Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

That, was how Anthony got tasked with taking our iMac Pro to the Apple Store for repairs. Only one small problem. They refused to fix it. And we’re not even talking warranty service We understood we would have to pay. We WANTED to pay and they outright refused to fix it How the F$$$ Does that even work? Because that was back on January 30th, two months ago? And our machine is still not repaired This one gets interesting And you know what else is interesting? Mack Weldon. Mack Weldon makes great underwear, t-shirts, socks, wallets and more. They believe in simple shopping And if you use offer code TechTips you’ll get 20% off on their store [Intro Music Playing] Our story begins with Anthony’s first interaction with Apple support It was pretty pleasant all things considered, Apple representative Andrea was very sympathetic But for some reason, she couldn’t give us any guarantee that they could actually do anything That should have been a bright red flag But When Anthony and Tyler later returned from dropping off the Pro at the local Apple store They told me that, well, they smiled Told us, they’d order the parts, and get us back up and running in a jiffy Our iMac Pro review actually ended up coming together pretty well in spite of our limited ability to get additional b-roll footage So all we could do at this point was wait for our repair Then, a couple of days later, the Apple store sent a follow-up email letting us know that we could come pick up our computer and… Sorry, what?! Right? *Stunned* Have you- have you you have you responded to this yet? This is… This is COMPLETELY unacceptable We g- No. We’ve got t- This is through email? Get in touch with them some other way get Yvonne to yell at them to help them like… We still have like three or four videos to make with this thing t… yeah okay, just
– okay See what you can do What does this even mean? If they are unable to obtain the parts, they wouldn’t be able to repair the iMac Oh- gee- thanks Jesse, so What? At this point? What are our options? There’s just… No recourse, if we can’t get an Apple authorized service provider To obtain the parts and these are parts that Apple wouldn’t even send to their own store Are you guys following this so far? We thought there must have been some kind of misunderstanding Remember, we’re PAYING for the repair after all but the Apple Store confirmed that they were unable to fix it because HQ wouldn’t send them the parts they ordered, and that our only option was to come and get it back untouched and it actually gets even better from here because we asked well if Apple themselves can’t fix our computer who can and we got told that the only option Was to bring it to a third party. An Apple Authorized service provider so *Intense exhale* Since there’s no way for us to order new parts from Apple directly and fix it ourselves we reached out to one Hey any word back from your friend? Okay, so new update They can order the part, but for them to approve the sale They need someone with ”Apple Pro” certification and unfortunately That doesn’t exist yet *Sigh* And let me guess. Even if it did, if they ordered it, and just gave us the parts They’d lose their certification Yep! 🙂 So Louis Rossmann, you remember that guy right? He showed me the right way to fix BGA solder joints, so he- so he’s constantly Complaining about Apple pulling crap like this, but not being someone who repairs Apple’s products for a living I always kind of figured it was mostly ‘shop talk’ however *Chuckle* As someone who NOW has to repair an Apple product in order to flip it on Craigslist No, I don’t believe that anymore It’s absolutely real Like, I get it. What Apple’s done here, is to release a brand new platform That they are unwilling and/or unable to provide support for I mean yeah, w- we broke it we get that but I mean, imagine this in some other industry Imagine if you bought a brand new car And drove it into a lamppost as you were leaving the dealer Then both the dealer and your third-party insurer said that they couldn’t fix it because the parts and the repair manual don’t exist As far as we can tell right now They expect us to just roll over and accept that our work station is now Essentially just a collection of pretty rocks for some Indeterminate amount of time because they released a product without the training or support structure necessary to Actually Support it They’ve thrown their support staff under the bus They’ve thrown their authorized service providers under the bus and most damningly of all they’ve thrown the customer because I bought this thing under the bus Despite apples careful design Accidents do happen and if a former repair technician can screw up from time to time and trust me they do! the end-user will too *Inhale* So We’re turning to our community for bright ideas. We still want to repair this thing so we’re gonna have a forum thread linked below If maybe you know a guy who knows a guy who can get a board, PSU and display? Or if someone who works at Apple happens across this video and agrees that ”You know what? Yeah that is totally unacceptable” well We’d love to hear from them too for now we will just continue to Stew in impotent rage over the sheer stupidity of this whole, situation But only for a little while because it always lifts me up to tell you guys about Squarespace Squarespace is the place to go to build your own beautiful functional website. they’ve got gorgeous templates And they scale to look great on any design Squarespace offers 24/7 tech support via live chat and email it starts at just twelve bucks a month you get a free domain if you by Squarespace for the year and they’ve got tons of great features including Their cover pages feature which lets you set up a simple one-page online presence in minutes their logo designer the fact that every Squarespace page Includes an online store and the ability to publish from the Squarespace blog in Apple news format So don’t take our word for it try out squarespace You can get a 30-day free trial at the link below that and when you decide to sign up for Squarespace you can get 10% off again that offer code LTT So thanks for watching guys if this video sucked You know what to do But if it’s awesome Get subscribed hit that like button or check out the link to where to buy the stuff we featured in the video description Also linked down there is our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum, which you should totally join

