Apple Unveils iOS 10 | WWDC 2016

Today Apple unveiled tons of new software
including an all new, fully-redesigned iOS fully-redesigned iOS 10. Here are the highlights: In iOS 10, Apple has added more features to
your the lockscreen. You can swipe right to launch the camera, swipe left to see your
widgets, an even look at lock screen without touching your phone. As always a top-down swipe opens your notification
center, which has been completely redesigned and looks more like the notification screen
on your Apple Watch. Moving on to your homescreen, 3D Touch shortcuts
will bring more information by allowing apps to show live details in the 3D Touch popup. An update we’ve all been waiting for…with
iMessage Apps third-party developers can help add emoji, animations, and other media to
your convos. Simply open up the app drawer to interact with others apps within Messenger.
Users can now send each other rich links, with music and videos playing directly within
the conversation. This new functionality ranges from silly sticker apps like Mickey Mouse
gifs to more sophisticated integrations, like paying friends with Square Pay or collaboratively
ordering food from DoorDash. There’s also been a big overhaul to the
Photos app in iOS 10. Apple is making it easier to find and group your images. The new Photos
app groups your library into editable movie Memories. Using local, on-device facial recognition
and AI detection of what’s in your images, it can combine photos and videos into themed
mini-movies complete with transitions and a soundtrack. Maps has been redesigned adding Proactive
suggestions, a new turn-by-turn look, and is now opened to third-party developers. Siri has also seen some major updates in iOS
10. You can now use siri to navigate, asking siri to open and interact with an app, send
a message and Siri even suggests answers like your current location or contact information. Lastly but not least, Apple showed off a brand-new
version of Apple Music, which the company said was built “from the ground up” with
simplicity in mind. In an effort to make things less confusing, the first screen is your library
broken up into two sections – music locally stored on your phone and streaming tracks.
Apple Music’s new ‘Now Playing’ screen is much less cluttered. It includes lyrics,
a new personalized Discovery Mix, and a Radio tab that live-streams Beats 1. Today marks potentially the last time Apple
will bring an phone-wide software redesign to the masses. Apple has unbundled its native
apps like Mail, Maps, Music and more, and put them in the App Store. This means these
apps will be updated more often, instead of only when a major iOS is released, allowing
for quicker updates and the ability to add new features, fix bugs, address security issues,
or make other changes as needed.

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27 thoughts on “Apple Unveils iOS 10 | WWDC 2016

  1. Its so funny how the comments are full of Android fanboys. And all the Apple users not giving a single fuck…….

  2. I need to download a work app into itunes.I need to update my itunes,
    but my device is older and incompatible with the latest updates. Apple
    says: "If your iPod touch isn't on the list above, it means your device
    won't be able to run iOS 8, and you will miss out some of the latest and
    greatest features. While this also can be a good excuse to update to
    the newest hardware, the iPhone 6 looks pretty awesome anyway, doesn't
    it?". My answer to this is : NO, I doesn't look awesome
    to me. What a waste of money and time setting a new device up. I just
    want my old one to work. And I dont like itunes at all. Why would I want
    to spend my money is something that in 3 years is going to be useless
    anyways because you keep making updates? in something that needs like
    200 passwords and the very painful synchronization. Not to mention the
    cost to the environment with all the hardware that is basically garbage
    now because it does not work. Also, what about ppl in the third world
    countries who can not afford the nonsense of changing phone every
    time…these people have no morals

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