Apple AirPods 2 are NOT Magical..

it has to be said air pods are not good headphones I know by now what you’re thinking you’ll say that this guy is an ample hater which is quite far from the truth I edit all these videos on a MacBook Pro and my primary computer will be a MacBook Pro for the time being mainly because of how much I love Final Cut Pro I prefer an iPhone when it comes to social media because of its convenience I swear by this iPad pro up to the point where this is what I use for scripting and work in addition to the Apple pencil and if I had to recommend an Apple watch I would blindly recommend that but watch series for actually if you saw the list of products that I’ve bought from Apple over the last couple of years you’d even say that I’m a fanboy so why is it that if I would classify as such I didn’t try air pods one and I was reluctant to try air pots too and now I am convinced that I don’t like them it probably is because I’ve tried better options but that’s not necessarily your case so you know what I decided to not rush into a review so not just jump into giving you a video I decided to take my time and it’s been nearly two months inside tried air pods – and I’m hearing that I was pocket now this is my experience [Music] their pots can be found everywhere I’m really impressed with the level of success that these have and one of the main reasons why I decided to take the jump is because everybody that I know claims them to be magical I don’t necessarily agree with that but there are some things that these headphones do get right and it actually starts with designed but not for the reasons that you think I still find them ugly I still don’t like how they look in your ear but this design serves a purpose one of the things that most wireless headphones get wrong is phone calls these odd sticks along with some neat beamforming technology makes these ideal for calls even in noisy environments it doesn’t matter where I am people say that I sound just as clear as if I had my phone in my ear and then another convenience of this company gets right is honestly the case seriously if you’re gonna give me true wireless earbuds the whole idea is that they shouldn’t be intrusive whether I’m wearing them or in my pocket and nothing comes even close to the case for air pods you can fit it in the coin pocket of your jeans and forget that they’re there and even more shocking is that this small little case gives you 24 hours of charge and can give you up to 3 hours of use in just 15 minutes in each case think about it is aside from the certain conveniences after I started using them the magic started getting mixed at least for me definitely the pairing process is cool the first time you open the case the phone to text them automatically and then it spreads you’re pairing connection to all your Apple products through iCloud and Apple’s new h1 ship brings improvements to speed the process and also have them connect quicker so sure you will save at least a few minutes in pairing these with every other product that you have that’s awesome and I also do love the fact that you can use Find My iPhone to find these at least in theory my biggest problem is that I don’t consider it magic that let’s just say if I forget my MacBook Pro at home or I’m not using it today and I’m using my iPad if the last product that I connected to was the MacBook Pro if I put my air pods on and it sees that the iPads they it won’t connect automatically I have to go through the process of going into settings going into bluetooth connecting my air pods which pretty much means that they behave just like every other Bluetooth earbuds that is exactly the same process so aside from pairing where is the magic and then another thing that I’ve mixed about is the controls again if you’re in the Apple ecosystem you’re fine you can use your Apple watch to control your music so the fact that the controls are limited to different double taps on each ear won’t really bother you but if you don’t have an Apple watch then it’s really bad either you use your phone or you’ll have to pick one control or another and don’t even try to raise or lower the volume without being frustrated and true there is a Siri to be able to call on your assistant but even that is more of a phone functionality if you look into it but then we shift things into what I don’t like about air pods and it really is the fit and I know your mileage may vary I have big ears and so they fall off from one ear and not necessarily from the other but seriously I even gave silicone buds a try to see if that would help the fit and while they did initially the moisture in your ear makes them a bigger problem after a few days of use and then if you get the ones with the wings it’s hard to put them on and then align the ports and they don’t fit in the case so you’ll have to take them off every single time every other company addresses this by providing different tips because not everybody has the same ears sadly not Apple but in Apple’s defense there is one single benefit to the bad fit that these air pods have and it’s really the fact that if you think about it once you use those silicone tips on other headphones there comes a point after a few hours where they do become uncomfortable that’s one thing that I do like about air pods you forget that they’re there and hopefully that doesn’t mean that they fell off but that’s just I guess a benefit but you know it also includes a downside as it seems that Apple solution for the bat fit is over cranking the audio go below 100% and they’re 210 II go to a hundred percent of there comes a point where I feel your pain and that’s something you don’t want to play with you know damage your ear is irreversible and then there are the limitations of Bluetooth sure the h1 ship brings connectivity benefits but at some point I did think that my MacBook Pro was lagging when video editing and then I noticed that that wasn’t the problem the problem is that Apple’s solution to not show you that there is lag and Bluetooth connection with your air pods is to slow the playback of video to align with the air pods so don’t use air pods and you’ll notice that your Mac performs so much better while you’re doing anything that’s graphic intensive and then match that with the fact that there is zero and I mean zero noise cancellation here and that’s when I really scratch my head when I see people using these in the subway I mean how can people go by listening to their music if the experience in noisy environments is so bad and then an apple’s defense I will tell you I’ve tried lots of other true wireless earbuds these are the only ones that remain fully connected all the time doesn’t matter if I put my phone in the pocket or whatever these remain connected whereas that’s not necessarily my experience with other competitors overall after of my extensive views I sadly cannot recommend air pots too as they are once the pairing process is done there’s really not much magic left here to consider that you’re getting a better product for the same $200 that you can pay for other brands at a time when the galaxy buds offer the same pairing experience and when alternatives from Jabra an earring offer far better fitting audio quality it’s really hard to recommend these and for those of you that own air pods one keep them this is not the upgrade you’re looking for and you can buy this wireless charging case for a little money extra let us know what you think about air pots – in the comments down below we’re actually considering making a video of all the alternatives that I’ve tried just to give you an idea of the better options that are out there let us know if you would be interested in watching that and while you’re at it make sure you also follow us on social media as most of our coverage happens there on Instagram in addition you can also follow me on my handles if you want to see some weird running photos etc and also make sure to subscribe to our Channel and hit that Bell icon to be notified for every video we upload as we do them single day please give this video a thumbs up if you like what you saw I’m hey Metairie but I thanks so much for watching we’ll see you on the next one