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100 thoughts on “Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

  1. Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

  2. Let me make myself clear. You just got denied because they couldn’t get parts for it. Also your reasoning is sheer stupidity

  3. The only apple product I've bought was an Ipod. It was clumsy, it had no better sound quality than a 10€ MP3 Player with just less GB and there were other cheaper products with a display and bigger GB. You had to hack your Ipod to play normal MP3 you've even made yourself and iTunes destroyed your HDD and partitions by copying every single track on your PC into his own "folder system" with encrypted random hash-like audio files and deleted all mp3tags for their own garbage ones. It was overpriced like everything from Apple and the only people that buying Apple scam products are people that are as dumb as me when I believed in their scam advertising in the MP3-Player era.

    After this video I won't ever spend

  4. I can't believe how apple treated you guys. I was always a fan of theirs buying the new mac book pro every few years but I think I'm switching to a razer blade pro ,which yea I know, razer's customer service might be worse sometime, but at least they finally make it right. I'm not dealing with apple EVER again after seeing how you guys were treated. Goodbye cruel company and don't let the door hit your bun buns (ass) on the way out!

  5. You wanted to fix it using apple care, of course they would say no. If the machine has been tampered with they have the right to refuse service, some people trying to fix aac may screw up something and try to pin it on Apple. Them telling you to fuck off is an appropriate response.

  6. On the good side: You don't have to spend any more time on Apple product reviews, because they earned so many minus points with this, there's no way to get in the positive range in the next hundred years.

  7. happened to me the hard drive failed apple kept the iMac for well over 2 months then gave me a new one which was the incorrect spec, so after another month I got the correct mac replacement managed to get a £50 gift card thrown in lol. if that was an iphone they would replace it immediately

  8. Apple – foxconn – AliExpress… Better buy part's from china….
    No F way an apple products were Parts from US…

  9. Your example of the automotive situation actually happened to me. Except the car has a manufacturing defect and parts and repair procedure are unavailable. I’m the technician in this situation.

  10. Apple is copying the business model of luxury watches. Get your Daytona serviced anywhere but Rolex and they will void your warranty. Most companies won't sell parts to anyone who isn't an authorized dealer. They want you buying their services and only their services for eternity.

  11. Kind advice! Never buy Apple products.
    This is clearly FRAUD. If Steve Job was alive he would have done something about it!

  12. I don’t understand why he’s mad read the tOs your meant to be good at tech, I’m not defending them but honestly.

  13. Only ever had an Iphone 3gs and i never went back. Nothing wrong with the phone, aside from it being slow. I gave android a try and never stopped useing and recommend them. I love HTC, Best phones i ever had. I also hate mac, not one thing i like about it. pc and andriod all the way. FUCK APPLE!

  14. Me to that’s so bad the asked me to pay the parts to fix my imac they says we not support the old device why you want me to pay new device if is still works really great I don’t need to pay the latest every time 🤬

  15. When I realized Apple double charged me for Netflix through AppleTV for two years before I realized it, they resorted to saying I must have subscribed twice. When I asked them to please walk me through the process of how to subscribe twice on the same account on the AppleTV, pointing out that it is impossible to do and likely points to a bug that was patched and therefore I should be refunded half of the fraudulent charges, they said they would only refund three months because I should have been paying more attention to my bill.

    All this to say, Apple has seriously gone south in the service department and fits in with the rhetoric in this video. That was the last of many straws for me, and I cancelled all subscriptions through AppleTV and went straight to the sources.

    I realize they make 3000% profit on everything they sell, but eventually all of this is going to bite them and send apple straight back to pre Bill Gates The Savior 1990s. (which is probably why they are barreling straight into service territory, because they know this)

  16. i decided to boycott apple because of similar attitude towards customers. The sold me an US model of an LG ultrafine 5K monitor in canada and once it broke down on its own within 2 months, LG has no parts and apple wont take it back.

  17. This is why I have never purchased a Mac and never will. They are a cheap company who is interested in money , not fixing there products. After seeing foxcon (apple 3rd party mfg) has the highest suiside rate of any chineases mfg. They know they are putting out junk.

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