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hey everyone, welcome back to tech feed. i’m juliet beauchamp and today we’re diving
into an apple product failure, insight as to why more blockchain jobs are available
and an interesting potential use for 5-g. stick around. okay, so i know i’m always going on about
5g and what it will mean for mobile, but there’s plenty of other valuable uses for next generation
wireless networks. 5g’s high speeds and low latency could be
useful in applications of high resolution virtual reality–and it could untether you
to a computer. last week, a-t and t and ericsson demonstrated
the potential for cloud v-r that could lean into the wireless speeds 5-g is promising.
of course, cloud v-r rollout is still a ways away. for one, we need widespread 5-g infrastructure
and networks. and of course v-r is far from mainstream. even though it’s gotten plenty of buzz,
especially around gaming, sales aren’t huge. there’s plenty of challenges facing v-r,
but maybe you’ll hear more about it once 5-g networks are well-established. blockchain buzz is growing, and so are job
openings related to the technology, according to a report. job website indeed revealed data that showed
a 90 percent increase in job postings related to blockchain from february of 2018 to february
of this year. even as interest in cryptocurrency wanes,
consulting and financial companies are the top blockchain posters. this could be due
to a number of blockchain-related projects going into effect this year. and it’s important to note that even though
the appeal of crypto has decreased, there’s still a number of uses for blockchain technology
that don’t have to do with something like bitcoin. despite this sharp growth, most open
i-t related jobs are for more traditional roles like data scientists. so it’s okay if you aren’t an expert just
yet. as the saying goes… when one door closes
another door opens. but for apple, recent news suggests it might
be the other way around. a week or so after unveiling new entertainment
services and a credit card, apple announced it canceled plans to release a wireless charging
pad. airpower was intended to charge an iphone, apple watch and airpods concurrently, but
the company announced on friday that it killed the project. apple’s senior vice president of hardware
engineering, dan riccio, said the company concluded the wireless charger would not meet
apple’s high standards. airpower was originally announced in september
of 2017 and was planned to ship by the end of 2018. thanks for watching today’s episode of tech
feed. if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. and let me know in the comments what you think
about apple’s failed charging mat–would you want something similar with multi-device
charging? and just a heads up, we won’t have any new episodes of tech feed next week. we’ll be in las vegas for the n-a-b conference,
so maybe we’ll see you there? see you next time.

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  1. What do you think about Appleā€™s failed charging mat — would you want something similar with multi-device charging?

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