wanted to ask
with the iPhone 11 coming out never heard of it Yeah right never heard of it
coming and this is a personal question because I got you know my iPhone act at
10s Macs and I want to know if I need to upgrade this year if I can skip a year
other than the the try camera the three camera you know the relief camera system
I think that will be yeah but is it enough to upgrade from an XS I would say
no probably not Cortana sorry all right that’s personal
advice for me but it might be useful for you too
you know if you you know if you’ve got a quite I’d be curious in fact how often
do you folks if you’re watching us on LinkedIn life upgrade your iPhones if
you have an iPhone yearly every couple years when it dies I have in the past
tended to be once a year I get up at three in the morning do the ordering
thing because I kind of have to have the latest and greatest but I’m probably not
what most people do it’s for work okay couple questions coming in the MacBook
with probably oh the core i9 chip okay the MacBook itself the MacBook is the
one that’s been killed but the MacBook Pro and the Mac yep yeah and the MacBook
Pro would get the core I 9 and correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that a BTO
option now I think it is it’s certainly as of as of it certainly is now and it
might have been earlier yeah maybe they’re talking about a ninth generation
processor well the the you know the new ones the MacBook Pro that’s just been
announced and the revamped MacBook Air available now so if you go under the
Apple site you can check and see some of them start off with I think an i7 and
there but I think but I think the chlorine 9 8th gen yes is available in
the MacBook Pro now I mean there and you can upgrade to the ninth gen it isn’t
the ninth gen one of the new things you know they’re always a little behind an
Apple world and I get confused because I work for PC roles as well my head but I remember looking at the specs not a base
model correct if you’re gonna have to pay more money for the Iran if you
decide to upgrade check the Apple site go to the BTO option and and I believe
the i9 is an option there next question about battery yeah
battery health uh good point I I cover phones for a living
all the time yes and Apple you know they’re they’re consistently the best
yeah I mean they’ve gotten dinged about some of the issues with older phones and
batteries and scaling the thing that we’re waiting
or the I’m waiting for is this big breakthrough in battery Texas like three
to five days yeah and it’s just not there they lasted if it’s not there for
anybody that it’s not just Apple that’s true of all mobile devices your account
through a day with any iPhone mm-hmm most high-end Android phones most
mid-range Android phones to be honest I mean listen I would love for Apple to
put like a five thousand milliamp hour battery in this thing and have it last
like three days they’re not gonna do that yeah they’re gonna give you just
enough to get through 24 hours yeah and until the technology changes that they
can give you that same or more in in the same small in fact they’ve decreased the
battery size before yeah just so they can still catch guys in 15 to 18 hour
range that they they consistently you can go back and look at the entire
evolution of the iPhone yeah it’s an iPad 2 same thing 10 to 12 hours 12 the
thing yep they don’t really mess with that but they make sure that you have
enough you wake up unplug it you don’t really have to worry about it into well
I mean think about that you know it sounds like Apple’s not doing anything
but when you think about how iPhones and what they’re capable of now compared to
say five years ago or you know the original iPhone they’re doing so much
more processing so much more and yet they’re able to maintain the same and as
far as health goes they’ve they took some lumps last year no issue well you
weren’t paying attention to hold her phones people said that they were
deprecating them but they they took note they fixed it they addressed older
phones they addressed newer phones they give you that upgrade program Jim they
lowered the price of battery upgrades even after that yep
and you know they showed you that yeah a fine we maybe we should have paid more
attention to a lot of phones but they’re doing that now so these phone these
newer ones when there are three generations old they shouldn’t have
those issues anymore got it okay so you know there’s your answer on the battery
phone I mean the battery health on but I want I want to you might be able to find
one for you it’ll cost you about five thousand bucks you know alright good so
true to recap real quick apples had a bunch
of hardware announcements this year the new Mac Pro coming out this fall
the revised MacBook Pro no Mac Pro coming out this fall new MacBook Pro new
MacBook Air dead MacBook rumored 16 inch MacBook Pro which I’m hoping for and of
course that’s fall will be a new iPhone as well and this is the simpler lineup I
know well it is it is simplified so we should probably wrap it up there Michael
I think that we cover a lot of territory in a short amount of time so thank you
for that a couple things to note if you have enjoyed this please subscribe to
our LinkedIn page we will be doing more of these live videos this summer we’re
going to be looking at things like Android Q we’re gonna have our windows
expert Preston growl back I talked about answering your quiz 10 questions I’m
sure we’ll have you back at some point to talk about the new phone if you feel
if you’ll make it in the meantime we also have a YouTube channel we’d love
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thanks very much for watching I’m Ken Mingus executive editor Computerworld
for michael have a great day

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