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100 thoughts on “Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

  1. Android: release a new phone with new features and innovative technology

    Also me: waiting for Apple to steal their idea and buy that shit instead

  2. when i saw the title i though it was real then i saw it's from the onion and i was like more realistic predictions from the Onion who have though so 10 years later

  3. It's humorous how outdated this is, only 10 years later. Why did they not realize that a laptop (tablet) requires no keyboard, no wheel, no button?

  4. This product has potential but would be better off shrinked down to a smaller size, more compact and portable possibly even clear and capable of projecting what is on the screen onto a surface along with atleast 100 terabytes of memory, too bad the people behind apple right now are all investing in human trafficking rather than technology , but hey the registered pedophiles with the degree in tech got this in the bag….

  5. Cut to current day. Apple has gotten rid of both the home button and headphone jack on the newest iPhone. This is no longer a joke.

  6. I remember watching this many years ago thinking it was real 🤦‍♂️ and oh boy did I rationalize it in my head at the time lol

  7. Im getting the new iPhone the one where there isnt a touchscreen where u need to talk to it and Hope it understands call mom and not Allahu akbar where it then self destructs

  8. 😭you can't tell whether I'm laughing at or deadly angry at some illegal creepers/hackers/voodooers with my relatively brand new, less than 6 months old South Korean brand Dicle laptop with an occasionally not-typing partial keyboard

  9. You know, if Apple created crap like this, it would probably become a huge seller due to all of the Apple fan-boys out there who will buy any crap Apple sells.

  10. A year old Samsung Note cellphone's bluetooth won't turn on after a dozen of screen touches for several months as if South Korean cyberstalkers tried to desperately stall&waste customers' time and as if Amazon loathes Samsung's South Korean employees who are simply bullies and useless to their company in the long run because sociopaths are only unlucky

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