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100 thoughts on “Apple AirPods 2 are NOT Magical..

  1. What's a better alternative than these that doesn't have me in the eardrum…I don't like ones that go into the canal

  2. its same airpods but with new name and apple add plastic case foe 200$ stupid american jesus ans yes dont forget when you buy airpod come with cancer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Best thiing is the case. I sold everything iPhone related and got Galaxy S10 Plus. To compensate I got Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch. The Galaxy Buds are good, but the case is terrible. Equally the watch, after Apple Watch 4 it's awful. The Galaxy S10 Plus is great, but on certain things that lacks. Social Media apps are awful (Not phones failt) and same YouTube, you cannot share a script to Twitter.
    Went to Samsung Store, but it's the operating system fault, not the phone.
    Back to iPhone in September, again not due to phone but operating system.

  4. I love my AirPods just because your tired of Apple doesn’t mean everyone else is. We all love AirPods. Sales prove it.

  5. Yes please do an overview of possible buying options for wireless headphones. Will you include OnePlus bullets and Sennheiser momentum true wireless as well? Thank you

  6. Whoever says that tech products are “magical”, are either dumb and uneducated idiots, or deceptive, soulless shills.

  7. I've thought for awhile now that these are pretty much a waste of money. People buy them because they're convenient, but the actual sound quality is not that great.

  8. Yes, make a comparison video, because I love comparison videos! And, yes, AirPods SUCK. They don't fit my ear and constantly fall out, and even if when they are in they sound like crap. I just don't get it. Love love love my Jabra Elite 65t.

  9. I would never purchase the AirPod 2s. I’m a first gen owner and there’s nothing with the second generation that makes them a must buy. Probably gonna pick up the
    Powerbeats Pro and give these to my kid

  10. I like that they’re not isolating it from the environment since I’m also aware of my surroundings, they’re not meant for everyone and also I think it paved the way for other earbuds so they’re cheaper as they saved the money on research and development

  11. This is the best true review of airpod 2. What his experrice and what he saying is so true. You cant use Airpods in noise environment.

