Apple Event Recap 2016

Every September Apple announces new hardware
and upgrades to their existing apps and OS. And today was that day. Here’s what you need to know from this morning
keynote…. As expected, Apple unveiled the new iPhone
7 and 7 Plus. The phone looks a lot like the 6s but it’s
40% faster and the battery will last 2 hours longer. For the most part, rumors were true – Apple
is axing the iPhone 7’s headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth and lightning cables. No more audio jack means Apple is going wireless
with a new product called Apple Airpods, which will retail $159. Both new iPhones are water resistant, have
stereo speakers, and upgraded cameras. In the case of the Plus, there are two 12MP
cameras on the back allowing both wide angle and telephoto shots and up to 10x zoom. The Home Button will now rely on Apple’s
haptic engine, just like new Mac trackpads. It won’t actually click, but it’ll feel
like it. Even more exciting, more storage. The base model for the 7 now starts at 32
GB and will cost $649, the Plus will cost a bit more starting at $769. Pre-orders for the iphone 7 and 7 plus open
this friday and ship on Sept 16th. Also starting pre-orders is the new Watch
series 2. The new Watch has a dual core processor that
is 50% faster, and a new GPU for better and faster image processing. The Watch’s second gen display is 2x brighter
and is the brightest screen ever available on any Apple product. Built in GPS to allow wearers to workout,
walk, run, hike without their phones. The price will be $369, and the original series
one is getting an updated dual core and a reduced price of $269. Powering Apple’s new iPhone 7 and Watch
series 2 hardware, is Apple’s newly upgraded OS arriving on September 13th. The updated iOS brings a number of enhancements,
including the ability for Siri to work with third-party apps, the introduction of the
App Store for iMessage, rich media messaging. On the gaming front, Nintendo made a splash
with the announcement of two exclusive partnerships. Pokemon Go is coming to the Watch and Mario
will appear in his first mobile game ever exclusive to iOS. And that’s about it. No news on the Macbook or TV fronts. The event seemed primary dedicated to optimizing
for mobile.

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