Apple TV gets a 4K HDR upgrade

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Apple TV upgrades to 4K. Given the growth of 4K video content, and TV hardware markets, Apple TV, and 4K is a very welcome improvement. The entire UI has been redone in 4K, and the new Apple TV also offers support for high dynamic range video. HDR makes for brighter images,
with better visibility, throughout a range of lighting conditions, and better color rendering. Basically, your movies and TV shows will pop on most newer screens. It will also support both HDR10,
and Dolby Vision Profiles, the industry standards for content makers. All of this new image technology is powered by dramatically
improved internals. Including the processor from the iPad Pro, and three gigabytes of RAM. The new Apple TV will have improved gaming capabilities, thanks
to gaining 4K playback. This means Apple will be able to match with competitors like
Roku, Amazon, InVideo are doing. Another incentive to switch to the new Apple TV, Apple will be
selling, and renting, digital 4K movies, via iTunes. Any previous HD purchases
of shows, or movies, that now have a 4K HDR version available will be eligible for upgrade. The new Apple TV 4K will sell for $179, for a 32 gigabyte version, and $199 for a 64 gigabyte version. With orders beginning September 15th, and shipping on September 22nd.

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