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Apple just began preorders for their HomePod, a smart speaker for Apple lovers. Apple heads? Whatever you want to call them. I got to take a listen in person, but I wasn’t allowed to take photos or videos or audio recordings, so you’ll just have to trust me when
I say I was there, and it actually sounds
really amazing. Apple isn’t releasing demo units yet, so I printed out a photo of the HomePod texture. I can’t guarantee that these are the
actual dimensions, but they’re close enough. It was about six inches tall. I think this is about six inches
tall, and five inches wide. This is not five inches wide. HomePod. It’s cylindrical which is not unlike the Google Home or the Amazon Alexa. But it differentiates itself from
speakers like the Google Home Max, which is only front facing. The HomePod’s shape allows it to project sound 360 degrees, and it features seven horn-loaded tweeters. It also features a high excursion woofer which is pretty impressive
for this tiny package. And it uses an A8 chip to process where it’s placed in a room, and adjusts accordingly. And to do that, it uses six
microphones. Say we put it in the corner – don’t
put baby in a corner – it will recognize that the audio is being bounced back at it, and will use the wall to bounce music at you instead of pushing it towards you. It’s pretty simple to hook up, and Siri can do most of the normal things that Siri does like text for you, turn on the lights and play music
from Apple Music. Now, there was no one else with me on my journey to see this
product. So I invited myself to give me some feedback on the HomePod. I’ll leave you to it. I was the one that went to see the
HomePod. It was really amazing to see the
HomePod in action. I was really skeptical at first, but when I heard it, when I heard it in different rooms, and was walking around the rooms while music was playing, it was incredible because anywhere you stand in the room is the same audio quality. You don’t have to be
right directly in front of it like you do with the Google Home Max. There was really great bass sound, which I was so impressed with because the speaker, it’s super small. And to have that like really deep
bass sound was great. You can hook it up to Apple TV, which I thought was awesome. That’s the other thing. It’s all
AirPlay, so you can only use a device that can use AirPlay. And also like Apple Music. All that to say like this was a really amazing speaker. The sound was incredible. And if I had a bigger apartment, and if I had $349, and if I had Apple products, I would buy this. Thanks, Dain. Nice cardigan. Overall this was a really great
speaker. There are a few system updates that
are going to be released after it’s in the
customers hands. Like the ability to hook up to HomePods together and have a stereo speaker system. But it doesn’t natively take or make calls. You have to make a call on your
phone and then select home pod as a
speaker phone. You also can’t natively use third
party apps like Spotify. Again, you’ll have to play the music
on your phone, and then select the HomePod as an
AirPlay speaker. Only apple music works when you ask Siri to play something, which sort of makes the smart part
of the speaker useless unless you have an Apple
Music subscription. Luckily, they give you a free trial
when you buy one. You also can’t use an Android
device, which makes sense. It’s an Apple product, and a lot of people have an iPhone or an iPad already, but a lot of people don’t. That being said, this was one of the finest speakers
that I’ve ever heard. Will I be buying
it. No, I have an android. But I wish I could. What does “excrusion” mean? I have no idea. You’re the tech guy. Come on. Yeah, I’m using a piece of f*cking paper.

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