Apple unveils the new iPad Pro at WWDC

Today Apple announced a 10.5in model of the
iPad Pro with significant performance upgrades. The new 10.5 in retina display is 20% larger
than the previous 9.7in but still weighs 1lb. The increase in screen size and thinner bezel
now means you can display a full on screen keyboard or smart keyboard. The new iPad Pro will support 30 languages
at launch and the first time, a Japanese JIS keyboard. The new Tru Tone display is now 50% brighter
and can display HDR video for first time on an iPad. In addition to being brighter it is also smoother. New ‘ProMotion’ enables a 120 hertz refresh
rate making interacting with content on the tablet more responsive. Smooth scrolling, now work better with apple
pencil, latency of 20 milliseconds. To save battery, the iPad Pro will dynamically
changes refresh rate depending on what type of content you are interacting with. With a 10 hour battery life, the new iPad
Pro also offers 40% faster graphics performance, A 10x fusion chip, and is available in 6 or
12 core GPU. As for cameras, there’s 12mp camera, 7mp
HD facetime camera, optical stabilization, and 4k video capture. Starting at 64G of memory, the new iPad Pro
costs $649 for the 10.5” or 799 for the 13”. Both models will start shipping next week.

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