Apple AirPods

Yep, the rumors were true – Apple is axing
the iPhone 7’s headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth and lightning cables. No more audio jack means Apple is going wireless
with a new product called Apple AirPods The airpods intuitively connect to all of
your apple devices via the new w1 chip – the first wireless chip that apple has ever made. not only can you connect AirPods to all of
you apple devices but you can easily switch between them too. Infrared sensors detect when the headphones
are in ear, and won’t play sound until they’re in. Motion accelerometers within the headphone
respond to your touch, and you can use Siri by simply giving a double tap Each AirPod provides up to 5 hours of listening
on a single charge – and the compact wireless charging case delivers more than 24 hours
of battery life. Setup is easy – you simply open you aired
case near your iPhone and click “connect” once the interface pops up. That’s it – you’re ready to listen. Apple’s new AirPods ship in late October
and will cost $159.

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12 thoughts on “Apple AirPods

  1. I actually don't mind these (as a Samsung user): they're a cool look at the future, but are these locked to Apple? Because they appear to use Apple's Airplay instead of Bluetooth (I'm assuming some form of Wi-Di + Bonjour). This means that for the first time all of Apple's headphones (including the Beats line) will only work with Apple products.

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