  12. Hey Jaime, Can I use the new charging box with an s10+ to charge it? I have AirPods 1 and thinking on buying the wireless charging box but I'm not sure if it will work.

  13. The only issue I have with AirPods is the sound breakup is walking when my iPhone XS is in my pocket .

  14. You could try using donut foam cushion for earbud to improve its fitting and audio quality, and it still works with the case closed off.

  15. If you switch to the iPad, when you turn on media.
    pull down on control center, tap media controls > tap the audio source and choose airpods.

    Yeah, that’s why they are outselling almost every other alternative combined.

    Better sound isolation creates better sound but equates to less convenient to wear daily even when not in use because they will feel like earplugs.

    Which means more taking on and off and not having them in where and when they can provide the most value.

    The whole point of the airpods.

    The battery life on all of these earbuds are short, any one buying true wireless buds to sit around and enjoy music or media for extended listening sessions is misguided as these will loose more than half the battery capacity in under 2 years.

    Like buying a Ferrari, complaining about the price and the gas mileage in the same breath.

    You are in the absolute minority where fit is concerned. The opening to your air canal is huge. Even with the tips you didn’t like em so if they came with tips how would that have made them better for you.

    I can wear these for 24 hours without a single issue and they don’t fall out if I hold my head on a side and jump around.

    Sure some have audio pass through but with that on it obliterates the already limited battery life.

    The sound quality on all of these true wireless is garbage compared to some decades old wired earbuds. So buying for sound quality is pointless also.

    For spoken word / calls / message dictation with Siri nothing beats airpods.

    For subways you want to hear your announcements so complete noise isolation/ cancellation is only a benefit from one perspective.

    Not dropping connection for both buds or the slave bud is a truly understated benefit where you have to experience the frustration first hand to value.

    I was once looking for the holy grail everything buds but they don’t exist.

    There are pros and cons per each usage scenario an you covered the negatives only.

  16. You really need to make videos for a Mac YouTube channel because you're lost. Seriously nothing apple makes is good for content creation. You use an iPad to work on instead of a surface pro? You use a MacBook instead of a serious pc? No wonder your videos are dire.

  17. I have some cheap 30(?)$ tozo headphones from Amazon. And I love them. Sure they don't have the 'magical'pairing that the Galaxy buds or the Apple Pods have but sounds quality is above decent. I get around 3hr on one charge plus around 3 additional through it's case.
    I have no complaints in call sounds.
    Only true music complaint is the last of bass, but since I don't listen to many bass heavy songs things isn't a true complaint.

    For 160$ off.. Yeah very practical.

  18. For business calls Air Pods are superior, for music I use over ear headphones, only a dumbass would use ear phones

  19. A video on the alternatives would be awesome, I'm currently looking for some wireless headphones so that would help the process a lot 👍👌

  20. Airpods are mainly for bought for the W1/H1 chip they have in them which are used for the iPhones, for the battery life, small case, for calls and as a status symbol. That's it.

    They are not good for exercise, for sound quality, for latency, for the Bluetooth codecs, for offering a premium experience, for ease of controls, for comfort or design, etc.

    You are buying Airpods because you have an iPhone, want the H1 chip and were a target for the marketing. People act like we (the techies) don't have tools and the evidence to be able to compare to other devices on the market. If you like it, that's great as you got what you were looking for.

    For people that have their priorities elsewhere or don't fit in the targeted market, they will just be disappointed by what they offer and getting them to do something that they are not designed to will just ruin them (like using them for exercise or the like).

    I like music, if I get any type of IEMs (in ear monitors) or wireless earbuds then I want it mainly for just music. The Airpods don't deliver that and so, it isn't for me.

  21. Yeah, you just admit to the world that you're a fanboy of Apple products and every other youtubers like that review Android smartphones. Clearly, there's already a bias! Don't you think? So, guess this video is already a marketing for Apple fo FREE?!

  22. Would love to see a video about other earbuds. I use Galaxy Buds and love them for music (less so for phone calls). A few things almost no reviewers mention about Galaxy Buds (which I hope you cover) is 1. On Samsung phones you can use the phone EQ to tweak the audio… you are not limited to the basic 'Dynamic,Bass,Soft,Clear,Treble' options in the Buds app. Also, Dolby Atmos can be turned on and it works through the Buds. A bit of tweaking can dramatically improve the sound quality (the default buds EQ is way too treble and mid heavy for me). 2. They sound best on Samsung phones. A Samsung phone is the phone to review them on.

  23. No other wireless headphones work with no latency on YouTube and that’s all I use them for. They are not hifi quality headphones by any means, Sony wins that one 👍

  24. I use the Airpods 2 with Android and they work quite fine. Also the fitting thing depends on the person. I don't like in ear earphones and then this is pretty much the only option I got. I always liked the apple earphones as they were the only once which fit me. But on Android wired earphones from Apple cannot be used properly as the buttons don't work. Really hating Apple for this things

  25. Been using the Samsung Buds and they are excellent, connectivity is a little messy sometimes but when they work they sound great.

  26. For the billionth time, the lack of noise isolation is a feature and it's missing on almost all other products. People want to wear these in their ears at all times whether they're listening to something or not.

  27. AirPods doesn't fit my ears (neither did EarPods) and damn, they are ugly. I'm still surprised to see people using them in public.

  28. One thing that wasn't mentioned is the fact that you are paying $200 for something with batteries that can never be swapped out if they stop holding a charge. 😾

  29. You gotta go into your music app and there right there to pair I never had to go into my Bluetooth settings

  30. Honest review. I own more iPhones than Androids, I'm a professional recording engineer, and the sound of airPods suck. They fit my ears fine and are comfortable, so I use them for conference calls and YouTube, but I can't listen to music on them. By the way, I don't have connection issues with my Jaybird X3's or Ghostek Sodrop 2's, but my main device for music is the U12 Plus, so maybe that's the difference.

  31. Airpods 1 have a problem of disconnecting couple times. And when the airpods are connected to my iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch, both earpods will show it’s connected but when you listen to music or make calls. You can’t hear through the airpods because the music or calls are coming through the iPhone itself not the airpods. And at times airpods will have a problem trying to connect to both the Apple Watch and iPhone XS Max at the same time…

  32. I think every bluetooth headphones with a one-touch control should have these interchangable functions:
    1 tap = play/pause
    2 taps = volume up/down
    Press and hold = skip song

  33. About your biggest complaint as to why Airpods is not magical, I believe you didn't know that you can quickly switch devices or connect to an iCloud device using Controo Center unlike any other earphones.

  34. That intro riff was super dope. But I really wish you would have touched more on the ear health detriment, Juan Carlos harps on this constantly and it is something that I wish more reviewers would give some time. It's really important.

  35. Hey Jaime please let me know if there are eat pods with replaceable batteries and if there is how do they perform? Thank you very much!

  36. why all this fear from criticizing a bad product from your point of view? You are on the edge. Why?

  37. i agree 100%! I wasted my money on these . i now only use them for my workouts and use LG S820 headphones for daily use

  38. The problem is, every other one that isn't an airpod clone, is some sort of in ear/sealing design. I tried a few others and they are just nowhere near as comfortable. I know a lot of people love the in ear style but I've just never been able to get comfortable with them, apple is the only one really filling that segment I fall into.

  39. These will be shipped in Friday and I have heard of faulty earbuds or even the whole pair dying in a month

  40. AirPods are great. There’s not better options. No headphones at similar price points have the same quality or better, compact ability, and convince.

  41. Hi Jaime, can you make like a what’s on my phone video? Also I’m interested on how you do your workflow using Microsof OneNote and Google Calendar and Google task.

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